What’s Should Be In For The Best Cloud Storage Providers?

Long story cut shorts. Below are the 6 most important factors that I consider when I’m picking up our online backup services or best cloud storage providers.

Let’s check them out now, shall we:

  1. Data Security
  2. Multi Location Backup
  3. Reliability & Stability
  4. Storage Capacity
  5. Cloud Storage Pricing
  6. Customer Support Service


Most of the features above should be a must if not all of them comes in standards when you are seeking for a decent online backup services nowadays.

I know it’s hard to fit all of them into one bill but I’ve got some that I would recommend if you are seriously looking for any cloud storage services.

Why I Need The Best Cloud Storage?

Things turn nasty when my laptop was having a hard drive failure. Blue screen appear and the next thing I know; I was unable to boot start my laptop anymore.

That was the day I did not want to go thru again.

There were hundreds of photos that I took for leisure, for my works, and for my vacations as well. Not to mention the songs and movies that I dug so hard and paid for. The worst part which I felt terrible is:

“I did not backup my stuff!”

Lesson learned (in a hard and pain way). So, I began searching for online backup storage services. If you’re looking for the same service as I did before, do take my advice seriously.

I had personally tested all of them before I dive into Justcloud. Now I had switched to Backblaze.

Check my full review here.

Top Favorite Personal Cloud Storage

I must admit that I did not try out every cloud provider on the market. However, I did pick a few that I like the most from my testing and try out.

If you are an ordinary home user that need just normal and cost saving cloud storage services like I did.

I’ve got something for you here in my top 5 personal cloud storage.

Providers Trial Review
1 backblaze 15days


2 carbonite 15days



Here’s The Details For Best Cloud Storage

Here’s the top cloud storage that I’ve tested out. I had make out a comparison table that matter to me (for you too).

Nonetheless, they are all very good cloud storage service providers.

#1BackblazeLogo #2 sugarsync" #3 carbonite #4 Best cloud storage - LiveDrive
Providers Backblaze Sugarsync Carbonite LiveDrive
Plan Name Unlimited Individual HomePlus Briefcase
Review Backblaze Review Sugarsync Review Carbonite Review LiveDrive Review
Ease Of Use full star full star 4.5 star 4.5 star
Free Trial 15 days 30 days 15 days 14 days
Credit Card Required For Free Trial cross-livedrive cross cross cross
Storage Backblaze Sugarsync Carbonite LiveDrive
Capacity Unlimited 250GB Unlimited 2TB
Limit of Single File Size No 250GB 4GB No
Control Upload/Download Bandwidth OK-livedrive OK cross OK
File Type Restriction No No No No
Backup External Drive Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pricing Backblaze Sugarsync Carbonite LiveDrive
1 month $5.00/mo $9.99/mo $8.25/mo $16.00/mo
6 months $5.00/mo $9.99/mo $8.25/mo $16.00/mo
12 months $4.17/mo $9.99/mo $8.25/mo $192.00 $12/mo
24 months $3.96/mo $9.99/mo $8.25 $7.87/mo $384.00 $12/mo
Money Back Guarantee Prorated 30 days No 30 days(Not applicable to free trial user)
Platform Backblaze Sugarsync Carbonite LiveDrive
Mac & PC Compatible OK-livedrive OK OK OK
Tablet & Ipad Compatible OK-livedrive OK OK OK
Android App Compatible OK-livedrive OK OK OK
Iphone App Compatible OK-livedrive OK OK OK
Security Backblaze Sugarsync Carbonite LiveDrive
Encryption 256bit (Military grade) 256bit 128bit (BlowFish) 256bit
Geo-Redundant Storage OK-livedrive OK OK OK
Support Backblaze Sugarsync Carbonite LiveDrive
24/7 Support OK-livedrive OK OK OK
Phone Support OK-livedrive OK OK OK
Live Chat cross OK OK cross
Email/Ticket Support OK OK OK OK
Features Backblaze Sugarsync Carbonite LiveDrive
File Versioning 5 5 12 30
# Of Computers 1 1 1 1 (Upgradeable)
Drag & Drop cross OK cross OK
Stream Music & Video cross cross cross OK
Edit File Online cross OK cross OK
Scheduled Backup Yes Yes Yes No (Happen automatically)
Others Backblaze Sugarsync Carbonite LiveDrive
Reviews Backblaze Review Sugarsync Review Carbonite Review LiveDrive Review
Website Backblaze Sugarsync Carbonite LiveDrive

Reference: pcmag.com


Why You Should Be Needing The Best Cloud Storage Providers?

After many hours and evening spent in digging information and researching, I never imagine that data losses could be due to those reasons except for the hardware failure. Well, I guess like it or not things happen unexpectedly. Here’s the quick fact:

Hardware failure – 40%

Human error – 29%

Software corruption – 13%

Theft – 9%

Computer viruses – 6%

Fires/floods and etc – 3%

Hope this can give you a head up on what might be happening. Anyway, after that incident, I find out that the cloud storage and backup is very important. Yup, will need to spend a few more bucks every month but compare to the thing you will lose, I think I can live with just a few ten bucks away every month.

“You know what’s important when you no longer have them.”


What You Should Be Looking In Your Cloud Storage Provider?

Cloud Computing

The needs differ from each individual. What I find best might not be the case for you.

You might be looking for extra security while the others might be opting for a bigger storage capacity.

For whatever the reasons, there’s always a guideline. You need to prioritize your needs and you’ll get the one that best suits you.

For me, I had summarized all the best cloud providers based on these 4 criteria.

  1. Value For MoneyNothing is as good as when you get the same quality of service or product for a cheaper price. Why pay $10 when you can get the same thing for $5.
  2. User FriendlyThis has always been the top of my list. I will not get something that I hate to use. 
  3. Reliability & TrustworthyAlways get a service or product from merchant that you can trust on.
  4. Customer ServiceYou’ll need them in the future. Why not pick the one that’s reputable and supportive to save you from headache later on.

All of the above criteria are from my own opinion. However, I believe a good product and service should not be far away from what I’ve listed above.

You might be asking how about the storage capacity; shouldn’t it be on the list as well?

Well, for all the cloud providers that GoodCloudStorage had chosen, I believe the storage and backup capacity is more than enough.

My advice to all my readers has always been “Do not backup everything, backup what’s important!”

With this rule of thumb, you will never run out of space and slow in speed. Things will run smooth and easy when you did the right thing.

It has always been in the best interest for you all here and I hope my little recommendations and tips can be beneficial and useful.

No Credit Card Needed!

It require only your email address. You can try them for 2 weeks, totally free and no commitment. Upgrade to paying customer when you are satisfied enough. You cannot get a cheaper price elsewhere other than here.

Prepared by:  Joe