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SpiderOak One Review – Backup Solution with a Cloud Storage Flavor Underneath

last updated: 12 Jan 2022

SpiderOak One

SpiderOak One Backup
Website : https://spideroak.com/
Plan : 150GB Plan
Pricing : $6.00/mo
Overall : 4/5 – Recommended!
Features : 4.5 star
Support : 4.5 star
Pricing : 4.5 star
Reliability : 4.5 star
A secure backup solution and cloud storage are just top of the icing on what’s being offered. A good secure alternative compares to Backblaze but the differences also reflect on the price itself. Verdict


It can be challenging to pick a cloud storage provider as there are so many on the market these days. It is tiresome when you can’t decide between these service providers.

That said, we at GoodCloudStorage strive to make it easy for you to do so. We provide fair reviews on many cloud storage services, so you don’t have to do long, bothersome research.

In this article, we are going to review on SpiderOak ONE. SpiderOak has been around for quite some time now.

It is known to be one of the best-encrypted cloud storage services. Even “Edward Snowden recommended SpiderOak over Dropbox, citing its better protection against government surveillance.

Without further ado, let’s dive into what makes SpiderOak ONE a preferred option as one of the best security providers.

SpiderOak – The Best Cloud Backup with Zero Knowledge Encryption

Ethan Oberman who is also the CEO and Alan Fairless founded SpiderOak in 2007.

The company claims to be a cloud storage provider with a zero-knowledge policy and secure encryption.

Security and privacy are the core of SpiderOak’s brand, and according to them, the software uses client-side encryption key creation, so SpiderOak employees cannot access users’ information.

Presently, they offer 4 different products:

  1. SpiderOak Share
  2. SpiderOak Semaphor Messaging
  3. SpiderOak One Backup
  4. SpiderOak Enterprise Backup

SpiderOak One Installation Tutorial

Installing SpiderOak One was one of the easiest processes that I’ve encountered.

Do You Know: 

They offer 21 days free trial with no commitment. You do not have to surrender your credit card info for that. Just download and try them.

All you had to do is just follow these 3 simple steps and you are ready to get all your stuff back up automatically.

Download SpiderOak One


Here are the 3 steps in detail.

  1. Download

First off, download the installer package accordingly.

You can find all the download software over here, be it Mac, Windows, Linux, or even Mobile. It’s all in one place.

SpiderOak One Setup Wizard

Get on with the installer Setup Wizard and follow the instructions.

  1. Install

Next step, choose your installation location.

Choose Installation destination

You can either leave as suggested or you can pick your own destination by clicking the “Browse” and navigating to your selected Drive.

Install Process begin

Your installation process will begin and without you noticing it, it’s already done.

  1. Create Account

As a new and first-time user, you had to create your own account and key in your credentials.

Create account

After you are done, you’ll be greeted with a Data Storage Agreement


Agree to continue. Spend some time reading the compliance statement in order to protect your rights.

Or you can just get over here for a brief understanding of how SpiderOak handles your information and data.

Do You Know: 

The 21 days free trial only allocate 250GB of storage for your usage.

3 Worth Mentioning Features from SpiderOak One Backup

In general, you can find a lot of information and features explanations. But there are a few that I would like to stress out here and they are:

  • Zero-Knowledge Security
  • Private Encryption
  • Highly customizable backup
  • File sharing & archiving
  • Unlimited backup devices

Those are what sets SpideOak One apart from its competitor.

  1. Security & Privacy

Having excellent security is a must as there’s no shortage of dangers on the internet these days.

Many cloud providers, these days, apply many methods to secure your files against such threats.

They either utilize encryption algorithms such as AES 128-bit or 256-bit or install protocols that protect your data during transfer.

Private encryption also guarantees that only you can read your data, and the TLS protocol guards your data during transfer. Two-factor authentication is helpful as well if someone steals your password, but sadly it’s not available at the moment.

two factor authentication feature

SpiderOak ONE has private, end-to-end encryption that supports and defends your privacy, but it also limits and stops the service from being able to reset your password if you lose it.

It uses TLS/SSL to protect your files in transit and applies AES 256-bit to encrypt data before the transfer.

To further protect your privacy, SpiderOak ONE doesn’t keep a central database of your data. It instead formulates a local database on your computer.

Your data is encrypted when it’s shared between devices, which is a peer-to-peer approach that provides even more excellent privacy security and protection.

Least to say, security is one of the main reasons SpiderOak is very popular.

SpiderOak ONE’s security efforts don’t end with strongly encrypted ciphers – It owns data centers that can endure virtual and physical attacks, floods, fires, and earthquakes.

Sadly, it doesn’t offer two-factor authentication to newly registered users.

  1. User Experience

SpiderOak ONE provides a desktop app for Windows, Mac, and Linux, which is impressive as not a lot of cloud storage providers offer.

For instance, we know that Icedrive does not have a desktop application for Mac yet.

All the data are backed up by using the desktop app. Its user interface is clear and easy to use. You don’t even have to figure out things on your own because on the app; there are 5 tabs that can help you navigate it.

