We Monitor over 20+ Best Cloud Storage Servers

Finding good cloud storage can take a lot of effort, money, and time.

As of the latest update, we had signed up with over 20+ different providers.

We believe Uptime and Security are two of the most important factors when it comes to storing your sensitive files in the cloud.

This is how our monitoring process in brief:

  1. We create an account with the service
  2. Upload a text file to the cloud storage server
  3. Share out the specific text file
  4. Monitoring the availability of the text file using Uptime Robot every 5 minutes
  5. Looking out for the specific ‘Keyword’ or ‘Ping’ from the file that we had shared out
  6. It will report as Down if the server is down or the file is not there
Click to see the live cloud storage server status

If you need more detailed information, please check out this spreadsheet here.

SIDENOTE. Some providers imply different sharing features and our agents are not able to crawl and look for the sharing text file. Thus in these circumstances, we ping the server by IP Port or https.

Cloud Storage Live Pricing Market
iCloud (2TB) $9.99/mo (-$10)
Dropbox (2TB) $11.99/mo (+$2)
GDrive (2TB) $9.99/mo (-$10)
Icedrive (1TB) $4.99/mo (-)
Mega (2TB) €9.99/mo (-)
OneDrive (1TB) $6.99/mo (-)
pCloud (2TB) $95.88/yearly (-)
Sync (2TB) $8/mo (-)
Tresorit (2.5TB) $30/mo (-)

Self-Developed Pricing Monitor Mechanism

Our live pricing monitoring is specially designed to show the most up-to-date price of selected cloud storage.

Our bot will crawl the pricing page of the provider daily. To monitor any price changes and report back to our plugin here.

We understand that cloud storage prices do not change frequently. But what we noticed is that most of the reviews do not get updated if prices do change including ours.

This real-time price monitoring mechanism and proprietary of GoodCloudStorage can help.

GCS’s Top-Rated Cloud Storage

We conduct extensive testing and review on each of the providers or services before recommending it to you. Here go our shortlisted best picks.

Spending time and effort to navigate around and get a grip on how we as an average user will interact and utilize it.

The data and specifications are great. But a personal human touch and impression are what make us different.

SIDENOTE. Do keep in mind that some of the links below might contain affiliates and will direct you to our partner merchant if you do happen to click on them. While it does not cost you anything and we would certainly hope that you will keep on supporting us to sustain and continuing our work here as a trusted community.

1. pCloud – Most Easy to Use

pCloud Pros
Good Uptime (99.97%)
Unbreakable Security
Affordable Plan
Rich in Features
pCloud Cons
Crypto is Add-on
No FTP or SFTP Support
No Refund for BitCoin

They are so proud of their security system that they hire hackers to breach into their cloud service system.

Whoever success will be given $100,000 cash prizes.

None succeed of course.

This is by far the most intuitive and easiest interface or platform that I had used before.

And they do have families plan if you are looking to share among with your beloved members.

Please be reminded that all plans come with a 10 days money-back guarantee.

pCloud Uptime Chart

Find out more at pCloud.com

…or read our detailed pCloud review.

2. Sync.com – Private Cloud Storage at No Extra Cost

Sync.com Pros
Excellent Uptime (100%)
Security with no Extra Cost
HIPAA Compliance
No Traffic or File Size Limit
Sync.com Cons
Not Linux Friendly
No Lifetime Plan

Sync.com believes that privacy is the fundamental right of anyone, and that’s why they are vow to protect your data with a 100% private cloud facility.

They achieve it by implementing SSAE 16 type 2 certified data center locations for all your data across multiple duplications.

Started in 2011, now they had over 750k paying customers all around the globe.

Sync.com Uptime Chart

Find out more at sync.com

or read our detailed sync.com review

3. Icedrive – Uprising Cloud Storage

Icedrive Pros
Excellent Uptime (99.99%)
Two Fish Encryption
Plan Starts at $1.67/mo
Always Improving
Icedrive Cons
No Encrypted Folder for Free Plan
Monthly Bandwidth Capped
Limited Customer Support

A relative newcomer in the industry.

Not exactly a perfect ecosystem but it does what it takes to become a good and affordable option.

The lack of ios and Mac applications at the beginning stage is what really holds them down but the problem gets addressed by now.

To be honest, I access their platform using the web-based most of the time.

One of the most affordable cloud storage providers in the UK that does not skim on features and security.

What catches our eye is their lifetime cloud storage plan that comes in full security features without an add-on!

Check out the Bonus Round of our pCloud vs Icedrive and you’ll see for yourself.

Icedrive Uptime Chart

Find out more at icedrive.net

…or read our detailed icedrive review.

4. Google Drive – Best Collaborative

Google Drive Pros
Excellent Uptime (100%)
Google Eco-System
Affordable Plans
Excellent in Collaboration
Google Drive Cons
Privacy Concerns
File Organizing can be Challenging
No Zero-Knowledge-Encryption

A generous of 15GB free storage as a starter.

It may not shine in the security and privacy department as it doesn’t offer zero-knowledge encryption.

