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7 Best Cloud Storage for Photographers – Image Storing from Beginner to Professional

A picture is worth a thousand words. It tells stories and captures time.

Back in the day, photos used to be costly and challenging to produce. With everything going digital in today’s world, everyone can take photos and record videos.

It’s that easy!

With that being said, storing the images and videos is another problem.

While sharing them with your loved one would be another problem that needs to be solved.

If that’s not enough, how about all your songs and music? Music cloud storage sounds great but can they live stream and play directly into my playlist?

Most smartphones have limited storage space and even if you do store them on your laptop or computer – you can’t depend on your hard drive’s life expectancy.

What if your laptop crashes? All of your images and videos are gone.

Or your computer simply does not have enough storage for it?

Aside from a backup solution, the request we receive most from our readers is “What is the best cloud storage for photos?”

This is why we decided to put together a list of the best cloud storage for videos and photos in particular.

You will not have to worry about losing your files – if your phone is stolen or your laptop crashes because you’ve saved them to digital photo storage.

Using a cloud storage provider means that your precious media will be safe and secure – yes, it will be secured – from any accidents.

You will be able to access and share your photos and videos at any time, wherever you are, from any device.

Before we begin with the list, let’s take a look at what we had summarized.

We had differentiated the cloud storage service to their respective categories according to the usage as the best option for storing pictures and videos.

Best way to organize digital photos

Do you still do a photo wash in a darkroom?

darkroom washing photo

Most of us take photos and videos using our smartphones if not a digital camera.

This is where cloud storage comes into play for real-world applications for photography or videographer purposes.

Most of the cloud storage in the market is convenient, cheap, and offers huge capacious space. Of course, unlimited storage is the best.

But it depends on the providers as not all providers offer the same number of plans, but most do come with a free plan or trial.

Not to mention, security plays an important role when it comes to keeping your photos and videos private.

That is why in this article we will not share or discuss image sharing sites that can store photos digitally as well but lack privacy and in the sense of security.

Most cloud storage vendors make it easy by setting secured restrictions to ensure that the pictures and videos are accessible only to your password-protected account, or to anyone with a private web link.

Many of them also offer an efficient and effortless way to sync images as well as organize and share images and videos.

Backing up your photos and videos on cloud storage is pretty easy as well. You can access your photos and videos from anywhere at any time as long as you have an Internet connection.

Most cloud storage services are compatible to be used on desktop and mobile phones.

So, getting your images and videos online without hassle is an added advantage.

But if you want to know more about what is a cloud storage and the benefits of using it, check out our guide article on cloud storage.

What is Online Photo Storage

Most simply, online photo storage is where you take digital images and store them in a database that is well-protected and overlooked by a digital overseer.

Most of the time, they are simply just online databases that specialize in ensuring that PNG and JPEG files (predominantly used for pictures) can be stored in very large quantities.

This will ensure that anyone that is trying to get and save their images can do so that is going to look good for a long time.

This is essential because if you’re determined to protect your images, you’re going to want to do it in this way, but there are a lot of common complaints that are by no means valid when you compared them to something else.

Sure, you could use any sort of online cloud storage service, but there are plenty of online storage services that are much better if you’re concerned about the preservation of precise file formats, how secure is the file transfer or sharing, but also if you’re worried about turning photos into hard copies or prints.

Now some services are entirely dedicated to preserving online photos, but there are also storage centers where they emphasize storing all sorts of data.

But online photo storage is no longer a niche category, but rather, an essential part of taking care of your photos.

This will ensure that if you’re serious about protecting your photos, you can do so in a responsible way.

How Does Online Photo Storage Works Actually

saving photos online

For the most part, a service works very similarly to most online cloud storage sites.

You make an account, you are assigned an encrypted area to store your photos, and you can begin seamlessly uploading images.

As previously stated, if you’re concerned about protecting your digital photos for long-term storage, there are a lot of services that will actually take prints and digitally convert them.

