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BackBlaze Review – Best Unlimited Personal Cloud Backup I’ve Tried

Last Updated: 8 Mar 2022

4.5 out of 5 stars

BackBlaze is an affordable, truly unlimited backup, fast, and most importantly easy to use. With over 30 billion files recovered, it’s not difficult to see why!
Why Choose BackBlaze
Backblaze backup is one of the most affordable unlimited personal backups that you can get.
Best Cloud Backup For
Unlimited backup
Low price and affordable
Sharing capabilities
Block-level backup
Bandwidth speedup
External hard disk backup
Backup Your Mobile too
Live chat support
Limited to one PC only
Not end-to-end private encryption
Versioning limited to 30 days

If you have no idea what BackBlaze can do for you, then it’s time for you to try out their 15 days free trial and know more about it.

BackBlaze is known to be one of the best and hottest choices for personal cloud backup services.

That’s why we decided to revisit the Backblaze review after 3 years now to see if the claim is still valid and to prove it true by our very own testing, again.

Not to mention, nearly everyone loves BackBlaze, and there’s a reason for it:

  1. BackBlaze provides unlimited backup space, and yes, you read that correctly!
  2. The interface is so easy to use; you don’t even need to read the manual for it.
  3. You can start at just $6 per month.

BackBlaze review here has proven again that cloud backup services shouldn’t need to be expensive or complicated, especially when it comes to backing up your files.

So, if you’re a newcomer, you should know that BackBlaze’s approach towards backing up your files is about simplicity and affordability.

No muss, no fuss.

Let’s put BackBlaze under our microscope and see what might work well for you!

BackBlaze Review Features

  1. Backing Up Experience & Impression

Signing up on BackBlaze is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is put in your email address and password.

You’ll receive a custom installer to your account, which installs and downloads quickly.

From there, they quickly scan your hard drive and calculate the size of your files for backup.

Initial Backup Process

You can also pause the process and continue again by clicking “Backup Now.”

You can paused the backup anytime

This is a fantastic advantage for those who don’t want to manually backup.

They backed up everything.

However, if you’re going to control what gets uploaded to the backup cloud, then this could be a little annoying.

Side Note:

Backblaze works with macOS and Windows computers, and they provide apps for both Android and iOS devices.

  1. Unlimited Backup

Got 300GB or tons of files? It has no issue backing it up for you.

Most cloud backup services come with a space limit, BackBlaze offers you the best-unlimited storage that your money can buy.

Depending on your Internet speed, it might take a few hours, days, or weeks to backup your files.

You shouldn’t be fretting about it.

BackBlaze will ensure that your files will be stored whole and complete.

Real Case:

My 10GB files took 5 days to complete. I let them run the backup during night time so it wouldn’t interrupt my working flow during the day. By the way, yup, my internet sucks!

So, does Backblaze slow down computers?

Yes. I do feel sluggish whenever the backup is running in the background whenever I am working with my computer.

I became frustrated after a while and I just set the backup schedule during my sleeping time and let it run. The bad thing is that my computer needs to power on for 24 hours.

Once you had completed the installation, BackBlaze selects all of your files by scanning the hard drive.

After that, your backup will commence.

As you probably know by now that it might take a while to back up your files.

So, if you do find this a little annoying.

Here’s what you can do: You can eliminate the files you don’t want to backup.

All you have to do is go to “Settings” and find the “Exclusions” tab.

File Setting and Exclusion

Once BackBlaze has completed the backup for you, you can decide when you want the next backup.

You should also know that BackBlaze will update automatically in a continuous cycle whenever there’s a change in your hard drive.

Nevertheless, if you want to take control, you can either choose these two options to backup: “once per day” or “only when I click.”

Backup Schedule Option

You can also backup any external drives or USB you owned.

Simply, connect them after you install BackBlaze and they will be included automatically.

You can also plug them in later whenever you need them to be backup.

Side Note:

Plug in your pendrive or portable hard drive at least once every 30 days to update the files and keep them backed up if needed.

Now that you know how BackBlaze backup functions, let’s move to the restoration part.

  1. Restoration

BackBlaze’s restoration is pretty easy to use. But first, you will have to sign in to the website to restore your files.

Restoration Options

When you’ve reached the website, you will see the View/Restore Files section of the website.

The desktop software doesn’t provide this functionality.

As you can see, there are four options: 1) Download files, 2) Save Files to B2, 3) USB Flash Drive, and 4) USB Hard Drive.

Restore or Save Your File

The first option, in my opinion, should be the most popular restoration method as it’s FREE.

Save Files to B2 option uses your other B2 storage allocation. That said, the first option might require a lot of time to restore.

B2 storage is not free cloud storage as what has been listed here. But the charges are based on your usage instead of cap storage allocation.

If you choose to restore using the B2 option, the file set will be formatted as a zip. format, which is essentially a zipped collection of your files as they existed at a certain point in time.

The next two options involve BackBlaze sending you the restore file, which is a faster resolution for more extensive restorations.

They will send a USB flash drive or a USB hard drive using a courier service.

Backblaze free drive restoration

The USB flash drive costs $99, and it can be used up to 256 GB max (238,000 MB of data) whereas the USB hard drive costs $189 and can be used up to 7 TB max (7,000,000 MB of data).

So, how’s the restoration work?

I’m paying every month for backup and now I still need to fork out extra money to restore and get back my files?

What on earth is this?

Hold your horses there.

BackBlaze will mail you the physical storage devices, and you can keep the restore drive or send it back to them within 30 days for a refund.

This option is excellent and helpful in case something disastrous happens to your laptop or if you’re looking for a faster alternative to move your files.

Let’s face it; you can get your money back because they offer a refund.

Here’s a restoration method and it’s detailed in a table that I’ve prepared.