But Google Drive is excellent for potential users who are looking to collaborate online and offline, share, and work in the G Suite Files.

Yet, privacy concerns might still be the biggest obstacles to overcome here.

We compare these 3 prominent cloud storage providers side by side, Google Drive vs Dropbox vs Onedrive. Find out who’s the winner?

Google Drive Uptime Chart

Find out more at Google.com

…or read our detailed Google Drive review.

5. MEGA – Enormous Amount of Free Storage with Condition

Excellent Uptime (100%)
Stream Preview
Live Media Player
Slightly Expensive
Monthly Transfer Data Capped
128-bit Encryption at Rest

Reputable cloud storage from New Zealand.

They had made themselves a name by offering 50GB of free storage.

Not entirely true but still they put up the effort to provide you the maximum freebies with a limited time frame.

One of the most generous free cloud storage providers in the lists here.

Get to know how you can achieve all those 50GB free storage in our review!

MEGA Uptime Chart

Find out more at Mega.nz

…or read our detailed Mega Cloud Storage review.

6. Tresorit – Most Secure

Tresorit Pros
100% Private and Secure
GDPR Compliance
End-to-End Encryption
Award winning Security Features
Tresorit Cons
File Size Limit at 10GB
Billing Info Require for Trial

Definitely not the cheapest or easily affordable option available.

But they make it up to the premium price by offering built-in end to encryption with Swiss privacy.

Highly secured European data centers that comply with GDPR.

From our point of view, it’s best to utilize them for your business or corporate needs as they certainly deserve the best security features around.

Not all are willing to pay a premium for security when these most secure cloud storage can perform as well for the fraction of the cost.

Find out more at Tresorit.com

…or read our detailed Tresorit review.

7. Dropbox – Most Popular

Dropbox Pros
Excellent Uptime (100%)
Reputable and Reliable
Offline Access
Live Editing
Dropbox Cons
No Zero-Knowledge-Encryption
Security Breaches History
Beware on 3rd Party App Agreement

Dropbox is easy to use that seamlessly syncs with the cloud.

It’s the easiness to use is that distinguishes Dropbox from other competitors in terms of storing, retrieving, managing, and accessing files from any device on the go.

Pioneer in the cloud storage industry and had since been the leader. Yet, people are moving away from and pick on of these secure dropbox alternatives.

Pricing is on the higher side for most personal consumers and most features seem to tilt towards business users.

A great productivity tool for a business entity, but if you prefer personal usage,  it’s better to steer away.

Dropbox Uptime Chart

Find out more at Dropbox.com

…or read our detailed Dropbox review.

8. iCloud – Best Cloud Storage for Apple Users

iCloud Pros
Excellent Uptime (100%)
Privacy Above All
Reputable Brand
iCloud Cons
Lack of Customization
No Versioning
Did not work well outside Apple ecosystem

Who doesn’t know Apple and the principle they uphold right?

For sure, privacy will be the key and nothing will stop Apple from defending them.

But with the iCloud design surrounding the Mac OS and iOS, makes them the perfect match for Apple users but not others.

Premium brand but surprisingly affordable cloud storage from Apple Park!

iCloud Uptime Chart

Find out more at icloud.com

…or read our detailed iCloud review.

Factual Reviews, Simple Cloud Storage Solution

Get reliable best cloud storage reviews, advice, how-to guides, news, and research from backup and cloud storage experts.

Get to the basics with my “Definitive Guide to Cloud Storage” here.

Long story cut shorts. Below are the 6 most important factors that IT experts would consider when picking up cloud storage providers.

Let’s check them out now, shall we:

  1. Data Security
  2. Multi-Location Backup
  3. Reliability & Stability
  4. Storage Capacity
  5. Pricing & Cost
  6. Customer & Technical Support
Most of the features above should be a must if not all of them come in standards when you are seeking a decent service nowadays.

I know it’s hard to fit all of them into one bill but I’ve got some that I would recommend if you are seriously looking for not just any personal cloud storage services.

What is Cloud Storage Used for?

The purpose of having a cloud storage service is to make it easier for us to transfer and file sharing, backup our computer, documents, or devices, store photos, and movies.

To avoid an unwanted disaster such as file corruption or hard disk failure at the moment we needed them most.

Competition Among Cloud Storage Providers

The cloud storage market is a very crowded market with a lot of competition.

New players are entering the scene every day, and mega-company such as Microsoft, Amazon, or Google already has a significant amount of their own clients.

But we see this fierce competition as a good sign for us as a consumer.

Especially a positive thing is how easy it has become to find out who offers the best cloud storage.

With a good amount of comprehensive cloud storage reviews available on the internet, we can make an informed decision when choosing which cloud storage provider to use.

Things can only be better moving forward as this competition will push the providers to compete with each other and to offer better service of different needs such as integrated to Android or IOS systems.

And from the compatibility perspective of a PC’s desktop environment, laptop to a smartphone application or even tablet nowadays.

Are the above-curated selections worth your time and money?

Only you can tell once you access on your own to see if they deliver the expectation.

“You know what’s important when you no longer have them.”

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