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Icedrive Review – The Cheapest Online Storage, Still

Last Updated: 23 Mar 2022

4.5 out of 5 stars – Review by Sarah

Icedrive as the new kid on the block, going head-to-head with pCloud in some good ways! We certainly like the fair competition.
Why Choose Icedrive
Great value for money and well thought out storage plan. The lifetime plan is a steal.
Best Cloud Storage For
Single User
Cheapest plan available at $1.67/mo [annual plan]
14 days money back guarantee
Easy to use
Two Fish Encryption
Zip on the fly feature
Affordable lifetime plan
Client Side Encryption
Upload Speed is Excellent
Monthly bandwidth capped
Newcomer with little history to prove
Not supporting FTP or SFTP

To start off, Icedrive offers the same amount of free cloud storage as pCloud.

Well, that was before they reduce the icedrive free storage limit from 20GB to 10GB. It makes no difference now.

But before we dive deep into the Icedrive review and find out how they fare against the competitor, let’s have a recap on what will be covered below.

Is Icedrive Safe?

Hold your horses there. Don’t get too hyped up.

Cloud storage is growing in value and popularity for people to save files online.

It is what that appeal to most people these days.

There are countless cloud storage services out there, and even though premium packages usually cost a bit, most services offer free packages as well, which might be just enough in terms of space provided.

But usually, the free services are traded with your privacy and security.

It’s never too late to have an addition or expansion after you had tried them out.

After all, their features are unique but at the same time are quite similar compared to all other cloud storage services.

So there will be no steep learning curve in this Icedrive review here as well.

is icedrive too good?

Now, back to our Icedrive review here, is the latest addition in the cloud storage market.

Many have said that Icedrive provides similar features to pCloud.

“The main feature of Icedrive is that they offer 10GB of space with the Twofish encryption algorithm.”

You won’t find much information on them except that we know they are from the UK and they had just launched their service back in January 2019.

Icedrive is a cloud storage service product from ID Cloud Services Ltd in GB.

We won’t have had heard of Icedrive if not to a user that suggested them to us.

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6 Icedrive Features in Detailed

I’ve tried out all the available features on my own and I can proudly say that their features are very simple to use and proven practical.

Most of the main navigation lay at the left side of your screen and it’s pretty much of it.

What makes Icedrive attractive is the design.

Clean and simple user interface but somehow lack the secure feeling that pCloud provides (maybe that’s just me).

Anyhow, make sure you check out our comparison between these two fierce competitors, pCloud vs Icedrive.

Put that aside, its mobile app and website present out a clean and simple vibe.

Let’s take a more in-depth look into what they offer:

I. Icedrive Applications

1) Software application

icedrive virtual drive

Icedrive’s software application was designed to provide drive-based access in which the storage will “mount on the system like an external hard drive”.

Therefore, this gives you the feel and easy to upload, edit, open, and delete your data. All the data and files added using the software application will be automatically synced to the cloud server, which is an astonishing advantage for convenience.

And the data can be accessed from the website and the mobile apps instantly once the software application is installed.

The software application is one of the coolest cloud storage apps to hit the scene as it instantly backup your documents, photos, and videos.

Data available on Icedrive storage will be synced with mobile applications and websites at the same time as other cloud storage.

The only downfall is that the application is only available via Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 & Windows 10.

If you are interested, here’s a list of cloud storage for Windows that we’ve compiled.

They had also released the iOS and Mac versions as of late 2019. If you are an Apple user, you might miss out on this cloud storage for your Mac in the early stage, but not anymore.

The company is still very young, and they certainly are a rising star.

2) Mobile & Tablet Application

icedrive android app

Similarly, the Icedrive review here also provides a mobile application to users.

Their app interface is easy-to-use as you can access and manage your files and folder with a breeze.

They also provide a built-in document viewer that allows you to view all documents and vector formats directly in the app.

Furthermore, Icedrive can also be presented as a productivity app, which is slightly similar to Google Drive. If you want to showcase or share your documents, pictures, and video, you can at the touch of a button.

It’s that easy!

Make sure you check out who gives out the best collaboration experience among these 3 gigantic cloud storage, Google Drive vs Dropbox vs OneDrive.

Wait, there’s more from the Icedrive review here!

They also have a custom-build media player that allows you to stream audio files and videos directly from the cloud on the apps without the help of any 3rd-party applications.

3) Website Interface

website interface

The website application was designed to be user-friendly as possible, similar to the software and mobile applications.

It offers support for all modern and updated browsers as well as screen sizes, allowing you to access your cloud storage whenever, wherever.

The website application’s functionality tools such as drag, drop, keyboard shortcuts, etc. are so easy to use, which is perfect for everyone.

You can definitely upload multiple files by simply drag them from your computer into the website or just click “add new” to upload your files and folders.

II. Icedrive Security

Icedrive Security

As you probably know by now, we at GoodCloudStorage emphasize a lot on security, especially when it comes to privacy protection and assurance of files in cloud storage.

Thus, it is great to see that Icedrive is fully compliant with the GDPR regulations. Icedrive’s extra steps to protect user privacy and security shows great trust in using their platform.

Many other cloud storage platforms such as pCloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive are fully compliant as well.

On a different matter, you should definitely check out our pCloud vs Dropbox.

However, when it comes to encryption protection, Icedrive only offers those to premium users.

So, if you’re planning to use a free account, you will not have any access to their secure encrypted storage.