Restore Method Cost Compensation
ZIP file download $0
B2 Cloud Storage Charges apply
USB PenDrive (256GB max) $99 Refundable
USB HardDrive (7TB max) $189 Refundable

Regardless of which option you choose, BackBlaze calculates the total files of your restoration.

You can find this via the My Restores menu which are available for seven days after your request.

You will receive an email alert as well.

My Restore

  1. Performance Speed

As previously mentioned before, the first-time backup can take a very long time. At least, that’s what I am experiencing.

While the main culprit could be your internet speed and how close you are to BackBlaze’s server (hint: server is located in the 8th largest California city).

You should understand that BackBlaze technology doesn’t limit the backup speed.

With that being said, BackBlaze allows you to tweak throttle speeds, transfer settings, and increase the number of backup threads to make the upload faster.

You can find all of these under the Performance tab in the desktop application.

Performance Setting

BackBlaze also uses a block-level transfer algorithm to support the initial backup.

However, if this method doesn’t help, it is recommended to exclude junk files, and other files you deem are not necessary for backup.

Find out how our Backblaze speed test goes here.

Side Note:

Find out the fastest cloud storage from our real-world testing. It’s ugly but it’s real.

  1. Security

BackBlaze has one of the most daunting security features that also includes private encryption.

Security Setting

However, it is turned off by default, so you will have to turn it on manually.

All you have to do is create an encryption key.

Enter Your Encryption Key

Nevertheless, the private encryption key is sought-off troublesome.

Recovering the encrypted files requires you to send your private key password to BackBlaze for decryption.

The reason is that BackBlaze restores files using the website instead of the desktop application.

That said, BackBlaze claims that “your passphrase is never saved on disk and it is discarded once it is used.”

Moreover, BackBlaze encrypts your static files with AES 128-bit. AES 256-bit might be the standard by now, but it gets the job done.

Next, BackBlaze will send you a code (6 digits) as a two-factor authentication process.

Hence, no one can steal your password as it makes it hard for those people to access your account.

Although if you ever forget or lose your password, which it wouldn’t be happening if you use any of these 28 free password managers.

BackBlaze is unable to help you reset the password key and you won’t be able to access any of the encrypted data that was backup.

Last but not least, you should also know that BackBlaze data centers retain by using a RAID Setup to keep duplications as a redundancy feature.

These centers can also withstand any physical intruders and natural disasters.

They are SSAE 16 SOC 2-compliant, as well as they utilize biometric security, ID checks, and area locks that require badge-level access.

Side Note:

In addition, you might want to find out who’s the most secure cloud storage on the planet earth now!

  1. Privacy

Privacy is important as security itself. Therefore, it is best to read their privacy policy.

It’s not a fun thing to do, but still, we scrape out a few important points that might require your attention.

privacy is important

Here goes.

BackBlaze declares that they collect personal information such as your email address and phone number as well as automatically-collected device data, such as your IP address and the number and sizes of uploaded files including third-party service data.

They also mentioned that they don’t “rent, trade, or share your address or email address with any other companies for their marketing purposes without your consent.”

Instead, they use the information they collect for operating their online website, understand how users like us use their products, set up and maintain user accounts, and send marketing communications such as newsletters.

Furthermore, from our BackBlaze review. They may disclose your information if required by law, and you should know that BackBlaze’s headquarters are in the US.

Find out more info from the Privacy Act of 1974 here.

Not only that, but BackBlaze may also disclose your information to third parties required by court order or law and other judicial authorization.

They also share your information with other third-party services providers that help them run their platforms such as Google Analytics, Stripe, Salesforce, social media platforms, Mailchimp, and many others.

  1. Support

If you ever require help, all you have to do is go to their help center.

Their articles are easy to read, and they placed a lot of screenshots to help you understand the steps better.

Utilize their search bar at the top to find a quick answer.

Backblaze help support


Sometime, we just need a quick and humanize answer.

This is where their live chat comes into place. It’s not 24/7 though.

Or you prefer to send them an email that gets a reply within a day usually.

BackBlaze is a straightforward backup service. What’s more, it is the unlimited storage cap that attracts most of us.

Now that you know all about their excellent features, let’s have a look at their plan and pricing.

Backblaze Offer Code

Get $34 off from your total bill when you sign up for 2 years in a row.

Code and offer will be applied automatically when checkout.

Please be reminded that Backblaze never runs any Black Friday Sales, Cyber Monday Deal, or promotional.

From our observation, the $34 off for 2 years deal is the only promotional code running all along.

Make sure you benefit from it.

Save $34 Now

Backblaze Offer Code

It's the only promo running.

Save $34 Now

Plan and Pricing


new backblaze pricing

Their pricing offer is straightforward and easy to understand as their backup and restoration capabilities.

They only offer one plan for personal backup, and it provides unlimited backup for one device.

Their price starts at $6 per month, $60 per year that according to them, is the most popular choice or $110 for two years which can lead you to save $34 from here.

Either way, their pricing makes them one of the best values on the cloud backup market.

They also offer a 15-day trial, if you want to test around. For your information, the pricing has slightly increased over the past 2 years.

The Final Word: Is BackBlaze Recommended?

Yes, BackBlaze is the one for you, if you’re looking for a cheap and easy solution to back up your files.

BackBlaze affordable price point, and unlimited storage makes it an excellent choice for cloud backup for many.

As opposed to pCloud vs Backblaze, where pCloud excel in cloud storage and is not automatic backup.

You will never have to worry about your backing up your files automatically.

The dilemma in picking local storage vs cloud storage?

Don’t be.

Because Backblaze backs up all your local storage to the cloud storage.

Their features are straightforward and easy to use.

Having said that, Backblaze does a great job at a minimal cost.