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Amazon Cloud Drive Storage Review


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last updated: 20 November 2018

Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive
Website : https://amazon.com
Plan : 5GB Free Storage Plan
Pricing : $0/mo
Overall : 4.5/5 – Recommended!
Features : 4.5 star
Support : 4.5 star
Pricing : Full star
Reliability : Full star
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Want a great service for backing up the different files in your storage?

Then Amazon Cloud Drive is the dream come true option for you. A wonderful and amazing solution for all the problems related to backing up the files.

A popular choice for many, Amazon Cloud Storage has an amazing space to cover up almost every single file that you have from holiday pictures to birthday photos and music as well.

Isn’t that great?

Benefits & Drawbacks Of Amazon Cloud Drive

Now every product has some and some weaknesses.

The latest Amazon Cloud Storage has a bunch as well, but the benefits top the list and we are about to discuss some of it to give you a proper understanding on why Amazon Cloud Drive is the best possible space for your use.

1. The Features

Amazon Cloud features

The Amazon Cloud Storage is certainly in a different look from last year as it has gone through some upgrade and the features have become more and more amazing with time.

Although there is still some work that is needed but nonetheless, the features are wonderful.

One of the major problems of Amazon Cloud Drive was that it did not have a proper sync client which made its competitions get ahead in the game. And it is great news that Amazon has now managed to correct that problem and use the exact same sync model that was used by Dropbox.

You can find out more on my Dropbox review too.

And apart from that, there are so many apps for the iOS and Android users.

And that is just the beginning, the Amazon Cloud Storage makes the use of the block-level file copying when the content is being synchronized.

This particular file-copying method enables it to produce faster syncs efficiently and the reason behind this is that it copies only those file parts that are changed instead of the just re-transmitting the whole file. The service makes it a tough competition for other cloud storage services such as Dropbox and many others.

The task-bar notifications that are featured in the Amazon Cloud Storage effectively alert the user of any activity and enable them to throttle the sync speed.

When you are using Amazon Cloud Drive, you will also be provided with the file previews that are basically there for the common types of files and extensions.

The ability to watch the photos and videos is also provided. And not just that, you are able to sore some music as well. All these features certainly make Amazon Cloud storage an amazing choice for storing photos.

2. Pricing

Amazon Cloud Pricing

The Amazon Cloud Storage is known for providing 5GB worth of storage for free in which I am reviewing and testing here.

And that is certainly a better deal than the other cloud storage services.

However, that is not the reason why Amazon Cloud Drive is on the list for free cloud storage providers. For members of Amazon Prime, unlimited storage is available for downloading the photos.

So, if you think that 5GB worth of storage space is not sufficient enough, Amazon Cloud Drive also comes with an amazing 13GB storage plan that is currently available and that is what makes Amazon Cloud Storage the most amazing and flexible option for free storage.

The rates of the storage plans for this particular service provider is reasonable as well.

Amazon Cloud Drive has an option for unlimited storage for $60 per month.

But now, that plan has been scratched off, and there is not an unlimited storage plan. While that can be a bit disappointing for some, there is also a great news that the $60 1TB storage option is a lot better than the competing services.

If you’re looking for something complete Free, check out my best free online storage.

So it can be said that the pricing factor of Amazon Cloud storage is certainly better than the other services such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

3. Ease Of Using

Ease of use

One of the most amazing and beneficial things about Amazon Cloud Storage is that is pretty much simple in functioning and very easy to use.

All you have to do is get an Amazon account. For those who are using the Amazon Prime Account, it is recommended that they can log in to the website of Amazon Drive and they will have an immediate access to the free storage of 5GB.

And that most important thing here is that the user interface, being so simple, doesn’t pose any difficulties for the users, whether they are new or not. The user interface is pretty simple and straightforward to create any troubles.

For uploading a particular file, you just need to click the button ‘upload’ that is situated in the top-left corner. The choices for uploading the file is also provided from which you can choose whether to upload a whole file or just a single photos.

And apart from that, there are additional options to create separate folders and drag the different files around.

The installation process in Mac and PC is extremely easy and it will create a sync folder in the file system as well.

And any particular file that goes in the folder will be sent directly to Cloud. And if there are other computers as well, then the files are passed to those computers too.

That provides you the ability to make certain changes in the files without actually having to transfer them manually. You are also able to check the status of your uploads with the help of Amazon Cloud Storage.

