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Best 5 Personal Cloud Storage Providers for Home

Top 5 Personal Cloud StorageYou might be thinking to get a Seagate personal cloud or a WD my cloud personal which both facilitate a hard drive at your home.

Or setting up your very own Home NAS?

There are still chances of those devices breaking down and what are the chances that those hard disks can last the next 5 or 10 years?

It’s inevitable that personal cloud storage is getting more important nowadays. People are getting used to them and found that these little innovations of technology live in their daily life.

From sharing photos, music to storing important documents and files, people are gaining their dependency on these cloud storage services.

So, wouldn’t we want the best out of it since it’s that important?

I’ve personally come across these 5 cloud storage providers, tested them thoroughly before I came to this conclusion.

For personal usage, I would highly recommend it as per the table below.

The ranking is based on these 4 major factors which I believe plays an important role if I need the best out from my personal cloud storage:

1) Value for money; 2) Features & functions; 3) Ease of use, user-friendly; 4) Security & privacy  

Cloud Storage Pricing Comparison

Yes. It’s true that a WD or Seagate storage device does not need any recurring cost which I personally hated as well. But wouldn’t it defeat the purposes of protecting our data from losing in the first place if the hardware failed on us.

Cloud storage services had the facilities for redundancy storage.

The hard disk at home will break down, be lost by thievery, natural disaster, or just a simple silly human mistake that deletes all the stuff you are saving (I did it before). But all these are avoidable if using a cloud storage service.

Utilize the free cloud storage available such as 2GB from Dropbox, 10GB from pCloud or the 5GB from Sync if you are still undecided to fork out money for any of those cloud services.

Compare the price of each cloud storage provider that you had shortlisted.

One time Payment

Or you can get a lifetime 500GB for $480 $175 which I did.

I had shortlisted the best 5 paying home cloud storage services based on the value of money.

[Off record] – If you aren’t paying, you most probably paying with your privacy.

Check out the live status of more than 20+ best cloud storage servers that we are currently monitoring for reliability.

Trying to avoid switching cloud providers at a later time, not to mention the headache of moving all the stuff from one point to another.

So, my advice. Get the cloud storage pricing and requirement comparison research done in the very first phase before any decision should be taken place. Take all the time and effort you need to really read, scroll and browse around!

Providers Price Highlight Features Smart Rating Info
1 pcloud logo


500GB Storage
Crypto Encryption

pCloud Review

2 backblaze logo


Unlimited storage
15 days free trial
Ease of useSecurity80

BackBlaze Review

3 Sync-com Logo


2TB Storage
Zero Knowledge Encryption
Ease of use

Sync.com Review

4 Icedrive logo


TwoFish Encryption
Cheapest Cloud Storage
Ease of use60Security90

Icedrive Review

5 livedrive logo


Live streaming
2TB storage
Ease of useSecurity80


LiveDrive Review

What Makes A Good Personal Cloud Storage Service

Personal Cloud Storage

There are 2 main reasons why more and more people are taking up personal cloud storage services:

  • Flexibility. The convenience to access to important files from any computer or device that has internet access.

But while most services can do both, cloud storage services are not created equal.

If you are in the market for one, here are the 3 things that you need to keep an eye for when picking up a reliable cloud storage provider.

1. Good Storage Capacity

What sets online backup services apart from personal cloud storage is the latter’s accessibility.

Thanks to mobile apps, users can access their files hosted online from just about any device (PC, laptop, smartphone, etc.) that has an internet connection. Whether you want to…

  • Watch a video
  • Stream music
  • View spreadsheets
  • Edit documents

Personal cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive gives you real-time access to your important files so you can get the job done.

Most cloud storage services out there offer a free account that has up to 2 to 5GB of storage space, which is enough for light users.

Should you need more than that, you can easily upgrade to a premium account that lets you store up to 100 GBs to TBs of files for a modest fee.

If you hate monthly payments like me, you should check out the pCloud lifetime here.

2. Data Security Features

Identity theft and data breach are serious crimes that you don’t want to be a victim of. According to a report by CNN, the year 2013 saw the number of identity theft victims to 13.1 Million, which is a 500,000 increase from 2012’s statistics.

And as if that’s not enough, the ITRC reported 579 data breaches this 2014 – a 27.5% increase over last year.

We only have to look back at the hundreds of nude photos of celebrities leaked earlier to see how helpless those victims are.

Given those incidents, data security should be one of your top priorities when you are assessing for a personal cloud storage service.

Go for a service provider that protects user data with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), which encodes your data with random numbers, letters, and characters.

This encryption is to make sure that your information is incomprehensible even if someone manages to intercept it.

There are several types of SSL encryption. There’s 128-bit encryption, which is commonly used in business environments.

The more complicated 256-bit encryption, on the other hand, is used by government agencies to protect confidential information.

There’s one cloud provider that invite hackers to breach their security and no one had succeed until today.

Good personal cloud storage or backup services like Backblaze, pCloud, and Sync.com use the latter to keep their client’s data safe and sound from prying eyes.

3. File-Sharing Ability

For businesses or even individuals, file sharing is a must-have as it makes collaboration between teams a lot easier. For personal usage, it may not be as important but still great to have.

With file sharing, you can conveniently share your videos, images, documents, and other files with friends, family, and co-workers.

Fortunately, you don’t have to search high and low for cloud storage service that comes with file sharing features.

Most of them are equipped and are beefed up with sharing capabilities.

Google Drive and DropBox, as an example, generate a link that you can send to your friends so they can access or download the file you want to share.

We even compare these 3 prominent cloud storage (Google Drive vs Dropbox vs OneDrive) to find out who is the winner.

Conclusion: Let’s Stop and Ponder Awhile on Personal Cloud Storage

Personal cloud storage services seem like a great idea.

You get to upload your sensitive, personal information to a third party, depending on them to keep it safe from prying eyes and disasters both minuscule and massive.

When you need a recovery you email the service, or log on with some sort of credentials that are known by you and stored on the host server, and then proceed to bring your data back to you on your side of the cloud.

It sound’s pretty easy, doesn’t it?

You can even get free cloud storage from most of the providers.

Is Cloud Storage better than Local Storage?

Ease, however, isn’t always equal to the intended results. Local storage vs Cloud Storage.

I don’t feel when it really counts that cloud storage services are a viable alternative to true physical storage.

I truly don’t.

But there’s a limitation to how much a hardware-wise backup from our end will actually perform well.

The problems of personal cloud storage are many and varied and all of them put you into a position of paying for the ‘idea’ of having a backup rather than actually having one.

You are depending on a service that accepts payment to hold your data-what if someone offered an employee of the service more money to see what it was you had stored there?

It would be impossible for most of the cases due to the encryption and security level that cloud storage provider implements.

We always emphasize the importance of the most secure cloud storage.

It may sound unbelievable, but it’s a perfectly plausible and nearly untraceable scenario.

You also must keep in mind that while the cloud storage services trumpet their awesome encryption algorithms that keep your data safe, that has “Never been broken” as Google gets a subpoena your saved data or stored search history is fair game.

That errant search or inadvertently saved temp file could cause you years of legal problems-or worse if the company can’t produce the information being subpoenaed.

For these reasons, I have to advocate for a truly reliable cloud provider that has proven itself in the real world and not just some marketing gimmick and publishing.

In my honest opinion, I truly believe that pCloud or Sync.com fits into the bill.