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pCloud Lifetime – How Much You are Saving Actually

Before we go deep into pCloud Lifetime plan, we would like to show you how much you are actually saving in terms of the dollar over the long run.

Quick Fact: 

pCloud Lifetime have a validity of 99 years or in effect for the duration of the account owner. From our point of view, it’s a great bargain compare to traditional storage or recurring payment storage.

Use our own created calculator to find out how much you are saving over the competitors.

We had selected the comparison providers based on the same storage capacity and reliability. We even include pCloud own Premium Plus 2TB plans that are on annual payment.

Let our saving calculator do the heavy lifting and show you the number now.

From our observation, you could recoup your investment back in just over 4 years for most of the cases.

How We Derive the Calculation

Simple. Just dig a little deeper and do the math. Check out the table below to get a grip on how we work on our saving calculator.

PlanCost5 years7 years
pCloud Lifetime 2TB (Benchmark)$350
pCloud Premium Plus 2TB$95.88/year37%92%
Dropbox Professional 2TB$199/year184%298%
Sync Personal Pro 2TB$96/year37%92%
Google ONE 2TB$100/year43%100%
Amazon Cloud 2TB$120/year71%140%
Tresorit Solo 2TB$288/year311%476%
Backblaze B2 2TB$158/year126%216%
Zoolz Cloud Backup 2TB$400/year471%700%
OneDrive Personal 1TB$67/year-4%34%
iCloud 2TB$120/year71%140%
SpiderOak 2TB$149/year113%198%
MEGA Pro I 1TB$135/year93%170%
*percentage are being rounded to the nearest tenth
*plan are selected based on the equivalent storage amount if not the nearest

Let’s dive a little deeper into the pCloud Lifetime offer, shall we?

What is pCloud?

what is pcloud

Founded in Switzerland back in 2013, pCloud has established itself as one of the premier global cloud storage and computing solutions on the planet.

We did a comprehensive and detailed review about pCloud here.

Still relatively new (especially compared to some of the other titans of this industry), pCloud vs Dropbox.

pCloud has shown time and time again that they not only offer innovative new solutions that are powerful and flexible but they also able to provide affordable cloud storage options that make them a no-brainer.

pCloud consistently improves its infrastructure, offers more storage for lower prices, and speeds up its network that is now hosted worldwide.

Clients that use this platform can access their files anywhere and everywhere around the world but can also use sharing and collaboration tools from pCloud that are best in the business.

See how we utilize and hands-on the pCloud drive, to fully maximize the usability of pCloud.

In the past, clients of pCloud would have to pay monthly for the services – or annually for a little bit of a discount.

But recently the folks at pCloud have decided to offer a onetime LIFETIME subscription option for a low, low price that is almost too good to be true.

Breaking down the pCloud Lifetime plans

Two different pCloud lifetime subscriptions are available to clients of this service.

A Premium subscription that provides 500 GB of data for life with a one-time payment of $175 (regularly $480) or a Premium Plus subscription that offers 2 TB of data for life with a one-time payment of $350 (regularly $980).

pCloud lifetime pricing

As we highlighted above, these deals look almost too good to be true but they are very much the “real deal”.

The incredibly low prices have attracted a lot of attention on their own (and for good reason) but the way that pCloud defines “lifetime” helps to separate them from the rest of the pack as well.

Everyone that has ever purchased a lifetime product knows that there’s usually some fine print that limits the lifetime of that offer, and pCloud is no different.

This isn’t an “infinity” option but instead, a pCloud Lifetime deal that’s good for 99 years. It’s tough to imagine beating that deal.

PCloud Lifetime Deals Get Even Sweeter – pCloud Family

Believe it or not, as if pCloud Lifetime subscriptions weren’t already an incredible deal the folks at this company have decided to sweeten the pot even just a little bit more.

We did a coverage and post on it when they first launched the pCloud Family in December 2018.

For a limited time, only you can sign up for a pCloud Lifetime Family package that provides up to five individual user accounts that can access the same 2 TB of storage for a single, one-time fee of $500.

This is really extending on the Premium Plus package that offers the same kind of storage but with a limitation on just one user accessing it.

pCloud for Family

On top of that, every single piece of data that gets transmitted or stored on the pCloud servers is going to be fully protected by AES TLS/SSL 256 bit encryption protocols – the same kind of encryption protocols used by governments around the world to protect their most precious secrets.

Elevating that security is the addition of pCloud Crypto. This bonus takes your encryption abilities and your privacy to the next level, guaranteeing that you are going to be the ONLY person that can access your personal, private, and protected data.

This is what makes them one of the most secure cloud storage on earth today!

Quick Fact: 

Do you know that pCloud is the first and only cloud provider that offer encrypted and non-encrypted folder all under the same account! Security and convenience all in one place.

Not even the folks at pCloud can see what you have stored on their servers. You’re not going to find that kind of protection all over the industry, that’s for sure.

pCloud also takes advantage of dramatically improved speed and performance boosting protocols as well as the latest and greatest hardware and technology in their server farms.

This gives you 24/7, 99.99% uptime with all of these cloud solutions and accessing your files for your data on the cloud will be just as quick as accessing them from a physical hard drive you have in your device.

Final Verdict – is pCloud Lifetime Worth it?

At the end of the day, you’d have to be at least a little bit crazy not to take full advantage of everything the pCloud Lifetime subscription has to offer.

With the Premium plan (500 GB for life) you’ll find the lifetime subscription pays for itself in less than five years, and that the Premium Plus plan (2TB) pays for itself in just over four years.

But again the question boils down to if pCloud will still be in business after “x” years?

Well, you can always go with the monthly or annual plan as that is what intended to be as well. Give yourself some time to really try out their premium features without committing too much.

For me personally, I would have very much doubt why would someone close down a profitable business?

So my bet is they will still be around even after x years. Furthermore, it’s not that easy to close down a company in Switzerland especially when they are dealing with privacy and data.

Quick Recommendation: 

If you’re looking for a quick recommendation, just go with pCloud Lifetime 2TB. Save the hassle and trouble. It can’t be more saving over the long run and our calculator show it too. Every hard drive or storage will expired or died eventually, but when that happens, pCloud Lifetime will still be around.

If you’re going to need an always accessible cloud computing/storage solution for your files and data in five years (the way that the mobile technology world is growing the odds are fantastic you will) then pCloud Lifetime is most definitely the way to go.


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