I tried the Amazon Cloud and it’s easy to use, however I do like or bias towards the interface and easiness of pCloud usage.

4. File Syncing & Sharing


Amazon Cloud Drive has a basic way of sharing and storing certain files.

With a simple folder sharing technique, this cloud storage can be accessed from mobile apps, sync folder or web interface.

That certainly makes the process even easier with Amazon Cloud Storage. You are able to share the content just by clicking on the particular file and then clicking on the ‘share’ button. Also, you are provided with numerous options for sharing.

We are talking about link generation, posting content to social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook or even e-mail. The whole process is so convenient that t makes for a wonderful cloud storage service.

Even though the file sharing is not as ‘secure’ as all the other services, that doesn’t create many problems. Amazon Cloud Storage has got a particular ‘shared’ section where you can audit the content that you have just shared in an effective way.

This is something that most cloud services tend to overlook but that is certainly not the case with Amazon Cloud Storage.

With the help of Amazon, you can easily share the files and folders in a very efficient manner. Apart from this, Amazon Cloud Storage has also got a special feature known as the selective sync which enables you to turn off the syncing for some files that you don’t want to store in the hard drive.

5. Speed


One of the most important things about any cloud storage device is its ability to handle the uploading and the downloading speed of the files. And, Amazon Cloud Storage certainly tops the list when it comes to the speed of uploading and downloading, thus providing a tough competition to other cloud storage devices.

Many tests had been done on the speed of the download and upload proven that Amazon Cloud Drive Storage is unbeatable when it comes to speed.

With amazing speed, greater than the average, this particular clouds storage is the best you can get for downloading files and uploading them as well.

And not just uploads and downloads, but Amazon Storage Cloud has an amazing speed for file transfers as well.

Also, it enables you to throttle the speed of downloads and uploads in case you think that the sync is beginning to impact the system resources, although, that doesn’t happen most of the times as the sync works perfectly.

When it comes to speed, Amazon cloud has certainly got the best, which makes it an ideal choice for users all over the world.

6. Support


The support system of Amazon Cloud Storage might be a bit average and the reason behind that could be because Amazon has to provide the support for all the services in unison.

Which means that the representatives handle all the platforms such as Amazon Music, Amazon Drive, and pretty much everything else and that often leads to certain problems with the gaps in the knowledge.

And the net result of the whole deal is that services like live chat and email support are available for the users, it can be a bit difficult to get simple answers to the queries of people.

This is can sometimes be a problem for the users that are trying to find answers to difficult queries and the complicated questions. People look for something else and they find something else in here.

But that doesn’t mean that you won’t get any support at all. There are measures to provide the best customer support for Amazon Cloud Storage. And that is the best part about Amazon. There are technicians that are always available whenever you need.

Also, the chat agents are ready to answer the emails and the queries as soon as possible.

The trick here is to be a bit persistent and not just settle for the irrelevant answers to your queries.

7. Security

Security for cloud services

I always stress out on Cloud Services Security because that’s how important it is!

Now, this is where things can get a bit downhill.

The encryption of a certain cloud security decides its worth and that is what the users expect the most from such type of services such as pCloud.

And where Amazon Cloud Storage gains points in pretty much every single field, it loses some major ones in the field of security. As the user data is not encrypted, it is certainly not safe for the users as well.

However, there is a certain two-step verification process for the login credentials of any user which can be turned through the account page of Amazon.

This factor helps to make your password strong so that no one else hacks into the account. It is still advisable to encrypt the files using some other service before using Amazon Cloud Storage.

The Final Verdict

Amazon Cloud Storage has certainly improved in different ways and now, is considered as one of the best options for cloud storage services, and quite deserving so.

Even though I did not include Amazon Cloud drive into my best cloud storage comparison table. They are still a branded and reliable cloud solution.

With Amazon Cloud Storage you have a reasonable cost for the services and the storage capacity always enables you to store more than enough. Also, the file syncing in Amazon Cloud Storage beats most of the other storage devices.

There are still some issues that need to be fixed.

Certain security-related problems still exist and the entire process of file sharing has some areas for improvement as well.

And the support system of the service can be worked upon to create better-trained and professional representatives that would ensure the improvement of the customer support.

Apart from that, all the services of Amazon Cloud are up to par and the package makes for a wonderful option for the users that are looking for an amazing cloud storage service.