New Image and Logo for 10 Years Old Dropbox

dropbox new color

It’s all about young and creative.

Dropbox celebrates their 10 years anniversary by turning a leaf of the new logo and young colorful at their website.

According to them, this new look is aiming at a new global image that had been set up.

Previously, we had all been get used with their blue and white color tone logo.

With this new standout look, they are trying to inject more fun and creativity into their branding and product.

moe than blue and white boxes

I had never review Dropbox before mainly because it’s not necessary.

We all know how dropbox works and how well it store our stuff.

But for one minor incident which happens in 2014, I’m kind of concern about their vulnerabilities and security issues.

You can check out what is happening in my alternative cloud storage to Dropbox here.