While those services are actually few and far between, you have to realize that if you’re serious about long-term storage, you have to be able to stay on top of it because some of these services can be slower than others.

But it’s also important to know what to look for in the service in the first place.

Fortunately, these 7 excellent online photo storage services work around those issues – VERY effectively if I may add.

Now that you know the best way to organize your photo is by using cloud storage, let’s take a look at these photo cloud storage services.

1. pCloud – Most Comprehensive Cloud Storage for Media & General Use

pCloud for Photos

Automatic upload & free up space
Attractive Lifetime plan
Plugin for Lightroom
Resize photo & compress video directly
pCloud Crypto is additional purchase
No collaboration tool

pCloud is one of the top leading cloud storage services in the world. Our review tells a lot about them here.

Unless you are working with creatives or are a professional graphic designer, Adobe Creative Cloud might be a better choice.

There’s much to admire, especially with their security excellence in their system, which is an excellent advantage when it comes to storing private pictures and videos. Their website and mobile app are pretty easy to use, and their features are well-defined in simplicity.

If you opt for pCloud which 8 million users already did, you will not be disappointed because you will have the option to view pictures and play videos as well. There’s also an option to upload photos and videos automatically using the mobile app and further reduce the storage intake from your mobile device.

Sharing on pCloud is simple and easy as well.

You can invite anyone to your folder using a file-sharing link, which they can view and modify. The file-sharing link can be shared via email or directly to social media.

With that being said, pCloud supports Windows and Mac as well as Linux, which is a pretty good deal. There’s a free plan that comes with 10GB of free storage.

However, if you think that 10GB isn’t enough for you; you have the option to select one of the 2 plans:

  1. Annual: Premium (500GB for $3.99 per month) and Premium Plus (2TB for $7.99 per month)
  2. Lifetime: Premium (500GB for $175) and Premium Plus (2TB for $350)
Find Out How: 

Is the Lifetime plan worth it? Check out our saving calculator on how much you can save on it.

You can also choose to level up your cloud security with zero-knowledge, where you should check out their pCloud Crypto encryption add-on.

It’s a shame that these excellent security features do not come in standard and you’ll have to purchase additionally.

It comes with 3 different plans with their pCloud Crypto:

  1. $4.99 per month
  2. $47.88 annually
  3. $125 lifetime

If you don’t know what is zero-knowledge security, read our article on it.

2. Amazon Photos – Best for Photo Printing Services

Amazon Photos

Amazon Prime member gets unlimited photo storage
Easy photo printing services
Custom prints
5GB video storage only even for Prime member
Maximum 5 people sharing the account

Amazon Drive offers a good experience when it comes to storing photos and videos. Their web interface is easy to use, which presents an overall pleasant experience. All you have to do is create a sync folder and upload it by storing files or folders in it. It applies the same to the mobile app as well.

Using the web interface, all you have to do is generate a shared link, and then you can either share it via email or directly to Twitter or Facebook. You can also create a custom group and share that as well.

There’s also a shared tab option that allows you to view what content you’ve shared. However, you can’t set passwords for the shared links.

One of the coolest elements about Amazon Drive is that you can view the photos using a slick and attractive photo viewer. There’s also the Prime Photos app that is connected to Amazon Drive.

Prime Photos App

With the Prime Photos app, you can easily create albums and share them with groups of people as well as edit photos and order prints. This is where the jewels for Amazon Photos, you can create a photo book and print them out professionally and get it delivered to you at your utmost convenience.

If you are an Amazon Prime user, you’ll get unlimited storage, or otherwise, using Amazon Drive Storage, the uploaded images will be counted towards your storage limit.

Another exciting option in Amazon Drive is the “family vault.” It allows you to set up a collection of users and invite them to contribute with their photos and videos in one place. However, video streaming is restricted to videos shorter than 20 minutes and smaller than 2GB.

