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The 4 Best Cloud Storage for Malaysia – Compared and Ranked!

Do you know what is cloud storage? Of course, we do.

But trying to find the perfect cloud backup solution or cloud providers for a Malaysia-based operation is nowhere near as simple or as straightforward think it’s going to be, at least not at first.

Not only are they are literally dozens and dozens of different options available to pick and choose from in the cloud storage space.

Explore MALAYSIA Best Cloud Storage

But there are some technical challenges that people and operations based in Malaysia have to face that operations based in other locales around the world aren’t struggling with.

Different from the fastest cloud storage, sometimes a local solution is what users are seeking.

Is Malaysia Picking Up on IoT Pace?

While more Malaysian are starting to embrace the internet and creating their own website as a hobby or as a side income, awesome hosting makes things a lot easier.

Here’s the 6 best web hosting for Malaysia if you are planning to start your own website.

For starters, Malaysia has lagged a little bit behind the rest of the developed world as far as putting together a high-speed and high-tech digital infrastructure to take advantage of.

Even though MDEC, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation had been pushing hard to get things to move around, the progress is still lacks of pace.

Especially when Vietnam cloud storage is emerging as a strong contender in the SEA region.

Sure, they are growing by leaps and bounds – growing from $43 million (US) in 2012 to nearly $900 million (US) by the time 2020 rolls around in terms of basic infrastructure and backbone facilities. The technology still isn’t quite where it has to be for a lot of the individual providers out there.

Quick Fact:

An internet survey from SpeedTest shows that Malaysia’s Download Speed had jumped from an average 25Mbps to 60Mbps and ranked #26th on October 2018. Check out the news here.

On top of that, because there are so few stable and trustworthy options to pick and choose from, the demand for these kinds of storage solutions hasn’t grown as quickly as it has elsewhere.

This has limited growth somewhat and has helped the top contenders (four of which we highlight below) separate themselves from the rest of the pack dramatically.

But it hasn’t stopped industry “pretenders” from advertising and marketing themselves as just as accomplished in operation.

At the end of the day, however, as long as you choose to move forward with quality cloud storage providers you won’t have much – if anything – to worry about.

As opposed, find out who’s the best cloud storage for the US or even Vietnam here.

Below we highlight the four best cloud storage providers for Malaysia’s unique landscape that are currently conducting business now; you really can’t go wrong with any of them!

At a glance: Top 4 Cloud Storage for Malaysia


Cloud Storage Comparison – 3 points to be considered

Before we dive into highlighting the four best cloud storage for Malaysia operations out there right now, it’s important that we make sure you have both eyes open when you are going through the research phase.

Let us get into detail. You need to focus on the critical and core elements of these kinds of operations that separate one from another in separate the best cloud storage from the rest of the pack.


1. What is the purpose of your cloud storage services?

For starters, you need to consider exactly how you are going to be utilizing cloud storage in the first place. Different cloud storage operations specialize in different services, making for effortless collaboration and others doing a much better job at data archival and retrieval. For instance, are you using them as your personal cloud storage or for your business operation?

Until you know exactly how you’re going to use these solutions, you might not be able to find the right fit for your ill-defined needs.

Said if you are only going to store photos and video which are taken from your phone and doesn’t really care about the rest, I would opt for Google Photo which is free of course. Or you can check out my best cloud storage for photos.


2. Are they secure cloud storage to safeguard your data and privacy?

Secondly, you need to consider how much security you are going to be investing in. Anytime you have a third-party handling your data storage you need to make sure that they are leveraging robust security features that protect you, your personnel, and your private information. Avoid those incidents like the most recent Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal or the Dropbox hack in 2016.

Check out my encounter with the safest cloud storage that no hacker had successfully breach into yet.

The least that you should ask for is that they also have redundancies in place to protect your data from themselves! A second backup that backs up the first backup, if you know what I mean. If you aren’t sure, make sure you did not miss out on the most secure cloud storage on the planet earth here.

While secure cloud storage does play an important role in securing all your files, a secure connection is needed as well to channel things safely through the open internet. Bear in mind that secure cloud storage is different from private cloud storage.

