Is Backblaze Fast Enough For You?

Backblaze is a cloud storage company that offers unlimited storage for $7 per month. Does the speed of their service match the price?

We are going to run a speed test on Backblaze to see how fast their service is.

The Backblaze Speed Test found that their service is fast with an average speed of 20 Mb/s.

Speed Test Backblaze

To measure the speed of Backblaze, we used the Ookla Speedtest app.

The test ran for 6 minutes and measured download and upload speeds. Backblaze came in at an impressive speed, with an average upload speed of 20.85 Mbps!

We ran the test and experiment by backing up one of our folders from a desktop computer.

The folder consists of one video file that takes up 1GB of size in MPEG format.

Below is the final screenshot that we are able to capture at the end of the test. The speed is towards the end of the experiment and is not the average speed that we are having.

backblaze speed test using ookla

Throughout the test, we experiment with a few drops of upload speed to the region of 20 to 18 Mbps. It has not been consistent across the whole backup process.

If we calculate the time needed based on our ISP upload speed which is 30Mbps, we should be able to back up the 1GB file in around 4 minutes.

Instead, it takes us 6 minutes to complete the process. It’s a minor hiccup but I wouldn’t blame it on Backblaze but more of my ISP connectivity.

Compare Backblaze to Other Cloud Backup Services

When it comes to cloud backup, there are a lot of options available. There’s Carbonite Safe or IDrive to name a few.

One of the most popular services is Backblaze.

Backblaze offers a lot of features that other services don’t, including unlimited storage and backup options.

When it comes to speed, Backblaze is one of the fastest cloud backup services around.

What Are the Factors That Affecting the Upload Speed

Upload speed is one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing a cloud backup service.

Backblaze, like many other providers, relies on a variety of factors to affect the upload speed.

The most important factor is the distance between your computer and the Backblaze data center.

Speaking of data centers, they currently have data centers in Sacramento California, Phoenix Arizona, and Amsterdam Netherlands.

The closer your computer is to the data center, the faster your uploads will be.

Other factors that can affect Upload Speed include: how much traffic is on your network at the time you’re trying to upload files, how big your files are, and how many files are in your folder.

Most importantly, how much bandwidth or upload speed that your internet provider provides is also a factor.

What is the Average Upload Speed to be considered good?

When looking at overall performance, most people would agree that an average upload speed of around 50 Mbps is good.

This number has been shown to be the threshold at which a majority of users are satisfied with their internet experience.

Or at least, that’s the average upload speed for fixed broadband around the world in 2021.

However, this number can vary depending on a variety of factors, including the user’s location and internet service provider (ISP).

Use our file transfer calculator to get an estimate of how long would it take to back up your computer to Backblaze based on your upload speed.

*Note: I would most likely leave my computer to run and backup during nighttime when there are no activities on my computer to maximize the backup process.

Conclusions About Backblaze Speed Test Results

Based on our Backblaze Speed Test results, the average upload speed for Backblaze is 20 Mbps.

This is faster than most providers and it’s great to see that they continue to invest in their network.

We’ve tried other cloud backup services and most of them are in the range of 10Mbps of upload speed.

That’s doubling the upload speed and half the time saved to backup your computer.

While ISP connection plays an important role in determining how fast is your backup is going to be, you’ll also consider how fast your hard drive is and what factors may be affecting its speed.

You’ll also want to consider your overall internet connection speed and whether that’s affecting your Backblaze performance if you are sharing your network with others.

Now, let’s head over to what we have to say about Backblaze in our review here.