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Factual Reviews, Simple Best Cloud Storage Solution

Get reliable best cloud storage reviews, advice, how-to-guides, news and research from backup and cloud storage experts.

Get to the basics with my “Definitive Guide to Cloud Storage” here.

Long story cut shorts. Below are the 6 most important factors that IT experts would consider when picking up an online backup service or the best cloud storage provider.

Let’s check them out now, shall we:

  1. Data Security
  2. Multi-Location Backup
  3. Reliability & Stability
  4. Storage Capacity
  5. Pricing & Cost
  6. Customer Support Service
Most of the features above should be a must if not all of them comes in standards when you are seeking for a decent cloud storage services nowadays.

I know it’s hard to fit all of them into one bill but I’ve got some that I would recommend if you are seriously looking for not just any cloud storage services.

Why I/We Need Cloud Storage?

I know things are going wrong when I cannot turn on my laptop. Power was plug-in, no water spill, but no matter how many times I press on the power button, the screen just won’t turn on!

That was the day I did not want to go thru again.

The first thing that comes to my mind:

“Shht… I did not back up my stuff!”

I’m sure most of us had gone through that. A feeling of unrest is gushing out, it was terrible.

This is just one of the most common failures that could have happened and it turn my day upside down.

A brief find out below that hopefully can give you a heads up to prevent data loss.

System failure – 31%

Own Fault – 29%

Ransomware – 42%

Theft – 9%

Malware/Viruses – 29%

Natural Disaster – 3%

Top Favorite Personal Cloud Storage

I must admit that I did not try out every cloud provider on the market. It is just simply impossible!

While I did manage to gather 35 free cloud storage services that you can use right now!

I turned to Backblaze to fully backup my computer.

While I utilize pCloud for important files and folder for cloud storage purposes.

Or you can check out the most secure cloud storage service here, which I highly recommend!

The reason for me to use Backblaze is simply because of their unlimited storage backing up.

While for pCloud, I need something robust, secure and affordable cloud storage.

Have you heard about the 3-2-1 Rule?

Providers Purpose Review
1 pCloud Storage Review
2 backblaze Backup Review

GCS’s 7 Best Cloud Storage Picks

We conduct extensive testing and review on each of the provider or services before recommending it to you. Here go our shortlisted best cloud storage picks.

If you read the review, you will find out each of their USP (unique selling points) as we dive deep into each of the providers. We understand them by creating an account with them and by knowing inside and out on each of those cloud storage services extensively.

Spending time and effort to navigate around and get a grip on how we as an average user will interact and utilize it.

We believe cold hard data is just guidance on paper. A personal human touch and impression are what make us different.

We love our work and we certainly hope you appreciate them as well.

1. pCloud – Full Stars Cloud Service with 1-star Pricing


They are so proud of their security system that they hire hackers to breach into their cloud service system. Whoever success will be given $100,000 cash prizes. None succeed of course. This is by far the most intuitive and easiest interface or platform that I had used before. Exclusive bundle deal (inside the review) from us only!

Full Review | Website

2. believe that privacy is the fundamental right to anyone, and that’s why they are vow to protect your data with 100% private cloud facility. They achieve it by implementing SSAE 16 type 2 certified data centre locations for all your data across multiple duplication. Started at 2011, now they had over 750k registered paying customers all around the globe.

Full Review | Website


3. Icedrive


A relative newcomer in the industry. Not exactly a perfect eco-system but it does what it takes to become a good and affordable option. Lack of ios and Mac application is what really holding them down but the problem will get addressed soon. A 10GB free storage is available and at the same time offering one of the cheapest cloud storage packages in the town as well.

Full Review  | Website

4. Mega Cloud Storage

A reputable cloud storage from New Zealand. They had made themselves a name by offering 50GB of free storage. Not entirely true but still they put up the effort to provide you the maximum freebies with limited time frame. Get to know how you can achieve all those 50GB free storage in total now!

Full Review | Website

Mega Cloud Storage

5. Tresorit


Definitely not the cheapest or easily affordable option available. But they make it up to the premium price by offering built-in end to encryption with Swiss privacy. Highly secured European data centers that comply with GDPR. From our point of view, it’s best to utilize them for your business or corporate needs as they certainly deserve the best security features around.

Full Review | Website

6. Google Drive

A generous of 15GB free storage as a starter. It may not shine in the security and privacy department as it doesn’t offer zero-knowledge encryption. But Google Drive is excellent for potential users who are looking to collaborate online and offline, share, and work in the G Suite Files.

Full Review | Website

Google Drive recommended

7. Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive
5GB of free storage is good enough to get started but not great enough to continue using them as your primary storage online. The Amazon Cloud Drive started in 2011 and it had been serving its’ customer well. Pricing and basic features had been good but there are some drawbacks as well such as security which is very important to nowadays users like you and me especially. Big brand to pick from but I prefer a dedicated smaller player if you know what I meant.

Full Review | Website

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