Similar to pCloud, Amazon Drive offers free storage too, 5GB, which is a decent amount but nothing compared to pCloud. If you do require more than 5GB, they provide one of the most flexible storage plans.

Overall, Amazon Drive offers a good experience for users, but it has limited videos and photos and only offers unlimited storage to Prime users.

If you want to know more about Amazon Drive, you should check out the Amazon Cloud Drive Storage Review.

3. Google Photos – Best Free Unlimited Online Photo Storage

Google Photos

Unlimited photo storage with condition
Easy to use mobile app
Best ever Assistant experience
If you remove the photo from the app, it will delete it from your phone or device as well
Not friendly user sharing option

Who hasn’t heard of Google Drive? If you have not, then it is time that you should know about Google Drive in our review.

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage services out there, and there’s a reason for it – it provides an eye-catching interface that is so easy to use.

Not to mention, it offers a lot of useful collaborative features and connects to a lot of native 3rd-party apps, such as Google Photos.

Using Google Photos, you can upload photos to create collages, animations, movies, and albums.

All of these photos will automatically be uploaded on Google Drive as well. You can also share your videos and pictures by going to the “sharing” page, which shows you what files you have previously shared.

Not only that, you can choose any files you want to share and add another user via email. Another option is you can create a shared link by selecting any of the files you want to share.

There are web version and desktop version that provides an excellent streamlined experience to upload videos and photos. There is also a mobile app for Google Photos, and you can automatically sync to upload any photos from your mobile phone.

Most of the users that go for Google Photos are because of the unlimited storage and certainly not storing them in RAW files.

Do You Know: 

Starting June 1, 2021, Google Photos no longer provide unlimited storage. Instead, all photos stored using their app will be counted into the 15GB free Google Drive storage instead. But for photos uploaded before June 2021 will not be counted.

Below is our recommendation or the best way to get the most out of Google Photos:

Just bear in mind that if you are deleting any photos from the Google Photos app itself, it will prompt you that it will take out the photo from your device as well even though you did not sync them!

Screenshot showing it will delete photo from the device as well
Do You Know: 

How to know if your device is sync to the Google Photos app. Goto Google Photos app, click into the 3 line folder icon located at the top left side. Click on Setting-> Backup & sync. Make sure it’s Off or On. It doesn’t really matter since it will delete from your device no matter how.

4. Dropbox – Most Prominent Brand in the industry


Everyone know what Dropbox is
Compatible with almost every platform
All rounded branded cloud storage provider
2GB free storage
Receive a lot of critism on privacy and security issues
Dropbox is one of the most commonly adopted cloud storage besides Google Drive. Similar to Amazon Drive and Google Cloud, its web and desktop interface is pretty straightforward to use.

All you have to do is upload files into the system, and you can create a quick access option to your files.

Overall, its user experience is amazingly intuitive. You can also sync your mobile phone using the app, so any image or video can be uploaded automatically.

When it comes to sharing images and videos, there is an option to generate a link. If you want to share a folder, you can create permissions for other users to either edit or view the files.

One of the most interesting about Dropbox is that it has undoubtedly the best image viewer. It allows you to zoom in and view full screen as well as comment on specific areas, which is an excellent feature for reviews and feedback. It also comes with a playback option and another feature to increase play speed.

Dropbox offers 2GB of free storage, which is for certain it’s not going to last very long. Alternatively, you can consider other options here.

However, if you want added storage, you can either choose Plus or Professional personal Plan. Dropbox Plus provides 1TB of storage for $10 a month whereas Professional offers $20 per month with more features but with 1TB of storage.

With that being said, you can use Dropbox on Mac, Windows, and Mac and the mobile app works on both iOS and Android. When it comes to sharing, there is an option to generate a link, which is pretty similar to Google Cloud. Dropbox also offers permission to view or edit the files.

