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Backblaze vs pCloud – Who Has The Better Service?

I had personally tested many cloud services and providers over the years.

But why I put pCloud and Backblaze head to head and make a side by side comparison even though both of them are quite different in their own category and offers?

That’s because I love these 2 cloud services very much and can’t make a clear cut out of them.

Well, there shouldn’t be as these 2 are very different in nature as cloud storage vs cloud backup.

If you are looking for an apple to apple comparison, check out our pCloud vs Dropbox.

With so many options, how can you possibly know which cloud storage service is the best for your needs?

Check out the cloud storage comparison before you decide!

I had put out 4 main sections and decide who crown the respective section based on my own observation and research.

Disclaimer: I had tested and compared these two popular online storage services, wrote pros and cons, all you have to do is take a look at what they’re offering, and decide which one matches your needs better.


1. Price

Prices criterion


pCloud – offers 3 plans, premium, premium plus, and custom. Those entire three plans let you store 10GB worth of data free of charge. Even after you unsubscribe, they will keep the first 10GB data free for you until you delete them. Premium comes with 500GB and it costs $4.99 if you pay monthly, $47.88 if you pay yearly, and $125 for a lifetime subscription. Premium Plus offers 2000 GB, and its price is $9.99 on a monthly basis, $95.88 on a yearly basis, and $250 for a lifetime subscription.


Backblaze – offers only one online backup plan, so the decision process is fairly simple. When you decide to use their service, you can backup as much data as you want, as long as you do it from the same computer. There is no restriction on size or type of file, you just have unlimited data storage. This pleasure costs $5 if you pay month to month, $50 if you pay for a year in advance (comes to $4.17 per month), and $95 if you pay for two years at once (price falls down to $3.96 per month).


Verdict : Even though Backblaze is more cost effective long-term, pCloud has a free 10GB data storage no matter which plan you choose, so pCloud wins in this regard. And personally, I think the onetime payment of lifetime subscription is very worthy and hassle free.

2. Features

features criterion


pCloud – management of data stored, data filtering by format, ability to share files with specific permission (edit, share, view), comments in-file, automatic synch across devices, unlimited download and upload speed, version insight, backup for Facebook, Instagram, WordPress and Picassa files.


Backblaze – unlimited backup on the cloud, backs up attached USB drives, no file type restrictions for backup but you have the option to exclude certain file types, unlimited speed of upload and download, no restrictions for file size, scheduling options, continuous backup, and extremely user-friendly.


Verdict : Backblaze is highly optimized for what it’s offering, but pCloud has significantly more options.

3. Security

Security criterion


pCloud – If you pay extra, you get your private, zero-knowledge encryption, which means that passwords you use are not being saved absolutely anywhere. This makes you completely safe both from government agents’ snooping and from cybercrime. No one had ever successfully hacked into their cloud services.


Backblaze – Your data is encrypted with a 2048-bit RSA key that this company gets for you, and all you need to give them are your email address and a password. They also have a two-factor authentication option, so if you choose it, you get a 6-digit code sent to your phone every time you sign in. And, if these don’t seem safe enough, you can add a private encryption key, and this one only you will know – zero-encryption, but you don’t pay extra.


Verdict : pCloud does offer zero-knowledge encryption, but you have to pay extra for it, while Backblaze offers it free-of-charge, as well as two other safety options. Blackblaze is the indisputable victor in this regard. Unless you are a secure freak that wants only the best (pick pCloud), otherwise I believe both cloud providers here provide the top notch security.

4. Devices and platforms

devices platform criterion


pCloud – Available on every device imaginable. It has a Web version that can be used via any browser, they have the pCloud Drive that can be used with Mac OS, Linux and Windows systems, and a Mobile version that can be downloaded as an app both from Apple App Store for iPhone users, and Google Play for Android users.


Backblaze – Available on Windows versions XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1 and 10, as well as on macOS 10.6 and newer. Mobile applications are available on the Apple App Store and Google Play, so both iPhone and Android users can download it.


Verdict: pCloud is available across all platforms and devices, so it wins.

Advantages & Pros


Every friend referral earns you an additional gigabyte, you can reach 20GB of free storage.

Businesses get a 30 day free-of-charge trial period, for at least 5 users.

Mobile app comes with a built-in music player, so you can organize and listen to the music you stored online.

Able to sync by folder.



15 day free-of-charge test period

Refer-a-friend program lets you have a month free for every invited friend who signed up

Their data storage policy is a guarantee that your data can’t possibly get lost

Option of storage B2 Cloud

Cheaper than competitors


Flaws & Cons


Only offered on the cloud, so it’s not an option for businesses with servers that are self-hosted.

Limited backup options.



Limited features

Doesn’t support Linux OS or Windows phones.

Doesn’t provide sharing options or file sync.


Final Say

pCloud is a great solution for online document storage, simple to use, available for businesses and private users, and you can upload files of any size. If you need an online data storage service, choose pCloud.

Backblaze is an amazing off-site service for backup of all the files you want, making sure that every file on your computer is backed up, and encrypted somewhere far from your home. If you are worried that both the data on your computer and on your backup disk will end up lost or stolen, then this is the service you need.

When you look at each one of these cloud storage options, you will see that they can be compared only on a basic level, but beyond that, it all depends on your specific needs.


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