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Cloud Storage for Vietnam – 3 lưu trữ đám mây tốt nhất

Adoption of Cloud Storage and Computing for Vietnam

Vietnam is famously known for its tourist spots, diverse culture, its ancient history, and beautiful beaches.

Recognized as one of the top destinations for traveling, don’t presume the tourism industry is majorly contributing to its economy.


Vietnam has grown into a remarkable development as it started to show robust growth in the economy.

Vietnam is beginning to emerge, still, slowly becoming one of the forefronts in e-commerce and international investments for research and development (R&D) technologies.

With that being said, Vietnam has rapidly grown in the cloud computing market in Southeast Asia – according to a report by Microsoft and Singapore National University published in October 2017.

Let’s have a quick summarize look at these Vietnamese cloud storage recommendations:

VND ₫23k ≈ USD $1

1. Viettel Cloud Storage

Viettel Cloud Storage

Largest mobile network operator in Vietnam
Excellent local customer support
5 different storage plans
English support is limited
Only 5 data centers

2. P.A Vietnam Cloud Storage

PA Vietnam Cloud Storage

Largest domain registrar in Vietnam
Hosting provider that have technical expertise
7 different storage plans
Focus mostly for business usage

3. Vinahost Cloud Storage

Vinahost Cloud Storage

Professional hosting provider in Vietnam
Tier 3 data center
5 different storage plans
3 data centers as backup only
Only 2 offices in Vietnam

You’ll know in detail why we picked these 3 and not others if you continue reading.

pCloud, Dropbox, Sync, Mega or even Icedrive easily beat them but we are looking way more than just reliability and pricing in this context.

At the same time, let’s take a look at the size of Vietnam’s cloud computing market and beyond.

Cloud Computing & Storage Market Size in Vietnam

According to BMI’s data – in 2016, the size of Vietnam’s cloud computing market was valued US$160 million, growing nearly 65% from 2010 through 2016, higher than an average of about 50% compared to other ASEAN countries.

Latest Fact:

With the latest forecast that Vietnamese cloud service market will grow to $241 million by 2024. Report are conducted by researchandmarkets.com.

Shockingly, Vietnam’s per capita spending on cloud computing is still low as it’s about US$1.7 in 2016, which is 100 times smaller than Singapore’s value, 6.5 times lower than Malaysia’s value and 2.4 times lower than Thailand.

Vietnam as digital powerhouse

However, it is expected to increase sharply and be more diversified in the coming years.

Vietnam might just be the next Digital Economy Powerhouse!

Data Center – the Heart for Cloud Storage Market

Singapore, for years now, has been the dominant player when it comes to the data center market in South East Asia.

But that is about to change.

Though Singapore still controls 54% of the data center capacity in the SEA region, they are starting to lose to Vietnam that has been making a strong push to attract new grounds in their country.

Since 2017, Vietnam has increased by 37% in the capacity forecast as the government has invested heavily in the industry.

They offered a variety of tax-related incentives to attract businesses to Vietnam to build their data centers.

These efforts have cost in an estimated $1.4 billion in investments. This investment has been coming from strong local demand for new spaces as well as multinational companies looking to take advantage of the welcoming environment and the growing demand in the region.

For example, Apple plans to build a data center in Vietnam.

But there is a disadvantage to this concept that the government can quickly seize and hold data in these local data centers.

Something that we might just stop and ponder for a while as privacy is a serious issue for internet users nowadays.

With that being said, Vietnam still has a lot of room for growth in terms of data center demand.

In the coming years, Vietnam could become a regional leader in cloud computing services.

However, more and more people in South East Asia are starting to use cloud computing services and therefore, the demand is strong.

However, Vietnam limits internet freedom. Internet filtering is widespread, and many sites are blocked.

Security & Privacy Concerns in Vietnam

Cloud storage works by storing files and data online using the Internet.

So, here’s where the issues arise because there’s a possibility that some of the cloud storage sites are blocked.

For example, the Vietnamese government formulated a law that insists on Google and Facebook storing Vietnamese users’ data in the country.

Controlling online data, especially coming from cloud service providers, are a rich source of information on individuals.

Therefore, this is where a VPN comes into the picture. A VPN can assist you in accessing blocked websites. A VPN also offers robust security and privacy features that can protect you from prying eyes.

Quick Tip:

Most VPN service are by subscription and they are not entirely secure as well. However, we manage to skim on those scrappy service and work our access through Oracle browser that comes with a free VPN integrated. Download Opera browser here.

While many cloud storage providers offer zero-knowledge security that does a great job protecting in-transit files, there’s still no harm in adding an extra layer of security with VPN protection.

Make sure you avoid these 7 bad VPNs that might actually do more harms than goods!

After all, it’s not just your data you store in the cloud that is at risk but also your identity as well. Secure cloud storage is vital in making sure all your contents are encrypted and protected the way they should be.

But remember this – even when you are using a VPN in Vietnam, accessing particular cloud services might get you into trouble, so be careful and be aware of what you’re doing.

Vietnam Internet Speed Lookout

We did a little research to check on the Internet Speed in Vietnam. It’s all boiled down to speed after all if you had used the fastest cloud storage here.

Quick Fact:

The average download speed is 38.63 Mbps, and the upload speed is 39.31 Mbps for fixed broadband. The result shows that Vietnam is ranked 62nd. – ‘checked July 2019’. Check out the latest index here.

On that basis, the extensive high-speed internet connection is a must to ensure the ease use of cloud storage, especially when it comes to uploading files.

The problem is that the specifics of Vietnam’s geographic location make the use of internet cables problematic in many districts.

Vietnam Geographical Difficulties

Vietnam coastline span across 3444km increases the difficulties in expanding broadband usage

On top of that, there is a lack of an adequate number of highly qualified personnel for maintaining the high-speed internet connection.

Restriction on Connectivity in Vietnam

As for now, there are no deliberate disruptions to the Internet or mobile networks. Moreover, there are affordable services that have made it easier for users in Vietnam to access the Internet.

Restriction on Connectivity in Vietnam

Google Drive and Amazon Cloud Drive are two very good and reputable global cloud storage leaders but who knows one day they might just shut down all their operations there.

Because of the cybersecurity law that Vietnam has given one year of a grace period to the US giants tech company.

Things will be back to square one if we take the wrong first step and we would like you to avoid them as well.

Considering that, we will just pick on a local provider to avoid all the unnecessary circumstances or risks.

We need a workable donkey and not just a racing horse that might die halfway during the journey, especially if you are dealing with businesses.

Final Note But Not Concluding

Vietnam is slowly becoming a strategic geographic location and a booming tech status as it’s becoming one of the most sought-after destinations for start-up and multinational companies.

Be that as it may, these businesses have to be extra careful because of the law that insists these companies store Vietnamese users’ data in the country.


As for now, people in Vietnam can access common websites like Google as long as they provide the names of all bloggers using their service.

Also, they block any sites that criticize the government and advocate for democracy, human rights, and freedom.

Also, Vietnam is not the first country to enforce local data storage. Other countries, such as China, South Korea, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Russia, have implemented similar laws.

Taking that into account, let’s recap into these 3 selected cloud storage in Vietnam that we had carefully picked.

They might not be the greatest but certainly, are the most suitable given the circumstances.

Unless you are willing to take a risk? If not, below are your best bet for now.

VND ₫23k ≈ USD $1

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