How to Protect Yourself While Using Cloud Storage Services

How to Protect Yourself While Using Cloud Storage Services
Cloud storage services are easy to access these days…but are they secure?

Today, we’re going to explore this important topic in depth. My goal is to help you enjoy premium data security […]

Cloud 100 Ranking 2017

Top Cloud 100 Ranking for 2017
According to Forbes “cloud 100” selection this year is the second time they ranked the top 100 cloud powered house. The list outlines the famous cloud players of the year, and they changed their […]

Repairing Microsoft Surface Laptop is a nightmare

Do Not Attempt to Fix or Repair a Surface Laptop

Do not say I did not warn you in the first place. This post is quite disturbing and devastating.

If you have not purchase the Microsoft Surface Laptop yet, then you […]

New Backup and Sync from Google

Backup and Sync from Google

Google had just make backing up and syncing all your files a lot easier and less complicated. They had just declared another new form of Backup and Sync device that can help ordinary clients move […]

Carbonite Business Backup Plan Had Just Double The Storage Space

Promotion – Carbonite Power Plan Just Drop Their Price
Carbonite is exciting to announce that their most popular business backup plan, Carbonite Power, now includes double the storage space for the same low price!

Your customers will now receive 500gb of […]

Microsoft Azure Information Protection

This is How the Azure Information Protection Works
Check out the short video below ( ~ 2 mins ) to find out how the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform in protecting your information online.

This is very crucial to battle the online […]

Four Methods To Make Business Backup Easier

Small Business Backup Make Easy
I recently found out that this tips from our Backblaze very handy and useful.

They summarized 4 easy ways to backup your businesses for better management of your work.

Do make sure you check them out at […]

Facebook Market Place

Discover It. But It. Sell It

That’s the new tag line for Facebook market place.

It’s going to launch soon in United States, UK, Australia and New Zealand and you’ll be able to sell and buy stuff from Facebook!

Like craigslist, but […]

Do You Actually Need Online Cloud Backup

Why you Need Online Backup
In the age of information, record preservation can mean the difference between a minor mishap and business collapse. Fortunately, you no longer need to risk all your relevant data. These days have seen the rise […]

Microsoft Moves Into Cloud Storage

PC Sales Declined, Microsoft Betting On Cloud Storage
Microsoft has been known for their Operating system and computing software such as Office. But as the PC sales dropping dramatically, their PC software is in hurt as well.

Now, Microsoft had poured in […]