5. iCloud– For Apple and Mac Users

iCloud Photos

Perfect companion for Apple user
Apple Time Machine work as backup
Safe and Secure
5GB free storage only
Cannot backed up music even you had purchased them
iCloud is a cloud storage and cloud computing service from Apple that is known for its smooth and gorgeous-simplicity user interface with tons of excellent features.

iCloud is one of the best dependable solutions when it comes to backing up your images and videos.

Similar to Dropbox and Google Drive, iCloud offers a feature that allows you to quickly backup your pictures and videos on your phone.

For those who have an iPhone, your pictures and videos are automatically back-ups, which makes it super-convenient.

Similar to Amazon, iCloud offers photo-editing features, live photo support, tagging, and machine-learning-supported search.

However, it only offers 5GB of free storage.

iCloud also provides other paying plans: 50GB, 200GB, and 2TB which in my opinion it’s expensive and a premium price to pay for it.

Read more about the iCloud review here.

6. Canon Irista – For Professional Photographers

Canon Irista

15GB free storage for photos
No compression, store it RAW
Direct upload from devices
Slightly expensive pricing plan
No collaboration with other services
Canon Irista is one of the best in class when it comes to online photo storage services for professionals.

What can you say more when the service is from a specialized manufacturer of optical and imaging company, Canon, right?

They know how to handle and store all your professional photos and videos securely.

They had a wide range of plans that starts from 15GB free storage and up to 10TB of paying plan.

One of the best features of Canon Irista is its non-compressed technology, so you are ensured that your images are as sharp and original as how you took them.

They like it in RAW formats.

All your photos can be uploaded directly from your camera to Irista as well at your convenience and also as a double backup even before you take any action.

With all the RAW files in place, you can further edit and enhanced them accordingly to your need.

Check out all the plans offered by Canon Irista below:

  • 15GB – Free
  • 100GB – $2.25 / month
  • 500GB – $7.99 / month
  • 1TB – $12.99 / month
  • 2TB – $25.99 / month
  • 5TB – $64.99 / month
  • 10TB – $129.99 / month

All in all, it is dependable and easy to use.

For professional photographers, it is an affordable price to pay as what Canon offer is much more than storage capacity if you are looking for high-quality cloud photo storage.

7. Nikon Image Space – For Nikon Product Owners

Nikon Image Space

It’s totally free
Generous 20GB for Nikon owner
Full screen browsing
Group photos automatically
Limited 2GB for non-Nikon user
No auto photo uploading
Upload single photo at a time
No photo editing in app

It’s good to know that Nikon never charges a single cent for the digital photo storage that you utilize at their Image Space platform.

However, you will only be given 2GB of free storage under the basic plan if you do not own any of the Nikon products.

The good news for those who purchase any of the Nikon cameras, you just have to sign up for a Nikon ID and register your Nikon product to enjoy a whopping 20GB of free storage.

Find out all the details and tutorials on Nikon Image Space here.

Final Say – Which Photo Storage Options will you pick?

Even though we had made it easier for you to pick the best cloud storage for photos service from our 7 categories, you still need to answer some of the basic and crucial questions here.

Local storage vs Cloud Storage?

You can’t store your photos digitally forever if you start on the wrong foot in the very beginning.

You must choose the right cloud storage to store your photos and videos. And most of them come with a photo storage app.

After all, these are the precious moments you captured that are meant to be kept for a very long time.

With photo storage on the cloud, you can store, sync, and organize your images and video in the most convenient, cheap, and spacious fashion.

Getting on how to share photos on the cloud is way easier now.

While none of the above offers the perfect combination of storage space, price, convenience, functionality, and great aesthetic features.

We should instead look into the 7 categories that I had put them into.

With that in mind, you should be able to find flexible image storage that meets your needs.

Whichever digital photo storage you choose, consider these factors:

  • How much storage do you need?
  • How much you’re willing to pay?
  • Are they really important and valuable?
  • What are the pictures and videos you wish to store are they important and sensitive?
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