Bit Torrent Sync

Bit Torrent Sync – Are They The New Dropbox?
Should you care about BitTorrent sync?

My answer is pretty simple. You really SHOULD!

So, what is this BitTorrent sync about?

Why the hypes around them?

Well, the backbone to Bit Torrent sync is they […]


Free App to Put All Cloud Drives into One for Files Management
Nowadays data security becomes more and more important, so people pay attention to data cloud storage.

Drop box, Sky Drive, and Google Drive become people’s choice.

However, so many cloud storage accounts sometimes will […]

Dropbox Sync Large File Faster

DropBox Make Synching Large Files At Ease
Anyone who had use cloud storage or online file backup knows that it’s a headache and painful experience when it comes to backup file which are large in size.

Well, it’s now an entirely […]

8 Steps To Choose The Right Cloud Storage Providers

How To Get Your Cloud Storage Providers Right?

I’m sure most of you guys are pretty sure what to have in mind by now. You had been reading reviews, testimonials, marketing materials from the cloud storage provider and may be […]

Why You Need A Cloud Storage

Why Do You Need A Cloud Storage?
You might be asking yourself the very same question. Why do you need a cloud storage? Or at least I did ask the same question before I come into decision to finally get […]