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We are your Ninja Geek

“We are a small team working remotely utilizing the cloud platform to provide the best cloud computing strategies and technologies.”

“We stand firm on our ground even though we earn through an affiliate link.”

Our commitment and passion

We love tech & we love helping people! We enjoy listening to people’s needs and helping them streamline their lives with technology!

Our purpose is to assist our readers in understanding all areas of productivity, cloud services, and online security, particularly by consistently delivering relevant, high-quality content to enrich their knowledge and expertise.

We’re committed to serving as the trusted advisor on this innovation knowledge. With always-updated informative content, our readers will have the content within their reach.

We gather the latest development, segregate the data, analyze it to our understanding and write them out in the most understandable way possible.

Meet the people


Joe Kok
Head of Miscellaneous

An Electronic engineer graduate who loves hands-on stuff. Love to take things apart and kind of a habit. When he is not breaking things, he usually sits in front of his computer working hard to draw more traffic and readers to GoodCloudStorage. Catch him at – joe [at] goodcloudstorage [dot] net.


Web Design

Never believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Natalie thinks beauty is about simplicity and minimalism. You do not need a master to become a designer, you just need to steal like an artist and add in your own creativity! She loves books about illustration and children’s stories. Do you like the website’s appearance?

Sarah Kiran
Digital Copywriter

Creative content writer with years of experience and a lovely lady in person. If you’re reading it, most likely is written by Sarah. Graduated from The University of British Columbia, specializing in cloud storage to Fintech topics such as AI, blockchain, and IoT. You can find her on Linkedin.

Jerlynn Tay

Jerlynn has worked in the creative industry since her days as a Law student. During those years, she stalked dogs online during the day and wrote at night. Not much has changed since then. There is still stalking of dogs and writing of words.

How we have come this far

It all started in 2014 when my laptop died on me. You’ll know the story and pain if you had gone through the same experience which I believe most of our readers do.

While we are still a small team (Google Taiwan only had 4 members in the YouTube section), we have managed to grow from one man running the stage to a flexible working team which I am certainly grateful for.

We have not lost our initial mission and will continue to provide useful content and tools to all of you.

We are proud to provide the main niche and needs from our years of experience:

  • Cloud Storage
  • Online Security
  • Digital Nomad

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