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Mega NZ

MEGA may be different from other cloud storage; their secured 20GB of free cloud storage is an attractive offer that you cannot refuse with some give-and-take.

Nowadays, cloud storage has become the default option for many people to store and back up their data. There are countless cloud storage service providers out there.

Most of them offer different plans and functions. Some are better to be used for individual purposes while others are good for business organizations.

Hence, it can be hard to pick the right cloud service provider for your needs.

Most of them come with great features and fantastic prices.

In this MEGA storage review, we will take a look at this particular cloud storage provider with all-you-need-to-know details about their security, file sharing, upload, pricing, and other features as well as pros and cons.

Background of MEGA – The Privacy Company?

Launched by Kim Dotcom in 2013, this cloud storage service provider prides itself on its strong commitment to user privacy and security.

However, MEGA was built upon the shoulders of another service, Megaupload, which was launched by the same founder in 2005. Unfortunately, Megaupload closed in 2012.

In some way, MEGA draws added history and expertise when it comes to cloud storage systems.

Yet, Dropbox has over 500 million registered users whereas MEGA claims over 130 million registered users.

In its way, the numbers speak for themselves despite the vast amount of cloud storage services out there.

mega login page

What makes MEGA interesting though is that it incorporates one of the best zero-knowledge encryption.

Their encryption architecture allows you to have control over your cloud encryption keys; in other words, no prying eyes on your data.

Their architecture extends to protect your shares to ensure that only people are you, who are authorized to read them.

That said, let’s take a look at their features, pricing, and customer support in more detail below.

3 Features That Makes MEGA Online Storage Stands Out

MEGA key features are somewhat different compared to other cloud storage providers.

The likes of Google Drive and Dropbox focus more on utility attributions, whereas MEGA is centered more on security features.

While the rest are skewed towards certain attribution, we found that is the right balance for Utility + Security. Read our full review on here.

If you would like to know more about other cloud services that focus on security, you should check out our article on The Most Secure Cloud Storage Services on Planet Earth.

MEGA features are well-designed and user-friendly.

Signing up for MEGA storage was a piece of cake.

All you have to do is key in your email address and a strong password.

If MEGA thinks that your password is not strong enough, it will automatically notify you to change it.

signing up for mega

Additionally, MEGA sends a random-generated master key in a text file that you need to save on the assumption that if you do lose your password, you can use the master key to gain access to your account.

That’s a nice gesture and a brilliant simple step. Forget the Password Manager and just write or copy it down like the old-schooler.

Well, below are the 3 incredible features that make it stand out from the other cloud storage services.

1. Secure Access

MEGA allows you to access data at any time, anywhere but prevents others from accessing it.

However, if you do want to share access, MEGA provides you with the option to add your contacts to share files with them.

You can either give them access to view or edit the files.

share folder option from mega

You can either give them permission to Read-onlyRead and Write or be granted Full Access.

add contact for non users

For users who are not registered in the MEGA cloud system, you can add them to share your files.

All you have to do is enter their email address, and they are automatically inserted into your contacts.

MEGA also provides real-time collaboration as well. Very similar to Google Drive, it allows two people to update the same file at the same time.

decryption link

But here’s what makes the MEGA file upload different from the rest. Rather than limiting your security options by creating a link for access, Mega provides you with two options:

  • Link without a key: MEGA will generate a URL link and a decryption key that can be shared separately.
  • Link with a key: MEGA will generate a URL link with the decryption key embedded in it.

Of course, the first option offers better control for you, but at the end of the day, it’s really up to you.

However, if you choose to go with MEGA Pro, the benefits of that control become an advantage for you as users can protect their link shares with password protection and expiry dates.

2. Excellent end-to-end encryption is a cloud storage and file hosting service that offers end-to-end encryption for your data.

This means that when you upload files to, they are encrypted on your device before they are sent to Mega’s servers.

The files are then stored in an encrypted form, and only you have the keys to decrypt them.

This provides an extra layer of security for your data and ensures that no one, not even, can access your files without your permission.

MEGA utilizes superior encryption to secure your files and chat in real time.

The data is also encrypted and decrypted during the transfer process, unlike the other cloud storage services, by the associated client devices.

This end-to-end encryption is one of the key features of Mega NZ and is designed to protect your privacy and the security of your data.

3. Secure Collaboration between users

The collaboration feature in MEGA is entirely private and secured. It facilitates real-time sharing between users and viewing updates on contacts, making it convenient for you.

Moreover, MEGA offers extra functions such as their mobile apps allow access to folders and files from your smartphones and tablets.

You can also upload and sync files anywhere to the cloud.

One thing for sure about MEGA is that they ensure easy automation for synchronizing purposes.

secure chat feature

Not only that, MEGA provides email, chat, calling and video conference features in their system.

All communication is encrypted giving you the privacy that you always wanted.

file versioning

MEGA also utilizes Versioning feature in their system. It is by default in their MEGAsync settings that you will have multiple versions of the same file.

So, if someone makes a mistake or deletes the file, you can replace the current one with a previous version.

If you sync or upload another file with the same name as another existing file in the same place, a new version of it will be created.

There will be a clock icon indicating files have multiple versions.

MEGA allows you to preview your photos and play videos. It’s a good option for media purposes, but it’s not quite good enough to be used for pictures and video storage.

Moreover, MEGA doesn’t have any technology partnerships to streamline your file collaboration and doesn’t offer integration with Microsoft Office, unlike Dropbox which partnered with Microsoft Office to edit files.

Dropbox is now able to integrate with Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. For now, it’s only available to Dropbox Business. Still, find out who’s the winner in Google Drive vs Dropbox vs Onedrive here.

