Carbonite Mobile Cloud Backup App

carbonite mobile app backup

Based on research, there are 6,849 cell phones or mobile phones that are being stolen, damage or lost every hour in US. Can you imagine the frustration and aggravation if you are one of them?

All your photos, personal stuff, videos, files will be gone. Not to mention if some one get a hand on them. Carbonite mobile app can prevent those from happening by automatically backing up your cell phone through their app.

By that, you can easily recover your photos and other stuff if your device is ever stolen or lost. You never know when disaster will strike.

The Android App has the extra feature called Device Protect.


How Does This IOS App Function?

Carbonite IOS App

This mobile application by Carbonite basically have 2 functions:

  1. Backup
  2. Access

Backup is a automatic process in which it will backup all your photos and videos in full resolution once you had installed them in your Iphone or Ipad. You can be worry free as if anything happen to your device, you know you can retrieve them back and recover the photos and videos instantly.

Where as the access is where you can access, backup, browse, view and share all your backup data from any internet connected device. You can even access the entire Carbonite backup using the app only.


How Can This Android App Save Me From Trouble?

Carbonite Android App

While this Android App can do both of the functions as the IOS above, it has an extra feature which call Device Protect.

The Device Protect basically does the following:


If your device is ever stolen or lost, it can help you to locate them on the map.


By using a personalized PIN, you are able to lock your device securely.


This function enable you to activate your camera and capture a photo of the person that is using your phone if your phone is being stolen.


You can rest assure that your personal stuff will not be in the hands of others by remotely destroy all your personal data and reset the phone/device to its factory condition.


If you have ever misplace your phone and can’t locate them, you can set the ringer even it’s muted.


Wrap Up

Carbonite is a reliable and trusted cloud storage. If you haven’t read my Carbonite review, you should know that Carbonite offer 15 days free trial.