Icedrive Lifetime Deal – Cheapest Cost per GB for a Lifetime

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Icedrive stands out for its cost-effective lifetime storage plans, offering options like 150GB for $99, 3TB for $499, and 10TB for $999, with a global 14-day money-back guarantee. Read more to know what has changed and how it is affecting new users.

However, their one-time pay-off cloud storage plan is no longer available as they are changing to five-year bundle plans as a one-off payment to be manually renewed after 5 years.

*Existing Lifetime plan holders will of course retain their lifetime status.

This approach differs from monthly subscription models like Google Drive or iCloud. Compared to pCloud’s lifetime plans, Icedrive might not be the most affordable lifetime cloud storage over a longer period of time (over 5 years).

Icedrive lifetime is the cheapest cost per gigabyte storage that you can find around.

Why Choose Them
Lifetime cloud storage is the best deal that you can get if you want to stop paying for monthly cloud storage services.

The Icedrive is an online cloud storage service that was introduced by the UK’s data management firm.

The company has many years of expertise in providing storage solutions for businesses and customers with critical requirements.

Cloud storage is growing in popularity as an alternative to onsite hard drives.

By putting your files online, you can access them from anywhere, which means you can work from home or on the road.

It also makes backing up a breeze.

You can use cloud storage when sharing files with co-workers, for business documents, and for holiday snaps.

The Icedrive service will appeal to users who need large amounts of online storage space but don’t want to pay expensive prices for it.

What is a lifetime cloud storage plan?

We all know cloud storage works on a subscription basis such as Google DriveiCloud, etc.

You pay a monthly or yearly fee and get to enjoy all the perks.

A lifetime deal is when someone pays once and gets to use your cloud as long as you like and live.

The Icedrive Ltd is exactly this which makes it unique.

There aren’t many lifetime cloud storage in the market as we have researched.

Like pCloud lifetime deal, Icedrive lifetime is among those that we highly recommend.

One-Time Lifetime Access Pricing

The Icedrive offers 3 different lifetime subscription plans, the following are the details of them:

$189 for 1TB
$399 for 3TB
$999 for 10TB

This offer is not limited to certain geographical areas, as it is valid worldwide with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

The two worth noting are the 3TB and 10TB lifetime plans.

If you do the calculation, you are only spending around $0.13/GB or the craziest of $0.10/GB for the biggest plan.

I can’t say they are the cheapest cost per GB around anymore after they had revised their pricing by manually renewing the subscription every 5 years instead of a one-time payment over the lifetime.

But still, they cost less if you are comparing them to the pCloud lifetime within a period of the first 5 years.

However, I can’t say it’s an apple-to-apple comparison as both of them offer very different features in nature.

Here’s a summary comparison of those two lifetime plan costs per GB which the cost is recurring every 5 years:

Pro I$189/1TB$0.19
Pro III$399/3TB$0.13
Pro X$999/10TB$0.10
Premium +$399/2TB$0.20

I think this lifetime offer is a good one as even if you don’t use all the disk space, they will keep your data safe and secure until you need access to them again.

What are The Differences Between These 3 Deals

In short, there is not much difference between them.

As we show in the table above, the Pro I package offers 1TB of storage space, while the Pro III package allows for up to 3TB of storage.

The Pro X package is the top-tier deal offering up to 10TB of storage space.

Each of these packages can be tailored to meet any user’s individual needs by upgrading or downgrading as required. Regardless of which deal you choose, you are sure to receive great value at an affordable price.

They had scrapped the 150GB plan after knowing most of their customers were utilizing the higher tier of storage capacity.

The only obvious differences would be the cloud storage space and the monthly bandwidth cap difference for each of the paid plans.

The rest of the perks remain the same like zero-knowledge encryption, password protection, or file-sharing features are the same across all the plans.

You enjoy their mobile app, virtual drive, or even web app as a usual paying subscriber. The difference would be that you are only paying once and not monthly.

We are not going to discuss more on the spec and you can know more about them directly on their website here.

Some Highlights on Icedrive

The Icedrive has been providing cloud storage services since 2019.

They have gained a lot of reputation since the first day of their debut.

And like most startups, they are striving hard to improve and perfect their services as a reputable cloud storage provider.

They provide a wide range of storage space for all sorts of needs.

Though they offer very generous storage space at a very affordable price, unfortunately, they can’t be shared among members as what family cloud storage is about.

The service is quite fast and intuitive. If you have mounted the drive, you should be able to edit your files directly from your desktop or laptop without logging into the account.

While they are not 100% uptime based on our monitoring, they are not bad in general, achieving 99% uptime most of the time.

Not the best cloud storage in terms of upload speed and sync to its cloud service compared to the rest of the fastest cloud storage here.

Find out more about how we rate and fare them in our detailed Icedrive review.

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We even created a dedicated Icedrive black Friday deal page just in case our users miss those out.

However, based on our experience, the black Friday deal from Icedrive might be different from their usual lifetime plan.

You might not be getting the biggest 10TB plan for a lifetime for instance.

For more latest offers and deals, do visit our Icedrive black Friday deal page.

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Sign up for a free 10 GB Icedrive account and see how their client-side encryption cloud storage service works out for you.