Icedrive Black Friday Cyber Monday 2019

“You will not find a bigger saving nor bigger lifetime storage than this!”

TLDR: Just get me to the deal [Ended]
5TB Lifetime Storage for $749 $299
1TB Lifetime Storage for $224 $99

*Deal end on 2/12

They are certainly breaking the ice for all of us who are not familiar with Icedrive here.

Slashing their biggest lifetime storage (5TB) of more than 60% is a bold move to lure you in.

But hey, we won’t care much as well if we can save ourselves a boatload of the greenback, ain’t we?

You save yourself a hefty $450, and within a limited time of period for just $299.

What do I get for $299?

Yes, you read that right, it’s a 5TB lifetime storage on a Twofish Encryption cloud storage service.

Want to know more?

I’m sure you are!

Icedrive black friday deals

Get 1TB Lifetime Storage for $149

This might sound like the people at Icedrive is very weak in maths, but the figure is pretty real to us.

While most of us certainly won’t be looking at a 5TB lifetime storage that is asking for $749, but I’m sure it does catches our attention when the price drop to merely $299.

Icedrive itself is relatively new in the cloud storage industry (started in 2018).

But they pride themselves by giving you secure cloud storage that protects your privacy the most.

If you are looking for an established and quality lifetime cloud storage that offers a much lesser storage amount, do check out the pCloud Black Friday deal here.

What’s the point if the cloud storage is not up to par?

Icedrive has a lot of improvements that they need to get on with. For instance, they are still lacking the ios app after launching their service for some time now.

According to Icedrive, their iOS app has nearly reached final stages of development, and are just waiting on Apple approval – We expect it to be released very soon!

While they might not be having the most user-friendly interface like pCloud, but they are making improvements over time.

They had gone back to the drawing board and developed an entirely new app for desktops – The mount option will be replaced with a feature-rich GUI, as well as the introduction of two-way block-level sync.

The newly designed desktop app will be cross-platform, supported on all versions of Windows, Mac, and Linux.

If you have the time, do check out the detail in icedrive review here.

In the meantime, Icedrive’s CyberWeekend Special offers 2 deals here:

Starting from now – Cyber Weekend Special

  • 60% off Lifetime Price Deal
  • No subscriptions
  • Just single, one-time payment.


1TB Lifetime

  • Normal Price: $224
  • Discounted Price: $99
  • Deal End: 2 Dec 2019
  • Bandwidth Cap at 2TB/mo
5TB Lifetime

  • Normal Price: $749
  • Discounted Price: $299
  • Deal End: 2 Dec 2019
  • Bandwidth Cap at 8TB/mo

Get 5TB Lifetime Storage Here for $499


Get the biggest lifetime storage plan if you had to choose, you will never know when you are running out of space.

Here’s a quick overview of the saving of our Feature Deals!

Deal Saving Table

Icedrive Type Promo Price Saving
#1 1TB [Lifetime] $99 $125
#2 5TB [Lifetime] $299 $450
pCloud BF Type Promo Price Saving
#1 500GB [Lifetime] $122.5 $52.50
#2 2TB [Lifetime] $245 $105
#3 2TB Family + Crypto Encryption [Lifetime] $500 $125
#4 Crypto Encryption [Lifetime] $125 $0
Promo Ended
pCloud CM Type Promo Price Saving
#1 500GB + Crypto [Lifetime] $175 $125
#2 2TB + Crypto [Lifetime] $350 $125
Promo Ended