Best Free Online File Backup Services

5 Best Free Unlimited Cloud Storage Services
Your computer holds a lot of important data — some of it may be work-related, and undoubtedly, much of it holds great sentimental value.

You may have important business documents, financial statements, family photos, […]

Dropbox Smart Sync Review

What is Dropbox Smart Sync?
In general, Dropbox Smart Sync is a feature created by Dropbox that allows business owners and casual users to save space on their hard drive.

You’ll be able to access each folder and file on your […]

How To Securely Erase SSD Drive in Windows 7

AOMEI Partition Assistant- Securely Erase SSD Drive in Windows 7
Now Secure Erase SSD becomes more and more important, this is vital if you had decided to delete all your data or storage and return your storage drive into a […]

Way To Free Up Spaces On Your Phone

Another Great Way to Free Up Space on Your Smartphone

This happens to me a lot.

Smartphone running out of spaces and the phone start to react slowly.

I had to clear out videos, photos, and downloaded files to make up the […]

Dropbox Celebrate 10 Years Anniversary With New Logo

New Image and Logo for 10 Years Old Dropbox

It’s all about young and creativity.

Dropbox celebrate their 10 years anniversary by turning a leaf of new logo and young colorful at their website.

According to them, this new look is aiming […]

Free Up 10GB of Disk Storage on Your Computer Instantly

Discover How to Free Up 10GB of Storage on Your Computer Instantly
If you want a computer which runs faster, you should know that discovering how to free up 10GB of storage on your computer will be a smart way […]

How to Protect Yourself While Using Cloud Storage Services

How to Protect Yourself While Using Cloud Storage Services
Cloud storage services are easy to access these days…but are they secure?

Today, we’re going to explore this important topic in depth. My goal is to help you enjoy premium data security […]

Cloud 100 Ranking 2017

Top Cloud 100 Ranking for 2017
According to Forbes “cloud 100” selection this year is the second time they ranked the top 100 cloud powered house. The list outlines the famous cloud players of the year, and they changed their […]

Repairing Microsoft Surface Laptop is a nightmare

Do Not Attempt to Fix or Repair a Surface Laptop

Do not say I did not warn you in the first place. This post is quite disturbing and devastating.

If you have not purchase the Microsoft Surface Laptop yet, then you […]

New Backup and Sync from Google

Backup and Sync from Google

Google had just make backing up and syncing all your files a lot easier and less complicated. They had just declared another new form of Backup and Sync device that can help ordinary clients move […]