Let’s Share My Experience When Using MEGA in the Real World Situation


I had no complaint when it come to the harsh real-world usage experience in terms of speed and waiting time.

MEGA processes file upload transfers at the most available speed regardless of your chosen plan.

However, if your transfer speed is affected by other factors such as your local network or your Internet Service Provider, it goes beyond MEGA’s control.

Nevertheless, the speed and rate of uploading files into MEGA are good.

So far, there are no significant complaints or bad reviews on speed itself.


Adopting a cloud storage service can be risky especially if you have sensitive files that might be a potential target of ransomware or hacking.

Either way, it’s always good to do your research first on cloud storage security before choosing.

You should check out our article on 7 Key Factors to Consider Before Moving to Cloud Storage.

Most cloud storage providers adopt excellent security protocols and encryption to protect your files at rest and in transit such as TLS protocol, two-factor authentication, and end-to-end encryption.

But here what makes MEGA interesting is that they emphasize privacy. They use private encryption to encrypt files on your side.

Moreover, they utilize AES 128-bit at the level of at-rest encryption, which comes as a surprise because AES 256-bit is stronger than the latter option.

Nevertheless, it is still good in terms of security perceptive as it provides excellent encryption protection.

More on MEGA security features here.

The TLS protocol in MEGA adds an extra layer of protection to files that are in transit. They also offer two-factor authentication.


Besides its robust security features, MEGA is also known for its engaging desktop app for users.

It provides a system tray icon and sync folder, which manages your sync concept and gives access to the settings.

It also presents clear information that won’t confuse you and best of all, this app works on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Most cloud storage services do not function in Linux operating systems.

Not to mention, the web interface is fast and easy to use.

You can go through the folders using the menu displayed on the left or the “recent” page, which you can access again using the left displayed menu.

You can also access the menu to view other lists shown in the menu, such as your contacts, shared content, chat communication, and dashboard.

The secondary features are located in the top right corner of the screen menu. Using this menu, you can perform general actions whereas individual actions need you to right-click a file.

Just like any other cloud storage service, MEGA has its mobile app. It is currently available for iOS and Android.

As you can see, the file browser takes most of the screen space while the rest of the functions are placed below as a menu to access your chat, view your camera upload, view folders, and your other files.

You can also set up the app to automatically upload your videos and photo.

But as mentioned above, it’s not the ideal cloud storage service for videos and image storage.

Share and Sync

MEGA’s goal in sync feature is to create a seamless experience across all user’s connected devices, and they did a pretty good job.

Once you downloaded the desktop app, it automatically creates a MEGA sync folder on your device.

After syncing, all you have to do is to choose any folder to upload to MEGA. It will copy the file to your sync folder and your account space.

You can also do the same by copying the file manually into your sync folder or using the “upload” option from the system tray.

mega share feature

Moreover, MEGA’s website allows you to share your files by generating a link that was previously mentioned in “Secured Global Access” content.

Generating a link makes this unique feature known as zero-knowledge encryption. Only people who have access to the key can read them.

You can also attach the key with your link. In another option, you can attach passwords or add expiry dates to the links as well.

send file with decrytion keys

Similar to file sharing, you can share a folder by generating a link. If you do that, you can set 3 different permissions – “read-only”“read and write” or “full access”.

If you want to invite others to upload files into your folder, including non-MEGA users, you have the option to turn it into a “MEGAdrop” folder.

The desktop app allows you to share too, by generating a link. However, you can’t invite others through folder generated-link or generated upload-link.

How to Achieve 50GB Free Storage with MEGA

mega 50GB free storage achievement process

Thought you guys want to know more details on how the MEGA achievements work and what is their validity of it.

I’ve created a path for how you can gain all the MEGA free storage bonuses, just remember all the bonuses had an expiry date.

AchievementAmount AllocatedValidity
Base Account15GBNon expire
Account Registration Bonus35GB30 days
Install MEGAsync20GB180 days
Install Mobile app15GB180 days
Invite a Friend10GB365 days

After the validity, I received an email and notice stating that my mega free storage achievements are expiring.

email receive when achievement expire

Do take note of this as you don’t want your files or folders to get deleted without you noticing right?

And you should be aware of how much cloud storage I need actually.


First of all, features end-to-end encryption. Not all cloud storage providers utilize end-to-end encryption in their features, so this is a step up for MEGA against its competitors.

It also comes as a massive plus-point advantage for anyone who doesn’t want anyone to pry at their data.

In context, MEGA could access the encrypted files, but could not decrypt them. In short, there’s no point in them getting to your files as well.

As you probably know by now, MEGA uses AES-128 encryption.

This encryption adds faster response times and decreases the lag. It also provides an excellent user experience through increased high speeds.

While their end-to-end security measure is an excellent incentive to choose MEGA, their free 50GB is undoubtedly another great reason to use their service.

Not to mention, their password protection and link expiration for sharing files is a huge plus.

All things considered, MEGA is an all-rounded cloud storage provider despite the higher recurring monthly cost.

For the same amount of 2TB secured cloud storage with zero-knowledge encryption, we believe is a better bargain for $8/mo compared to $11.20/mo from MEGA.

Or a NAS would be an even better private vault for all your secret files?

Find out our NAS vs Cloud Storage comparison here.

[Off record – A snippet copy from their TOS] – You grant us a worldwide, royalty-free licence to use, store, back-up, copy, transmit, distribute, communicate, modify and otherwise make available, your data, solely for the purposes of enabling you and those you give access to, to use our services and for any other purpose related to provision of the services to you and them.