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Amazon Cloud Drive

The Giant Are Coming – Amazon Cloud Drive

Is this what you guys had been waiting for?

Cloud storage from Amazon?

With […]

Blogging in Malaysia

Blogging in Malaysia – Don’t Follow the Herd, Be Yourself
Malaysian have all the natural requirements to become a success […]

Online Backup 101

Online Backup 101: How To Find The RIGHT Backup Solution
About 90% of all newly produced information is stored on […]

Free Up 10GB of Disk Storage on Your Computer Instantly

Discover How to Free Up 10GB of Storage on Your Computer Instantly
If you want a computer which runs faster, […]

Best Cloud Backup for Photographers

The Best Cloud Backup from Jason the Wedding Photographer

So I’ve got a lot of pictures. A couple of hundred […]

Do You Actually Need Online Cloud Backup

Why you Need Online Backup
In the age of information, record preservation can mean the difference between a minor mishap […]

Should Professional Photographers Store Their Photos on the Cloud?

Should Professional Photographers Store Their Photos on the Cloud?
Photograph GIF from Photograph GIFs

Professional photographers spend as much time behind […]

Dash cam and Cloud Storage Make the Perfect Couple

Is Dash Cam with Cloud Storage a Good Idea? At least, I think so

A lot of drivers nowadays are […]

Five Use Cases for Amazon Workspaces

Five Use Cases for Amazon Workspaces that are Worth Taking a Look at
As is well known Amazon Web Services […]

Firefox Send Allow You to Send Large File Securely

Firefox Send – Sending large file in one step
Firefox, an open source web browser service by Mozilla had just […]

Alibaba Cloud Double Their Effort in Indonesia with Second Database Center

Second Database in Indonesia from Alibaba Cloud within One Year

Sotoy, we know it all in goodcloudstorage. With the 4th […]

Google Photos

Introducing The Unlimited Storage Of Photos From Google

Google had recently introduced its unlimited storage for your photos. This is […]