Everyone is Talking Cloud Storage, Are You Into It?


Everyone is Jumping Into Cloud Storage, Are You?


The infographic above show you some data and facts about trending cloud storage and data backup.

Are you contributing the statistic above?

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My Cloud OS 3

WD’s latest cloud tech

Will you use the latest cloud hardware from WD and ditch your Dropbox or Google Drive?

It does catch my attention but still I will keep on using a truly cloud storage service.

Yup, it does give you […]

Extra Security For Dropbox

2 Steps Verifications from Dropbox

This was like one of those James Bond or MI movie. You need to plug in a USB stick to unlock your files on the cloud.

Dropbox had introduce Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) security keys as an […]

Amazon Cloud Drive

The Giant Are Coming – Amazon Cloud Drive

Is this what you guys had been waiting for?

Cloud storage from Amazon?

With the giant player coming into the cloud storage industry, the price and cost has come down significantly over the years.

Now, […]

Small Biz Backup Solution

Small Business Backup Solution
Do you want to risk your small business in the most unfavorable way – Losing all your data!

Check out this info-graphic below to learn more about how this can actually save you out from the mess.

For […]

Downside of Cloud Storage

The Downside Of A Cloud Storage Backup

Cloud storage backups are all the rage nowadays. People talks and discuss about them.

Tech expert reviews on them. There’s JustCloud, Carbonite, Mozy, Amazon S3, iCloud and the list of providers goes on and […]

Is Your Files Safe With Cloud Storage Provider?

Is Your Files Safe With Cloud Storage Provider?

Gone are the days when all of your documents, photos, videos, software, and music files are all stored in your PC’s internal hard drive.

With the advent of cloud-based backup and storage services, […]

FAQ On Odrive

What is Odrive & Everything You Need To Know About


What is odrive?

Odrive is a folder to everything online.


How do you describe it?

Dropbox to everything.


How does it work?

Download and install odrive on your mac or pc. You […]

Cloud Storage Risks And Benefits

Cloud Storage Risks And Benefits You Need To KNOW

Cloud storage solutions are all the rage nowadays.

It has become one of the most popular ways for people to share, backup, and recover their most important files.

For businesses, the arrival of […]

Online Backup 101

Online Backup 101: How To Find The RIGHT Backup Solution
About 90% of all newly produced information is stored on magnetic data – which a huge percentage of is comprised with hard disks.

No surprises here.

But what’s surprising is that despite […]