8 Secure File Sharing Services – Mostly Are Free


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Secure file sharing is the process of ensuring that all information sent between two parties, whether in person or online, is encrypted for protection against interception or tampering.

File-sharing can be done through personal devices, such as a computer or smartphone, as well as over secure networks like the internet.

The goal of this type of security is to ensure that anyone who accesses shared files would need a key to decrypt them.

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So, what is secure file sharing for the general public?

Traditionally, sharing files with other people is done by exchanging large amounts of information through the use of e-mail.

Users take risks when they put their personal information, including photos, videos, and music, in the e-mail.

Those with malicious intent can easily access this information and create a phishing scam that can result in the loss of important personal information or even identity theft.

Secure file sharing is file-sharing in which the connection between the server and client is secured.

This means that you can share content with individuals without worrying about their particular end goal or intentions behind their access.

This type of security also ensures that you have control over who downloads your files or what those files contain.

This will be achieved through the use of SFTP.

When you are using SFTP, you are using PGP encryption which means that your data is not only authenticated but it’s also encrypted.

It also allows for the integrity of the transfer process. You can even download multiple files at once with one single command.

What are the challenges that exist with file-sharing services?

For instance, a free file-sharing service does not provide a secure file transfer service and protection for your data.

When you are uploading files to a service provider, these files can be accessed by them or by anyone using the service.

You don’t have any control over who can access your data, and these organizations have different levels of security, different standards of privacy, and different levels of compliance with government requests for information.

The same principles or challenges apply to the most secure cloud storage as well.

File-sharing services are vulnerable to hackers, which means that your data can be retrieved by a third party.

This could be anyone from a rogue employee to another business or even a competitor looking for information that can give them an advantage in the marketplace.

If someone uses your files for malicious purposes, you will not be able to prove that you have not broken any laws.

Your content may contain illegal material or information such as trade secrets and proprietary information which is intended only for selected individuals.

There are fewer options for secure file sharing.

Even though encryption is being used more and more in email, there is not as much of a focus on securing the content that goes through emails.

There are a number of reasons for this.

Many of the technologies that are used to protect email do not work for file sharing, and even when they do, it can be difficult to guarantee the level of security that you would like in a particular situation.

How can we address these challenges?

When you are using a file-sharing service, there is very little that you can do to protect your data.

You need a new platform that will support secure file sharing.

The most secure way to share files is through SFTP.

This will allow you to encrypt and decrypt your files before they are downloaded so that the information is safe even if it falls into the wrong hands.

You will receive automatic error checking and correction, so you will always have the most reliable files possible.

This keeps your information safe from prying eyes as it travels over the internet.

SFTP uses SSH to transfer files securely and does not require any additional software or ports to be opened on your internet firewall.

You can even use SFTP when connecting behind a corporate firewall that has strict restrictions in place to limit SSH traffic.

8 Recommended Secure File Sharing Services

1. ShareFile

ShareFile is an enterprise-level file-sharing and collaboration services solution that is secure, reliable, and easy to use.

They are used by thousands of companies in the United States alone.

Shared files can be accessed from anywhere with a web browser. You can send large files up to unlimited sizes with no size limits or restrictions.

If you plan on sharing sensitive information, the encryption options that you have will ensure that it is safe at all times.

You also have advanced IT reporting features that make managing your business much easier.

Read and get more information about their secure file-sharing feature here.

2. pCloud Transfer

pCloud Transfer is a great online encrypted file-sharing service tool that allows you to send files up to 5GB in size. We had written a comprehensive guide about them and how to use pCloud transfer to send large files.

It is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android users.

Files can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection and are easy to share with specific individuals or groups of people.

Files are protected by state-of-the-art encryption technology that ensures that your information is safe at all times.

Find out more about pCloud in this review.

You can even use a two-factor authentication system for added security.

It’s a free service, make sure you check out their privacy policy here (Yes, they may share out your personal data or information).

3. Tresorit Send – cloud sharing designed for business

Many free file-sharing alternatives only allow for small file sizes, but Tresorit Send allows you to send files up to 5GB in size.

If you have sensitive files that need to be moved around the world, this could be the answer.

This app also allows users to send media files, including videos and images, and it can automatically convert PDF files into editable formats.

Tresorit also allows users to send voice messages and pictures attached to images or document files.

They are one of the zero-knowledge encryption cloud storage that we voted for or recommended.

4. SendGB

SendGB is a file-sharing and collaboration platform that can be used to share media files and other types of files.

It is a free region-wide service that is available through G Suite Business as well as Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux/Unix devices.

You can send files up to 5GB for free, and the company states that it uses encrypted data, with no limitations on file size for paying customers.

The company promises secure online file sharing that your files will never be intercepted by you or others on its network.

5. WeTransfer

WeTransfer provides a hosted, free file transfer service for businesses.

If you are serious about sharing files with others, this is an excellent solution for your needs.

Users can send up to 2GB of files for free with WeTransfer.

You will need to be a paying customer in order to use the file database feature or upload up to 20GB.

At first glance, WeTransfer seems to cater to creative works with the Paste©, Collect, and Paper© features.

6. Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most popular online file-sharing tools in the world.

Whether you are using Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides, you can access your files from any mobile device.

Google Drive also integrates with Google’s suite of office tools including Gmail, YouTube, and Google Calendar.

If you choose to use Google Drive for file-sharing purposes, it can be accessed through your web browser or through a mobile device.

We had written a detailed review of Google Drive here as well.

7. ufile.io (formerly uploadfiles.io)

ufile.io is one of the easiest-to-use file-sharing services on the market. It provides businesses with a secure database for sharing files.

Files can be easily shared by uploading them to the web server, or they can be automatically sent to a user’s email address.

You can even share files quickly through social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

There are no limits on file sizes, so if you need to send multiple files of any size, this is a great tool for your business needs.

Find out how secure is ufile.io here.

8. Hightail (formerly YouSendIt)

Hightail is another cloud-based file-sharing service for businesses.

It is available on the web or through mobile devices.

Users can only upload files that are up to 100MB for free, but if you need to share larger files, you can pay a monthly fee for the ability to send and receive unlimited files of any size.

Why is this type of file transfer security necessary?

All too often, we are victims of cyber-attacks and data breaches, not to mention the ever-present threat of data theft.

Secure file sharing ensures that you are protected from these threats and can share content with confidence.

The bottom line is that all businesses need to do everything they can to ensure their customers’ data is safe, secure, and readily available.

How does secure file sharing help me or my business?

By ensuring that no one can access your files or servers except for you, secure file sharing ensures that you can grant access to your files with confidence.

It helps to protect the integrity of your business, no matter what type of information you are sharing.

For example, secure file sharing allows you to share critical intellectual property (IP) and regulated data with your partners and customers without giving them access to the rest of your network.

Final Thought

Using secure file sharing to send sensitive data is the only way to ensure that it is safe.

You are protected from all types of cyberattacks, data breaches, and potential data theft.

By ensuring that only specific individuals and/or groups of people have access to your files, you can protect your business interests or even yourself.

Do not take the accessibility and convenience of file sharing for granted.

The security and control we give to our smartphones and computers should be no different when it comes to our business interests.

Use any of these secure file-sharing services to help you share data safely.