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Best Family Cloud Storage: How to keep safe all the family memories in one place?

It is important to have a secure place to store the photos, video, documents, and other data that your family generates.

The plethora of options can be confusing; this guide will help you navigate the marketplace and find the best cloud storage service for you and your family.

Cloud storage services allow users to upload data for storage and retrieval on-demand from any internet-connected computer or mobile device.

This means that you can access important files and have a backup in case of a drive failure or other problems.

Most PCs and mobile devices come with built-in cloud storage options, but if you have more than one computer in your family, there are some third-party services to choose from.

This guide will help you match the features you are looking for with the features offered by the different cloud storage providers.

To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve compiled a list of 5 of our favorites.

They are all ranked on their features and pricing so you can more easily compare them side by side.

What Makes a Good Family Cloud Storage Service for Sharing?

No one solution works for everyone and there are many factors to consider.

Here is a list of criteria to consider when deciding what makes a good sharing cloud storage service:

Best 5 Recommended Family Cloud Storage

The following are our top five picks for family cloud storage.

We have ranked them based on a combination of factors including pricing, storage, security features, and more.

1. iCloud Storage Family Sharing

icloud family sharing

Members up to: 6
Largest Storage: 2TB
Individual login: Yes

iCloud Family Sharing allows up to 6 family members including yourself to share and save photos, videos, and documents.

iCloud is part of Apple’s suite of products and services.

iCloud comes with 5 GB of free storage, so if you have space left over after your initial purchase, you can use it for your family iCloud account.

You can buy additional storage space if you think you may need more than the default amount.

They are perfect for families who are using iPhone, iPad, Mac, or any other Apple product.

Check out my iCloud review on how easy it is to use this apple product.

Get the iCloud and shared it among family members for maximum usage.

2. pCloud Family

pcloud family

Members up to: 5
Largest Storage: 2 TB
Individual login: Yes

pCloud family is the best cloud storage that offers a large number of features for families.

pCloud gives more than enough space to share your data among members of the family of 5 including you.

You can share your files on any device and have the option to backup important files automatically.

The most attractive part is their pCloud lifetime deal which you only need to pay once and are allowed to use their services for life.

Of course, given the company or service are still around which they already did since 2013.

Find out more about how they keep your files secure in our review here.

3. Microsoft 365 Family

microsoft 365 family

Members up to: 6
Largest Storage: 6 TB
Individual login: Yes

Microsoft’s 365 family is a great cloud storage for families.

They offer one terabyte of storage for each member.

Invite and logging into your Microsoft account on each computer you use with your Microsoft ID.

The whole family can do that so that they can collaborate on documents or photos.

What we like here is that Microsoft does not scan the files or documents that you shared with them, unlike Google.

See how Onedrive stacks up against Google Drive and Dropbox.

After all, their core business is not about advertising.

4. Dropbox Family Plan

dropbox family plan

Members up to: 6
Largest Storage: 2 TB
Individual login: Yes

Dropbox family room folder can host up to 6 people.

Sharing your files and folders is vital for making work easier.

Users can upload photos, videos, school works, receipts, and much more from a range of collaborators.

As a definite bonus, all the files stored in the Dropbox family room are encrypted by default which means that no one can view or read them without the permission of the users, something that is useful especially when you share unsecured documents and other media with your family members.

The family manager can view how much storage is being used or left and he is the one in charge of the storage allocation between members.

Get an overview opinion from our Dropbox review if you are on the fence.

5. NAS – Using Synology DS220j

nas for family

Members up to: unlimited
Largest Storage: 32 TB
Individual login: Yes

There aren’t many choices when it comes to family cloud storage.

Utilizing a NAS as the cloud storage center for family members might be a viable option.

NAS is short for Network Attached Storage. For the family-centric type of NAS, I believe DS220j is the perfect suit.

Its main advantage is that it’s not connected to any single computer and the data stored on your NAS will remain even if you lose a computer.

This means that you can use this technology to share your data without risk of losing them in case one of the devices crashes.

The use case is pretty much similar to any of the cloud storage mentioned above, the difference is that the data or files that you are storing are onsite as opposed to offsite as what cloud storage services are doing.

Find out more about NAS vs Cloud in our comprehensive article here.

Why Share Cloud Storage with Family Members?

Family members share information that is important in their everyday lives.

There are some cost and privacy considerations to consider, however, when sharing files with your family members.

There are two main reasons to share your data in the cloud:

  1. Family sharing – Most of the major providers offer family-based plans that allow you to grant access for up to 5 people (such as up to 4 people on a single computer or device). Many providers offer more simultaneous users login with individuals access.
  2. Sharing with friends and colleagues – You don’t have to be related to sharing your cloud storage space. Sharing your data can make it easier for you to collaborate on projects and information sharing with other people in your life, such as work colleagues or hobby clubs.

Family members can share personal information – This may not be a problem if you are sharing with family members, but if you share with people outside of the family, they have access to photos and other sensitive information.

For example, the family pictures you upload of your kids at a school play could be seen by a neighbor or business colleague.

Just be careful and diligent in what you want to upload to the services.

This has nothing to do with secure cloud storage but merely on your own selection or to what extent you want to share your cloud storage quota.

There are limitations to the amount of information that can be shared between members, however.

For instance, business-related files such as password-protected or copyrighted documents cannot be shared.

Or it might be a better choice to utilize secure file sharing services instead.

Most providers restrict access to a certain folder or type of file share to prevent multiple users from accessing each other’s data.


family cloud storage

There are many reasons for sharing your cloud storage space with family members or not.

For starters, it can make syncing content on multiple devices easier, and make collaboration with your loved one easier.

If you’re new to cloud storage, the above are some cloud storage options for the whole family.

Or if you are the kind of person still figuring on how to share photos on the cloud, family cloud storage might be the answer.

Sharing precious moments especially photos or videos with your loved ones is part of the joy and challenge of life.

Most of all, it makes you all feel connected one way or another.

If you’re not in a rush, there is always a good deal during black Friday for cloud storage.