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An Interview With Our BackBlaze User

Online backup services by Backblaze Inc. is basically the online backup service that allows the end users to store the data to offline sites which supports both Mac and Windows operating systems, with 11 different languages. It allows infinite storage space and Supports unlimited file size. The good thing is you can store backups for more than one system with a single user account, any other online backup service doesn’t offer this freedom to the user. The backup can also be done manually or can be scheduled for hourly backups. The AES encryption is used for securing the data and data compression to reduce upload/download times. If needed, data can be downloaded as a digital data download, hard drive (4 TB) or flash drive (128 GB).

I did a lot of research and found that Backblaze is one of the most used online backup option worldwide. Though there are some issues like slow upload speed. (I performed an upload speed test for the same and found that it took around four minutes to upload a 100mb file on Backblaze where as some of the other leading brands in the same business took only 1 -1.6 minutes on an average to upload the same file.) Despite of some other major issues the Backblaze has a very good image when it comes to security of your data.

I’ve talked to Mr. Shitanshu Pandey, a Delhi based entrepreneur.

His company offers Internet security services like firewall implementation, vulnerability assessment, Penetration testing, cyber forensics, and etc. He’s been using the software for a long time and is a big fan of Backblaze ever since.

Here’s what he thinks about the product:


Why you choose Backblaze and not others?

Well, I have more than one reason for that. The application is simple and efficient. For the people with little knowledge about this it becomes very difficult to decide which files to select for backup. And then there are people like me who just don’t want to get into such messy jobs, and here comes the savior Backblaze, while using this you don’t have to worry about selecting the file to backup, it handles it all and I must say it does the job pretty well. It selects the file by itself and creates a backup of those files on your system first and then uploads them to the Backblaze server.

The second reason however is the “set and forget approach”, I don’t have to update the files. This application works in the background and continuously looks for any changes you’ve made in the files and stores them. Which is a very appealing factor for me.


“The set and forget approach”


Why online backup when you can save the backup on a hard drive?

Ha-ha, I saw that coming. Ok, let me explain it, in my laptop I’ve something around 10,000 pictures of me and my family. My favorite movies and song collections. All my documents, including my bank account details. Very valuable information about my clients and my staff.

So let’s just assume that my house is on fire and everything gets destroyed, or someone breaks into my house and steals my laptop along with the hard copy of the backup lying in the drawer of my table.

That valuable data is lost forever and there’s no way out to get it back.

Even though you are never going to use that backup, but it surely gives you a sense of security that your data is protected and you can get it whenever and wherever you want.


Is this safe to keep your personal data in any online vault?

In my point of view, it is, Backblaze gives you maximum security with a combination of AES and SSL encryption. All the data stored on Backblaze is encrypted with the user’s password and username. Which obviously, even Backblaze can’t access without your login id and password. And for those who still trusts no one or wishes for additional security can use the Private encryption key approach which is not stored with the company’s server and only one with a valid key can decrypt that data. Which makes it impossible for anyone to access that except you.


“Not even you if you lost it!”


What makes it different from the other online backup softwares?

Well, I would give the credit to 3 factors:

Cost: With any other online backup software what you pay ranges from $70-$100 and you can’t backup multiple systems with the same account. But with Backblaze you pay only $50 per annum and here you can do the backup of multiple accounts and unlimited file size plus you can get an external hard drive copy of your data file needed which you can keep for the future use.

Simplicity: The design is simple and does not affect the performance of your system with minimal interference, all you have to do is install the application on your system and just forget about it. It has a brain of its own. Also the registration process is very simple and easy, you just have to enter your email address followed by your password and that’s all.

Security: As I just explained, the security offered is pretty impressive and I don’t see any loophole in it. It’s just flawless, I mean I’ve been using it for a long time now and never faced any issues regarding the security of my data.


Any of your self experiences that you would like to share with us?

Yes. Once I faced a situation where I lost all my data on my PC including all my projects which I had to deliver to my clients and that’s when I realized how wise decision it was to backup my data with Backblaze. I just opted for the digital download since the data I needed on urgent basis was not much. Then later I restored my system to its original state with the external USB drive.


If you need to conclude Backblaze online backup service into a paragraph, what would you say?

Overall a great application with a very reasonable price. Simple to use and highly secure, With the Android and iOS versions available as well. I would recommend Backblaze to anyone who faces any data loss risks. Just get the Backblaze without a single thought; you won’t regret that for sure.


Well, I thank you Mr.Pandey for spending time with me in this interview session which I go through with him in a questionnaire format.

You can follow and know more about him at https://www.linkedin.com/in/shitanshupandey

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