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8 Best Cloud Storage for Canadians – That doesn’t cost you a loonie!

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Our files are sometimes our lives. A photo isn’t just a photo; it’s a memory.

That’s why these 7 best cloud storage for photos is a must-read for you.

A document could be anything from a list of business contacts to the novel we’ve been meaning to finish.

“Each bit of data helps tell the story of who we are.”

Because of this, it is important where we keep this information.

For many, if not most of us today, our data is saved in “the cloud.”

Differ from cloud computing, cloud storage is a more direct and easier storage solution that will appeal to most of the non-technical user.

Why Canadians uses cloud storage?

These days, millions of Canadians are almost totally dependent on cloud storage services.

Fast Fact: 

There are over 37 million of Canada population to be exact on 2019.

Whether we’re sharing important work-related documents or backing up our vacation photos, cloud storage ensures that our precious data is both secure and accessible.

This means that no matter where we are or which device we’re using, our files are almost instantly within reach. In other words, all we need is an Internet connection, and we’re ready to go.

Because of cloud storage, physical means of storage like flash drives and portable hard drives are becoming a thing of the past.

Gone are the days of fretting over a dropped hard drive or a misplaced USB stick.

dropped hard drive - ouch

We don’t even have to manually copy files from one place to another.

Cloud services can back up our data automatically, with little to no input required from our side.

Convenient, right?

It gets even better from here — most cloud storage services are free of charge with limited storage capacity most of the time.

Anyone can back up their files and keep their information at hand, no payment required.

So, between the convenience and low cost, what’s not to like?

Wait, there’s just one major problem with cloud storage services

A possible issue with many free cloud services, especially for the privacy-minded among us, is the privacy and security concern.

Many popular cloud storage companies are based in our neighbor to the South — the United States.

But while these services are certainly functional and reliable, how can we be sure that our privacy is protected?

How we can protect ourselves against these breaches?

Similarly, can we trust that our information is secure?

While these US-based cloud storage companies do strive to protect their customers’ data, the law isn’t always on the consumer’s side like it is in Canada.

This is not to say that privacy protection in the United States is nonexistent. But we just can’t forget all those past incidents that occurred to Dropbox and it’s not getting any better.

People are moving away and seeking alternatives.

Nevertheless, what can we do if our data is mismanaged?

What if our information is leaked, or even stolen?

More importantly, where do we turn in such an event?

How Data is Protected in Canada

Thankfully, these questions don’t need to be asked in the Great White North.

Great White North Canada

Those of us in Canada enjoy much more robust privacy protection under the law than our neighbors to the south. Therefore, there are several reliable, secure, and trustworthy cloud storage services based in Canada.

With these services, you can rest easy knowing that your files, data, and personal information are safe from being misused, such as sync.com or Flickr.

On the federal and provincial levels, there are guarantees in place that ensure that private companies cannot misuse our personal information.

Regulations, such as the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), compel companies to:

● Be accountable in handling our data
● Seek consent for their use of our data
● Limit the collection of personal information
● Utilize safeguards to protect our data

There are free services based in Canada that we know will keep our files safe.

In fact, we can be sure that our information will not only stay at our fingertips but also remain close to home.

8 cloud storage that is worth trying for Canadians

Even said so, there are still many reputable cloud storage that is worth the try. We’ve listed out the top 8 based on our voting poll here.

  1. Google Drive
  • Free Storage: 15GB
  • From: United States
  1. Megadetailed review
  • Free Storage: 15GB
  • From: New Zealand
  1. Dropbox
  • Free Storage: 2GB
  • From: United States
  1. pClouddetailed review
  • Free Storage: 10GB
  • From: Switzerland
  1. OneDrive
  • Free Storage: 5GB
  • From: United States
  1. Degoo
  • Free Storage: 100GB
  • From: Sweden
  1. Box
  • Free Storage: 10GB
  • From: United States
  1. Syncdetailed review
  • Free Storage: 5GB
  • From: Canada


As you can see from the above, half of the recommended free cloud storage is from our neighbor down the south.

While it might not be so lucky for users staying in Vietnam.

Most of it is products by giant tech companies such as Google and Microsoft, you can certainly rest assured that they will at least be more sensitive towards your privacy concerns.

If you would like to know more or have a better understanding, do check out our complete free cloud storage list here.

Our photos, spreadsheets, contacts, videos, and documents are part of who we are. These bits of information are more than just data — they are our lives.

Therefore, with cloud storage becoming ever more common, will you place your trust in the service?

While there sure left little to no trust for most of the local cloud storage for China here.

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