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Best Cloud Storage for The American – Compared and Ranked!

The American dream is the right and freedom for everyone to pursue their goal of fair equality.

While the tech sector might be dominated by FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google), we believe that other cloud storage services should be given the same opportunities to speak and prove themselves out.

The United States is a country consisting of 50 States across the country and a population of over 330 million in the year 2020.

In general, this country is very diverse and different in every aspect.

But one thing for sure is that they all held highly about privacy and technology adoption.

Here’s the 5 Best cloud storage for the American or the US region:

There’s no one size fits all cloud storage in my opinion. Who would be the best cloud storage for the American?

It has to be specific to a certain region, culture, restrictions, and practices as such that we’ll discuss below.

That’s why our observation and study below might help you in picking the best cloud storage if you are in the States.

US Broadband Penetration

Coverage 84%
Using Broadband 98%
Owned at least one computer 85%

The United States is one of the most highly penetrated and area coverage in terms of internet connectivity and broadband in the world of about 84%.

Virtually all (98%) of that 84% are utilizing Broadband.

This is in line with the ownership of at least one laptop or desktop for all the users which account to 85%.

Most American still rely heavily on the computer to access the internet compared to mobile devices.

A computer software application for cloud storage would weight much more compared to mobile app usage for the same reason.

US Internet Access Speed

Fastest Cloud Storage

With the latest report in Q2-Q3 of 2018 from Speedtest.net, the average download speed over fixed broadband in the U.S. was around 96 Mbps while the average upload speed was only about 33 Mbps.

The result is certainly not the fastest around the world but who needs them to be the quickest when it is sufficient and considering the challenges around all the differences between the 50 States.

Find out who is the fastest cloud storage here.

Cloud storage experience depends very much on the speed of uploading and retrieving data from it besides the reliability of the server itself.

We are constantly monitoring over 20+ best cloud storage servers every 5 minutes for the reliability check on them.

One of the main reasons, why most Americans still rely heavily on computers to gain access to the internet might because of the poor mobile internet speed which averaging 23 Mbps in download speed and a sad slowing 8 Mbps in upload speed.

Almost 4 times slower than fixed broadband.

If you test and compare using my File Transfer Calculator for both the Broadband and Mobile Internet speed, you’ll notice the significant difference between those two connections and you’ll know that speed does matter.

For a 10GB file, you only need 0.67 hours to complete the transferring using Broadband while it will jump to 2.8 hours for the same exact file size using Mobile internet.

Privacy Matters to American


Privacy matters to all in my opinion, but it seems like they weight more to the US counterpart or European comparing to the rest.

Wait until you see what’s being offered by the Best Cloud Storage for China.

IMO, it might be related to the awareness level that the Americans are more concern about protecting the privacy and how they know it can be used against them at one’s benefits.

This is when the most secure cloud storage on the planet earth comes into play.

As for the rest, it might be pure ignorance that doesn’t care much. But at the end of the days, it lay much into your own hands after all.

Even said so, some 91% of Americans think they are worried and had no idea or control over how companies handle or collect their information.

Video: Apple did a candid video about Privacy.

Let me stress out again that privacy matters to all, it shouldn’t be exploited even we are different by the color of the skin, the language we spoke or the places we stayed. It should be a common right for all of us.

*source: https://www.aaaa.org/new-privacy-for-america-coalition-calls-for-strong-data-privacy-protections-for-all-americans/

This is why our selection and filtering of the best cloud storage that works for the specific regions might be your best bet.

Here’s the breakdown of these 5 best cloud storage for the US:

Google Drive

Getting the loves and hates at the same time from the Americans. This conglomerate developed the best free tool for users but at the very same time, harvesting data and privacy through the very same tools that they provided free to you.

Love it or hate it, undoubtedly, they created the most advanced and one of the easiest to use cloud storage for most of us. We love Google Photos and its alternatives especially.

As we’ve told, if you aren’t paying, you are most probably paying with your privacy. Check out the Google Drive review in detail.

2. iCloud


Apple has 1.3 billion active devices around the world as of 2018 and 82% of US teens use an iPhone. iCloud is basically a cloud storage service that is built into every Apple device.

It’s hard to ignore the fact that it is surely one of the most utilized cloud storage services in the US alone.

Apple believes that privacy is a fundamental human right. They’ve kept to their promises and principle so far.

Very well-deserved a place in the best cloud storage for Americans.

3. pCloud

As we mentioned before that this emerging cloud storage provider from Switzerland is gaining popularity and traction among the big players.

In fact, the company had just turned profitable with a team of 32 members. But they have over 9 million users around the globe and you should certainly have a check on them.

pCloud is the first in the market to have an encrypted and non-encrypted folder in the very same user account for convenience and security purposes.

Find out more about them in our pCloud review.


Another US conglomerate, Microsoft’s product. The main advantage of the OneDrive is the ability to sync and work seamlessly with Office 365 that comes for free as well if you subscribe to the OneDrive Premium.

Definitely, a workhorse if you are an active user for Office suites. Find out our test results here for Google Drive vs Dropbox vs Onedrive.

5. Box


Box is one of the earlier cloud storage providers that started out in 2005, focusing on corporate or business clientele. Their biggest clients would be IBM, General Electric, and Schneider Electric.

Not suitable if you are using the Linux system.

It would be pricier and costlier for ordinary users like us given the nature of the individual or home users to store their data in the cloud.

If you are looking for the best personal cloud storage, I would advise you to steer away from Box as they are specially catering to businesses.

Conclusion: Are These 5 Good Enough as the best cloud storage for Americans?

best cloud storage for the american

Well, first off, we filter them out based on popularity and usability for the US market.

For example, we all might not like OneDrive but it’s a fact that Microsoft is still the dominant desktop OS with a 73% market share around. It’s hard to fend off that large number of users.

While it may be very convenient and easy to use cloud storage services across different platforms or devices nowadays, security and privacy concerns are what set those apart.

With more corporate and companies adopting work from home strategy due to the COVID incident, it might be good to have a second look at these WFH cloud storage.

Says Dropbox, they are popular but their track record in protecting privacy might be off the chart and that’s why they are being dropped off from the list.

Get all the past track incidents from Dropbox here if you care.

In fact, here are some of Dropbox alternatives that people are considering right now.

Lastly, we look into smaller players that are willing to give it all to get a fighting chance with the giant cloud provider.

pCloud and IceDrive certainly fit into those but pCloud would be a more appropriate choice as they are more established and had proven themselves overtimes that they are good cloud storage by now.

We’ve taken all those considerations into account and you will have to get your hands on it to try them out on your own.

Talk is cheap; we’ve tried all of them and come out with something as valid and solid as the list above.

Have you done your part as a smart consumer?

Quick Recommendation: 

If you are looking for quick recommendation on which of the above that we highly vouch for, check out pCloud Lifetime here over long run. Know how much you are actually saving in dollar compare to the rest.