Find out what is private cloud storage with us here.

And this is when the best VPN for Malaysia comes to light.


3. How fast is the download & upload speed of the cloud storage services?

Malaysia particularly is geographically different from the rest as it contains the Peninsula and East Malaysia such as Sabah & Sarawak which is really lacking behind in the race of technology adaption. According to OpenSignal, the overall internet broadband speed in Malaysia which is crucial for any cloud storage services to be able to perform is below par.

Cloud services and hosting in Singapore is completely different world even though these two are just separated by a 1km straits. But it would be unfair just based on internet accessibility and the speed of it as Malaysian too deserved the best services from around the world.

Comparison of internet speed among the rest of the world according to the 2017 OpenSignal report.

Singapore – 44.32Mbps

Netherland – 42.12Mbps

Norway – 41.20Mbps

South Korea – 40.44Mbps

Vietnam – 21.49Mbps

Brunei – 17.48 Mbps

Myanmar – 15.56Mbps

Malaysia – 14.83Mbps

In short, internet speed has a lot to do with the performance of good cloud storage. However, it also depends on the cloud storage provider which has a different encryption method that will affect the download and upload speed as well.

We had conducted an experimental test for the fastest cloud storage on our own.

Finally, it’s always a good idea to choose from the forward-thinking of certain cloud storage reviews if possible. This is the only way to be sure that you are getting not just a great cloud storage solution right now but also a top-notch cloud storage product and service that you will be able to utilize for years to come.

This is the best way to make sure that you aren’t jumping from one cloud storage to another every few years. That would be a headache task that you would want to avoid at all costs.

That is why there’s Google Drive vs Dropbox vs Onedrive in the first place!

Let’s discuss the 4 cloud storage in detail below.

16 monthly
Key Features
  • 500GB Storage
  • Crypto Protection
  • Unlimited Upload Traffic
  • 30 Days History Revision

Internationally recognized as one of the better cloud storage solutions available, both for commercial and private use, the pCloud platform is effortless to set up, even easier to use, and available on almost all computing platforms – including mobile.

The interface to get started with this is incredibly straightforward and you’ll essentially create another “hard drive” on your computer that you can use the same way you would use a physical drive. Data added to this folder will be automatically synced online and available for anyone else with authentic credentials to access your information, while everything is fully protected by pCloud Crypto protection.

This level of encryption guarantees that not even pCloud administrators are going to be able to have eyes on any of the information you post to these cloud servers. Your personal, private, and protected information stays exactly that.

pCloud had put its cloud storage security to a real-world test by inviting hackers to breach into their system. No one had successfully brought the prize of $100,000 back home up-to-date.

While they offer very competitive pricing of $3.99 (RM16) per month, I do personally vouch for their pCloud lifetime plan which I found very attractive and value for money in the long run.


  • Limited storage up to 500GB. Greater storage capacity requires higher pricing.
20 monthly
Key Features
  • Unlimited Storage
  • AES-128 Key Protection
  • Automatic Backup
  • 2 Factor Authentication

Offering unlimited storage as part of their $5 (RM20) a month services, the folks at Backblaze have created a top-tier platform for cloud storage that rivals many of the options from companies like Amazon Cloud Drive and Dropbox.

Unlimited storage is a huge differentiator between this particular service in many of the others available in Malaysia and beyond. You’ll be able to back up literally ALL of your data, without any limitation whatsoever.

While Backblaze is not entirely cloud storage but more like a cloud backup instead. Find out the difference between these two here.

Utilizing a streamlined upload tool, you will be able to put all of your documents, photos, music, and movies (as well as sensitive data and information) onto the Backblaze servers.

These upload tools handle all of the encryption as each digital file is processed – protecting your information right from the first moment it interacts with Backblaze services.

The customer and technical support from Backblaze are so good that it has been recognized internationally as perhaps the best in the business.

We had to revisit them and revamp our Backblaze review here.

You’ll be able to download and restore any of your files from any active internet connection around the world, but you’ll also have the opportunity to have a 128 GB flash drive delivered to you directly with the files that you have selected – or an external hard drive with up to 4 TB of data delivered to you via lightning fast shipping, too.

