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Ninja is stealth and endurance. Our 21st-century ninja uses a mouse and keyboard instead of a sword and nunchucks. It’s all about simplifying your daily life with cloud technology.

How To Improve Productivity Like a Ninja

The secret to productivity lies in how you utilize technology. Learn our formula for productivity.

Monitoring Our Cloud Storage Services Uptime

How do you know if your cloud storage services are up and running? We keep an eye open for you.

How To Stay Productive While Traveling

The avid traveler desires to make the most of your time away from home. Here’s the way to achieve your ultimate goal of traveling with productivity.

Get Into Our Tools

File Transfer

Upload and send files securely and easily with our Ninja QuickSend®. Multiple files drag and drop feature.

What’s My IP

Find out your IP address here instantly and know how it can affect or impact your daily life.

get into our tools

Password Generator

Create a secure password with us when you need an extra jolt of security but run out of ideas.

Time Needed

How long does it take to upload “x” amount of data through your internet connection?

Product Research

Find the perfect product or technology for your household or professional needs by reading our comprehensive product research.

Google Drive vs Dropbox vs Onedrive

Our scoreboard will tell the story of who is better.

What are the differences between Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive? We tested and reviewed them under 5 main categories. Who reigns supreme? Read on …


Fastest Cloud Storage

People don’t want to wait around for things to get done.


NAS vs Cloud Storage

Two different ways of storing data. Which one is better?


Improve Productivity

Hacking productivity is all about using the right tools and techniques to deliver your best work.

how tech can impact productivity

How Tech Impact Productivity

Technology can help us be more productive.

When it comes to boosting productivity and enhancing business processes, explore how digital transformation is transforming the workspace.


Improve Work Performance

Quick hacks to improve your work productivity.


improve writing with Grammarly

Improve Your Writing Skills

Learn how you can save time while improving your writing skill with Grammarly.


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Zoho Vault

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