Icedrive Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals for 2022

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“They are continuing the crazy deals with their 3TB & a NEW 10TB lifetime deals this year!”

The last year’s 2021 Black Friday deal from Icedrive was awesome, to be honest!

Leveling up the competition and this year we can see some other providers are giving their 10TB cloud storage some special deals as well.

We love all this fair competition and less of a monopoly.

TLDR: Just get me to the deal

Continue The Domination for 2022 Black Friday

10TB LTD Cloud Storage for $1,124 $7493TB LTD Cloud Storage for $524 $349


*Deal end on 2/12

Things are getting crazier over Icedrive for this year here.

Not only the deals are cheaper by $50 than last year’s 8TB, but they are also pumping an additional 2TB and making it 10TB in total for your lifetime cloud storage.

They are running a shopping spree (from Black Friday all the way to Cyber Monday) for their LTD cloud storage, either 3TB or 10TB of storage.

One thing for sure is that these deals are only available during this period.

You sure don’t get 10TB of lifetime cloud storage elsewhere.

You save yourself a hefty $375 that bundle with Crypto (client-side encryption)!

What do I get for $749 or $349 for lifetime cloud storage from Icedrive?

Yes, you read that right, it’s a 10TB/3TB lifetime storage on a Twofish Encryption cloud storage service.

Want to know more?

I’m sure you are!

In general, Icedrive has sweetened all their deals for us this year in 2022.

  1. From $450 -> $349 for a 3TB storage plan.
  2. From $799 -> $749 and 8TB -> 10TB storage plan.

I would go for the biggest saving of all while getting an additional 2TB for a lifetime with $50 less.

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Icedrive itself is relatively new in the cloud storage industry (started in 2018).

But they pride themselves on giving you secure cloud storage that protects your privacy the most.

If you are looking for an established and quality lifetime cloud storage that offers something different, do check out the pCloud Black Friday deal here.

Does Icedrive Worth the Grab?
Icedrive has improved a lot since the day we get to know them.

For instance, they are having the ios app which initially was missing during the launch of the service.

While they might not be having the most user-friendly interface like pCloud, they are making improvements over time.

They had gone back to the drawing board and developed an entirely new app for desktops – The mount option will be replaced with a feature-rich GUI, as well as the introduction of two-way block-level sync.

The newly designed desktop app will be cross-platform and supported on all versions of Windows, Mac, and Linux.

If you have the time, do check out the detailed icedrive review here.

In the meantime, Icedrive’s CyberWeekend Special offers 2 deals here:

Starting from now – Cyber Weekend Special

  • 33% off Lifetime Price Deal
  • No subscriptions
  • Just a single, one-time payment.

3TB Lifetime

  • Normal Price: $524
  • Discounted Price: $349
  • Deal End: 2 Dec 2022

10TB Lifetime

  • Normal Price: $1,124
  • Discounted Price: $749
  • Deal End: 2 Dec 2022


That’s all. No headache in picking which plans or deals. It’s either you want it big (3TB) or extremely BIG (10TB).

Here’s a quick overview of the saving of our Feature Deals!

Deal Saving Table

IcedriveTypePromo PriceSaving
#13TB [Lifetime]$349$175
#210TB [Lifetime]$749$375

Worth Checking Out Competitor

pCloud BFTypePromo PriceSaving
#1500GB [Lifetime]$139$60
#22TB [Lifetime]$279$120
#310TB [Lifetime]$890$300


pCloud CMTypePromo PriceSaving
#12TB + Crypto [Lifetime]$350$125