Now, let’s take a look into what they offer:

4) Twofish Encryption

According to its website, Icedrive is the only cloud storage provider to adopt the “bulletproof Twofish algorithm”. They also claimed that Twofish is a much more secure solution than AES or Rijndael.

It also means that it is not vulnerable to brute-force and only supports 256 bit.

5) Client-side Encryption

Similar to Sync.com, pCloud (with Crypto purchase), or even Tresorit, Icedrive also offers client-side encryption.

But they are not in the same league as Tresorit if you are trying to make a comparison between icedrive vs Tresorit.

Using this encryption, all of your sensitive data are locked on your device before it hits the Icedrive secured cloud.

This is to ensure that no matter what happens – for example, your phone or your laptop gets stolen – your sensitive data can never be leaked, intercepted, or hacked.

6) Zero-Knowledge Encryption

Again, similar to MEGA, pCloud, and Tresorit, Icedrive utilizes zero-knowledge encryption.

To know more about what makes MEGA and Tresorit different from Icedrive, read our reviews on our site.

Basically, with this kind of encryption, your data and login information is well protected. Only users have access to view and decrypt your data. You have complete control over your login credentials as Icedrive furnishes you with complete secrecy and privacy.

Additionally, only you can access your files and folders because you and only you hold the keys to decrypt it.

To know more about what is zero-knowledge encryption and what it can do for you, check out our article on it!

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Icedrive Plan & Pricing

Icedrive provides a free and basic plan that is entitled to 20GB 10GB cloud storage, whereas the paid plan is offered in 3 different options.

All 3 paid plans also provided a lifetime plan.

Now, let’s break these 3 paid plans into what they offer:


Lite PlanIcedrive Lite Plan – In this plan, you will receive 150GB of storage and 250GB monthly bandwidth.

However, the Lite plan is not available with a monthly subscription, so you can either purchase it with a yearly subscription or with a lifetime plan.

Pro PlanIcedrive Pro Plan – If you choose this plan, you will get 1TB storage and 2TB monthly bandwidth.

You can pick to pay yearly, monthly, or paid once with the lifetime plan.

Pro+ PlanIcedrive Pro+ Plan – Choosing this plan, you will receive 5TB of storage and 8TB monthly bandwidth cap.

Similar to the Pro Plan, it comes with a monthly or yearly subscription and the lifetime subscription.

Icedrive Live Price Monitor
Pro [paid monthly] $4.99/mo (1TB)
Pro + [paid monthly] $17.99/mo (5TB)
Lite [paid yearly] $1.67/mo (150GB)
Pro [paid yearly] $4.17/mo (1TB)
Pro +[paid yearly] $15/mo (5TB)
Lifetime Lite [paid once] $99 (150GB)
Lifetime Pro [paid once] $299 (1TB)
Lifetime Pro + [paid once] $599 (5TB)

Our pricing table above will be updated automatically daily so you can get the latest and up-to-date price structure.

Without the need for human intervention, our Icedrive review can always display the latest and accurate pricing first off.

SIDENOTE. This real-time price monitoring mechanism is designed and proprietary of GoodCloudStorage.

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Benefits of using Icedrive

Icedrive is a great way to organize your life.

It has many benefits, such as making it easy to find what you need, being able to share files with others, and being able to access your files from anywhere.

It is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their productivity and efficiency.

Icedrive works by allowing you to access your files from any device that has internet access.

This means that you can access your files from anywhere in the world.

Additionally, they allow you to share files with others easily. You can store important documents and files so that you never have to worry about losing them.

One thing that it lacks behind to pCloud is the ability to access files offline. It is kind of a shame at the moment but we are sure they will catch up with it.

Verdict – Can Icedrive compete with other prominent cloud storage providers?

To be honest, the Icedrive review here presented many similar features to as pCloud and Tresorit.

While some features lacking in some areas, as mentioned above, its other features make up for its inadequacy.

Icedrive is still in the beginning stage, and its application is easy to use and straightforward. So far, there are no issues in using the Icedrive cloud storage and making them one of the finest cloud storage ones can ever get.

But to claim that they are better than pCloud; there is still a long way to go.

The only obvious advantage Icedrive has over other top cloud storage providers is its prices.

Quick Info: 

There’s no info on how many years or what is the duration for Icedrive lifetime plan while pCloud did mention all their lifetime plan has a tenure of 99 years. Use our saving calculator to find out how much you actually save with pCloud Lifetime.

With their comparable cheaper prices, it’s worth trying Icedrive.

To conclude, Icedrive is definitely a better choice when it comes to pricing.

Though it is new to the market, we’ve seen no reasons why you shouldn’t check Icedrive out.

You can definitely try their free plan at first, and if you do like it, you can upgrade your plan to Icedrive Lite Plan, which is $19.99 for a one-year subscription ($1.67 per month).

its a good catch

That, itself, is a pretty sweet deal!

Not only that, but Icedrive is also proving to be trustworthy as security and excellent encryption forms are extremely important when it comes to our data protection.

Above all, Icedrive is determined to keep your data safe, secure, and accessible at any moment, any time for the foreseeable future.

Can Icedrive put up a good fight against other prominent cloud storage like pCloud or Sync.com?

It’s too early to tell, but they have to start somewhere somehow isn’t it.

They are definitely a check as the cloud storage for students due to their low cost and varies of plans.

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Quick Recommendation: 

If you are looking for massive saving over the long term. Do not miss out their lifetime subscription from $224 $149 for the PRO plan. Paid once and you’ll get lifetime cloud storage from Icedrive without the hassle of monthly or yearly recurring payment. Check out Icedrive Lifetime here.

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