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Is Dash Cam with Cloud Storage a Good Idea


by Joe

A lot of drivers nowadays are thinking of buying a dashcam. Are you one of them?

While it is really useful, the dashcam is not without its shortcoming, such as the video recorded can be as much as the size of the SD card only.

How can we fix the shortcomings of the dash cam’s storage in particular?

As it turns out, cloud storage can make the process of using a dashcam so much easier.

In fact, we would even say these two are a perfect match for a real-world cloud application or even the future of cloud computing for connected car security.

For instance, the dash cam has become a standard feature for Tesla.

Examples and uses of cloud storage in Dash Cam

To put it simply, cloud storage is an amount of space that exists only online, and it’s used for storing data.

That data is stored on multiple servers, sometimes even in various locations, and it can be accessed using the Internet.

Cloud storage works using virtualization technology. As its name states, virtualization technology refers to creating a virtual version of something.

With this technology, service providers are able to create virtual storage with almost unlimited space.

That would be impossible if they used actual storage and a platform.

But, who is responsible for the maintenance of the servers, as well as anything else that goes into organizing and protecting the data?

Well, that’s what’s great about cloud storage. A cloud storage service provider manages and oversees the whole process.

So, users don’t have to concern themselves with problems that might occur when keeping their data stored in the cloud.

Benefits of using cloud storage

1. Additional space

Computers, cameras, and phones with bigger hard drives, and therefore, more space for storing data, are expensive.

Cloud storage is a cheaper alternative to buying additional memory cards or an external hard drive.

Furthermore, it gives users much more than just extra space for less money. So, it’s a great choice for both regular users and companies.

2. Ensured security

Another vital upside of using cloud storage is the fact that users don’t have to worry about security.

All things related to safety are the service provider’s responsibility.

In addition, users don’t need to think about maintenance because providers take care of that too.

Thus, cloud storage saves us time, money, and energy in finding ways to preserve and protect our data.

3. Data protection

Maybe the most important aspect to consider when it comes to security is data protection.

Using cloud storage not only ensures the safety of data from malware but also makes the files independent from the device.

In case the device breaks, stop working, or get stolen, everything that’s on the cloud will stay intact.

Users will also be able to access their data from anywhere and using any other device, which will be more than useful in unfortunate situations.

So, considering the unreliability of today’s devices and the number of electronics that get stolen every day, storing data in the cloud is overall a smart decision.

4. Sharing and accessing the data

As previously mentioned, users can access their data using any device, which won’t only be useful in case a camera breaks.

If, for example, someone has a camera with cloud storage, they can access the files using a computer or a TV with just a couple of clicks.

There is no need to spend money or time on buying special drivers that will transfer the data from SD cards to laptops or TVs. Everything is easily accessible using the Internet.

You could instantly upload or share your dashcam recording to social media if you need to.

Cloud Dash Cam

So, how can cloud storage help us when we connect it to our dashcam?

Let’s find out.

What is a dashcam?

A dashcam’s main purpose is to record traffic.

It is becoming more and more popular since its owner can use it as evidence in case of an accident as well as for insurance money.

The dash cam needs to be mounted on the windshield. As soon as the driver turns the ignition key, the camera starts recording.

It saves all of the footage on an SD card as three-minute videos.

Even though dashcams can be very useful to drivers, they come with a couple of disadvantages.

For example, in case someone steals the cam, there is no way of retrieving the files that are still on the SD card.

In addition, transferring the videos from the card to the laptop requires a couple of extra steps.

The same goes for any other device that users want to save their files on.

A lot of devices don’t even have an SD card reader.

Still, even if they do, you would need to take the SD card out, plug it into the device, and then transfer the footage before putting the card back into the dashcam.

Benefits of buying a dash cam with cloud storage

Is there a way to fix the main pain points of dashcams?

Well, we think there is, and the answer lies in cloud storage.

Here are the crucial benefits of using cloud storage with a dashcam.

1. The data is safe

The footage from the dashcam won’t be of any use in case there is no way to access it if the camera breaks or gets stolen. So, the main benefit of cloud storage is the fact that it is virtual.

Users don’t have to worry about their data because it will be safe in the cloud no matter what happens to the dashcam.

Furthermore, the videos from the cloud can even help drivers and the police find the thieves.

Thus, those who want to protect their data at all costs should opt for a cam with cloud storage.

2. There aren’t any additional steps to obtaining videos

One of the downsides of a dashcam that uses an SD card for storage is the number of steps that users need to go through in order to obtain their videos. As we’ve previously mentioned, transferring the footage from an SD card to a device can be a tiring process.

Luckily, users can avoid that with cloud storage. The footage is automatically uploaded from the cam and kept safe.

3. The footage is available immediately after the dashcam records it

There is no need to save videos or wait for hours or days before the footage is available. Everything that the cam records goes to the cloud immediately.

What’s more, drivers will be able to easily access it from any device — all they’ll need is an Internet connection.

4. There’s no need to worry about storage anymore

Finally, there is no need to worry about your dashcam storage getting full and you can’t get enough space to record when thing really happens. Although some of the dashcams had the function of deleting the older video and replace them with the latest recording (looping).

But what if there’s footage that you need and you forgot to retrieve them in time?

It’s one thing lesser to be worried about.

We find that this video is very informative and thus would like to share it with you guys here. 

Click here and the video will load up on Youtube.

Recommended Dash Cam

While we go through the research and study, we find a few dash cams that might be of your interest.

Here goes:

  1. Wi-fi Car Dash Cam

Brand: Rexing V1
Screen: 2.4″ LCD
Resolution: 1080p
Rating: from 7190 reviews
Features: Loop recording, G sensor
Price: $99.99

  1. Affordable Dash Cam

Screen: 3.0″ LCD
Resolution: 1080p
Rating: from 4889 reviews
Features: Parking monitor, Motion detector
Price: $44.99

  1. Cloud Storage Dash Cam

Brand: Nexar
Screen: –
Resolution: 1080p
Rating: from 350 reviews
Features: GPS, Cloud Storage
Price: $59.99


Cloud storage together with the application on the dashcam will certainly help out and solve a lot of its shortcomings.

This real-world cloud application is making our life easier and more connected than ever.

Most of cases, what you ever needed is your dashcam and your phone with an internet connection.

Everything is recorded, synced, and uploaded to the cloud instantaneously the moment you start driving.

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