Backblaze Cloud Backup – Deal


By Joe


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“Ultimate Guide to Backblaze Cloud Backup Deals and How You Should Take Advantage of them!”

Backblaze is a fantastic backup service.

In the event of a hard drive crash, theft, or any other disaster you can count on your data to be safely stored in the cloud and waiting for you when needed.

But we all know that Backblaze rarely offers any discount.

So, this black Friday deal from them last year caught us by surprise indeed.

And they are continuing this special deal this year as well but trimming down on the discounted rate from 50% to 20%.

First Ever BF Deal from Backblaze

Bi-Yearly billing for $130 $104

Yearly billing for $70 $56

Monthly billing for $7 $5.6


*Deal ends on 27/11
*Use code “BLAZEITUP23” during checkout

What is a Cloud Backup Deal, and Why is it Important?

For backup, it’s not only about the money.

Our biggest motivation for backing up our data is to ensure that we can recover it when we need it most.

There is no point in having a backup service if you don’t have a reliable way to get your data back when something goes wrong.

That’s why we believe that you should always aim to purchase the best cloud backup deal you can afford.

And usually, the best cloud backup doesn’t offer much-discounted prices or gifts away.

Read our review of Backblaze here.

Things are going for a change with Backblaze in 2021 with their first-ever Black Friday deal!

Why Backblaze Black Friday Deal

So what makes this Backblaze black Friday deal so special?

To start off, it’s only the second time they are offering a Black Friday deal.

Though they already have some competitive pricing in the market who doesn’t like some extra savings?

Pricing from Backblaze had been very simple.

All of their plans come with an unlimited backup, and there are only 3 plans that differ based on the billing cycle.

Monthly – $7
Yearly – $70
Bi-Yearly – $130

With their Black Friday deal, you just need to apply this offer code “BLAZEON23” during checkout and you will automatically receive a 20% off your normal rate.

Starting 23.11 – 27.11

  • 20% off Deal
  • Recurring Type
  • For One PC or Computer per License
  • Apply coupon code “BLAZEITUP23” during checkout


  • Normal Price: $7
  • Discounted Price: $5.60
  • Deal End: 27 Nov 2023


  • Normal Price: $70
  • Discounted Price: $56
  • Deal End: 27 Nov 2023

Every Two-Years

  • Normal Price: $130
  • Discounted Price: $104
  • Deal End: 27 Nov 2023


Why You Need Unlimited Cloud Backup

Cloud backup is different from cloud storage.

For us, cloud backup is more of a contingency plan that you need to restore your computer or PC backup instantly if something happens.

Cloud storage, on the other hand, is something that you’re using to store your files and data via an app or website on the cloud.

Cloud backup is like insurance that you have if something goes wrong, just in case. You would be able to recover instantly without many losses.

The downside would be there are no data management or collaboration features that you can use like what you would be able to get from cloud storage.

If data recovery is the only thing that you’re looking for, we recommend Backblaze.

That’s something we like to see and we think it’s a great option for users who only need data recovery and not cloud storage.

Though they do offer B2 cloud storage if you need to know.