It doesn’t get much better than that!


  • Only can backup one PC.

3. Webserver Malaysia


webserver malaysia
20 monthly
Key Features
  • 100GB Storage
  • Basic Cloud Storage
  • UnlimitedUsers Access
  • Free Operation Charges

One of the relatively brand-new cloud storage solutions in Malaysia, Webserver Malaysia is already one of the best solutions available to those looking to support a Malaysian-based operation.

The synchronization and collaboration tools that Webserver Malaysia offers are right up there with the very best in the business and the file history and snapshot features that they add in every single plan of the kind of premium features that you usually pay a premium for with other cloud providers.

Giving you complete and total control over not only your data that you upload to the Webserver Malaysia servers but also the infrastructure of those servers and how you organize, collaborate, and sync your data, there aren’t quite as many administrative tools in the cloud storage space as robust as the ones from this company.

The server hosted at CJ1, Cyberjaya, and MyIX Data Center, Kuala Lumpur. There’s a free plan of 10GB and all the way up to RM200 per month for 1TB cloud storage.

What we like is all the features available are the same whether you are into the free or paying plan. The only difference is the storage capacity allocated.

24/7 live technical and customer support is available at zero extra cost whatsoever. Not only will you be able to utilize this service 365 days a year basis, but you’ll also be able to take advantage of technical and customer support in your native language be it Malay or Chinese. This is a huge benefit for those that will have international members of the organization utilizing the Webserver Malaysia tools.


  • No dedicated software. Using open-source FTP based desktop software to access the cloud platform.
61 monthly
Key Features
  • 25GB Storage
  • FTP Enable
  • Customization
  • RAID Protection

One of the biggest selling points that NetOnBoard brings to the table and a game-changing feature that separates it from the rest of the pack for sure is its utilization of RAID 6 protection. This is redundancy built on top of a bird, giving you the kind of protection that government agencies around the world utilize to keep their most sensitive and private information safe and secure in all situations.

The RAID encryption and data backup provide guarantees that there will be an external backup of your information at all times. You’ll never again EVER have to worry about losing your sensitive information from here on out when you move forward with NetOnBoard.

By choosing to move forward with NetOnBoard you’ll also be able to utilize unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth with their cloud storage server located at Aims Data Center, Menara Aik Hua.

The protection that NetOnBoard offers extends to the level of encryption that they take advantage of. They provide the cloud storage tools that you have the opportunity to utilize for full protection at FTP or the SSH Access point.

You – as well as anyone that you authorized to view the information and data you have backed up to the storage solution – will always be incomplete and total control of the privacy settings of the data you have stored on the servers.

With their ala-carte plan, you can customize the cloud storage package based on your usage. Pricing starts from RM61 ($15.25) per month with one user of 25GB that has a cap on data transfer of 1GB/hour, and everything goes up from here if you need to have extra.


  • Not user-friendly.

Time to Wrap up my thought on the Best Cloud Storage for Malaysia

Any of these best cloud storage solutions we have highlighted above are well worth moving forward with.

Always make a cloud storage comparison before taking any decision. If you must, take advantage of those free services such as Dropbox (2GB) or pCloud (10GB).

If you’re serious about getting successful cloud storage that had established themselves in Malaysia over the years, these are the kinds of cloud storage providers that you’ll want to consider.

You really can’t go wrong with the power, performance, speed, and security that each and every one of these for the best cloud storage services. Any one of them could be the perfect solution for you and your needs!

For a limited time, pCloud is offering a one-time payment of their lifetime 500GB storage for only RM1920 ($480) RM700 ($175). Incredible saving and one of the most valuable packages that you can grab for now.

You might argue that you can get the same amount of storage for half the price say WD MyPassport in Malaysia around RM400. But if you read my pCloud review, you’ll know they are completely different in every aspect (Local storage vs Cloud Storage) which you should be looking into.

Or if you are a Dropbox fan, here are our dropbox alternatives that are very secure for your usage.

Before you go, here’s a recap of our handy comparison cloud storage table once again.

*Assumption of currency conversion of $1 = RM4