Carbonite Review – You Might Heard Of Them, Are They Good?

Reviewed by Joe in reference: Last updated: 16/11/2018

Carbonite review

Plan Reviewed: HomePlus
Pricing: $7.87/mo
Overall: Recommended!
Features4.5 star
Support: Full star
PricingFull star
ReliabilityFull star
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Who Is Carbonite? Are They Really Good Enough?

Yes. Carbonite does live to their reputation. Carbonite founded in Boston with over 400+ employee to date. Since founded on 2005, which is quite pioneer during that time. Carbonite has backup more than 200 billion files and this is a great achievement and responsibility for the provider.

Carbonite core and only business is the online-backup. They did extremely well for that. They are 100% focused in safe guarding your data and files. Maybe that’s why they do not have the sync function, drag & drop and online editing function.

Their main purpose is to backup your files in a simple and hassle free way.

All the 3 plans at Carbonite offer unlimited space for home user:-

  1. Home (from just $4.90/mo) – Basic
  2. HomePlus (from just $8.25/mo) – Complete
  3. HomePremier (from just $12.40/mo) – Top of the line
Carbonite plan
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Unlimited Backup Capacity & Mirror Backup

HomePlus from Carbonite has unlimited backup storage. You can backup and store as many gigabytes of data & files as you wish. There’s basically no limit but a few points that I think you should know in hand. I had put them in point form.

Here’s the drawback:-

  1. There’s an upload bandwidth cap for 200GB and onwards. It means that your backup will become slow when your backup has reached 200GB and above.
  2. You have to manually backup all the video file except for the HomePremier plan.
  3. All the plans are limit to 1 computer.


Other than that, Carbonite has been a very user friendly service. Everything runs automatically, unless you set them to manual backup. Every file that has been backup will have a green dot. An orange dot mean the file have not been backup yet. A right click on the particular file will indicate the status of the backup.

Here is a screen shot of mine for you to have a better understanding.

Carbonite features


Mirror Backup? Operating System Backup?

Yup. You heard me right. Carbonite actually backup your OS and all your installed software such as Microsoft Office, PDF and etc. They will create a mirror image of your entire computer, not just only the files and folder that you backup. For this, you can run back your computer to the state they are before they crash due to whatever reason.

This is a very neat and awesome feature. In fact, I can’t see any other cloud storage provider that has the similar function.
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Know More About Carbonite Features

Did you know that they are the few backup service that provide Mirror backup?

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Live Chat & Easy Recovery

Carbonite is the only provider that has live chat function. This surely is an added bonus to consumer as they can get their problem solving on the spot if you don’t like phone support.

The live chat is available 7 days a week from 8.30 am to 9 pm (Boston time). They also have a very large knowledge base and tutorial which is more than enough to answer all your problems if you are the type that like to dig information on own.

Restoration has never been easier with Carbonite. If you deleted your file accidentally, don’t worry as you have 12 file versioning and they will keep it for 30 days.

Restore your files and folder takes only a click away. What you need to do is to select the method of how you’re going to restore back, either by manual selection or restore everything.

Carbonite Restore function


I’m Counting On Them, Is Carbonite Secure?

Carbonite only business is to backup your files & system securely. This is what they do best and the only thing they do. So, do you still doubt about their security and reliability?

Anyway, here’s some points to backup the claim:-

  1. Your files are encrypted with 128 bit BlowFish cipher when still on your computer.
  2. Your files being transmit using 256 bit SSL technology. This is similar to the e-commerce and online banking. 
  3. Enterprise grade server to store your files and system.
  4. Data center is heavily guarded 24/7, temperature control, UPS, CCTV and etc.
Carbonite security feature
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Know How Carbonite Safeguard Your Business Data

Did you know there's more than 400 talented employee in Carbonite!

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Conclusion: Do I Recommend Carbonite?

carbonite conclusion

Yes, I do recommend Carbonite.

They are the only cloud storage provider that has live chat and providing US-based support to customer.

To recap, here are the advantages of Carbonite compare to others:

  1. Unlimited backup storage.
  2. File restoring is very easy. The easiest in the industry in fact.
  3. US based support. Great extend of support from Phone, email, knowledge base, video tutorial and live chat.
  4. Pricing is cheap and affordable.
  5. Mirror & OS backup.
Still not sure about Carbonite? Don’t worry on that. Get to try for free yourself. If you don’t like it, just leave it. Or alternatively, you can always opt for other best cloud storage recommendation from here.
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You can't be wrong when there's more than 200 billion files backup by them!

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Average rating:  
 11 reviews
by W Miranda on Carbonite
Buyer beware...

Last year I dumped my external backup drive to have a "more secure" off site backup alternative. (BIG MISTAKE) I saw many promotions on their service, everything made sense. Cost was reasonable and all that.

So I enrolled. Made sure that all my files were backed up through their app and all of that.
One day My hard drive crashed... OMG,,, well no worries, Carbonite has my files backed up.

I proceeded to restore my files. Surprisingly I noticed that my restore was going WAY SLOOOOOW. I diagnosed my network, new hard drive and internet connection.

I have 400 mbps internet service... Well I found our that after all my download was not exceeding 3 mbps. I proceeded to call tech support and after many attempts and escalations the told me that that was the maximum throughput I will ever need. That no matter which plan I enrolled their technology will not allow for greater speed because they do one file at the time,,, they encrypt and then decrypt,,,, they cant do it any faster.
So, be prepared to wait weeks for your download to complete.

Just don't expose yourself to this scam... It will NOT save you when you really need it.

by Abikin on Carbonite
I **HATE** Carbonite

Carbonite is the worst piece of crap ever. I have had to uninstall and reinstall countless times. Anything that goes wrong, that is the solution they give you. It f***ing takes forever. Now I can't even get it to reinstall. Waste of my time and money, I really miss CrashPlan except they were the idiots that recommended Carbonite 🙁

by Alex Corsten on Carbonite
Beware - account deactivated

I have been with Carbonite since their service started up. Up until recently their personal plan allowed the backup of any number of drives on the same computer. About two months ago, I received notification that under their new rules I was in violation of the TOS and I had 2 months to become compliant. This means that I had to get down to one drive. That took me a bit more than a month and I called their customer service and they confirmed that I was compliant. A couple of weeks later I got another email that said that I was not compliant and my account would be terminated in two weeks. I called customer support and they again confirmed that I was compliant. Two weeks went by and nothing so I thought all was fine, but then I got another email - one week and they would terminate. I was on vacation and I called and they said that I should call when I got back to my computer. I did this and they again confirmed that all was good and said that the manager would contact engineering to set things straight. Today I got an email informing me that my account was cancelled. They used to be a good service, but I think they have some issues.

by Amber on Carbonite
15 days carbonite free trial

I like that they provide a free trial that resemblance the paying package and can access to all the features. So i can get my hands to try out and play around before I put my money there. I actually did sign up after trying out for a week or so. Did not wait until the end of the trial tho. Great and easy backup for me at least I think. I want a simple and hassle free backup that can do basic stuff only.

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99.99% uptime.
Unlimited cloud storage.
Only for 1 computer.
No credit card require for 15 days free trial.
Server Backup available.
US based technical support.
Automatically backup.