SpiderOakOne Dashboard

They are:

1. Dashboard: it’s the management tool

2. Backup: it allows you to select files to backup

3. Manage: it enables you to remove and download files from backup

4. Sync: all files and selected folders seamlessly across all your selected devices

5. Share: it lets you share your data

  1. File Restoration, Backup and Share

With SpiderOak One desktop app, backing your data will be a breeze.

It offers a lot of choices when it comes to choosing which files you want to go to the cloud.

Unlike other cloud storage services that provide basic search boxes and dropbox menus, SpiderOak One uses multiple selection filters that allow you to choose which kind of files should it start scanning.

backing up

In regards to the file restoration feature, all you have to do is head over to the “Manage” tab and select the files you wish to restore.

You can either restore all of them or choose individual files. Not to mention, the app can restore all of your stored data in the download file. On the other hand, you can set up the restoration folder for yourself.

Another thing that is great about SpiderOak’s restoration manager is that it allows you to view specific types of files before restoring them to the desktop.

Unfortunately, the file view format is only limited, to picture formats such as jpeg, png, or any other forms. You cannot preview documents or videos.

When it comes to sharing features, it’s no surprise that SpiderOak does an outstanding job.

You can generate a URL link to any file, but it will be hard to track as the URL link expires automatically after three days.

Another reliable way to share your files is to use the “ShareRoom” feature.

It allows you to share folders with anyone you want. Each ShareRoom has a unique URL link that you can protect more with a password. Anyone who has access to your ShareRoom can download files and folders. It definitely reminds me of a lot like MEGA, but this feature is more user-friendly.

SpiderOak One Pricing and Plans

You should probably know this, and if you don’t, it’s time for you to know – excellent storage are valued based on how much subscription plans offer for the money.

If the service storage provides more plans, you’re more likely to find one that fits your needs.

If they offer a free plan or free-test trial, that’s even more amazing as you get to test it out before purchasing one of the plans.

If you’re looking for free cloud storage, read our best deals on 32 free cloud storage.

SpiderOak One Pricing

SpiderOak ONE offers four premium plans. Check out their ONE pricing here if there’s an update.

The 150GB plan costs $6 per month or $69 annually.

The 400GB plan is $11 per month or $115 a year.

The third plan offers the best value because it offers 2TB for $14 per month or $149 annually.

The fourth plan provides you with 5TB for $29 per month or $320 annually. All four premium plans allow you to have unlimited backup devices.

SpiderOak ONE also offers a 21-day free trial, which is ample time to test and it comes with a 250GB storage space.

Let’s Look at Some of the Advantages and Disadvantages

Not all services are perfect as they come with disadvantages.

SpiderOak One, on the other hand, has the advantage over other providers as they offer “secure, reliable backup to protect your most important files from data loss and ransomware.” There are limitations too.

Compared to other competitors in the cloud storage market, the cost is slightly expensive. We all know that SpiderOak One Backup main purposes are for backing up, so if you are looking for good cloud storage, you probably should look elsewhere now.

good vs bad

For example, pCloud offers 2TB at $9.99 monthly, whereas SpiderOak offers 2TB for $14 monthly. If you need hassle-free back up and believe that security is an essential criterion, then paying for the monthly or annual price shouldn’t be a problem.

SpiderOak truly pays a lot of attention to their security details that let you back up unlimited devices.

Moving aside, SpiderOak mobile apps aren’t that great.

They don’t provide the option for you to upload data through mobile apps. This can cause a minor limitation on how you back up your data and files.

Last but not least, SpiderOak ONE applies its No/Zero-Knowledge Policy to only its desktop all and not the mobile apps.

We can’t stress enough the importance of security when it comes to the cloud environment.

So, if you do choose to utilize SpiderOak ONE, make sure to only back up your files through the desktop app.


  • Amazing Security Features
  • Fully compatibility with computer devices such as macOS, Windows, and Linux
  • Unlimited backup devices
  • Sync selected files and folders seamlessly
  • Excellent App Desktop Features
  • Well-Designed App Desktop that is easy to use
  • Easy To Deploy
  • Drag-and-drop Sync Feature


  • Package price is expensive
  • Mobile apps don’t offer the same features as the desktop apps
  • Very expensive if we compare it to some of its competitors in the market
  • Zero-Knowledge Policy only applies to the desktop app, not the mobile apps

Who Should Be Using SpiderOak One?

Should you use SpiderOak One

SpiderOak ONE offers impressive vital features that provide stronger security, take excellent care of your privacy, and its plans provide much better value in terms of space and devices.

At the end of the day, you ultimately have to decide if you should go with SpiderOak One as your primary cloud storage provider.

With that said, we have already mentioned that SpiderOAK ONE does come with some valuable features.

Whether you are looking for those features it’s up to you.

If you feel that you can use those features then, of course, you can justify the higher cost.

But if you’re looking for cheaper options, you should check out either pCloud lifetime, MEGA, or Sync.

Conclusion – SpiderOak One is Best for Business Needs

So far, SpiderOak ONE is an excellent cloud storage service as they offer capability features to accommodate any of your backup needs.

However, since SpiderOak ONE focused more on security above everything else, it may be hard for a beginner to use it.

Thus, using SpiderOak for business needs sounds more useful than for personal use.

Its high-end security features offer a more significant asset for business storage and backup.

But let’s not stop there – if you value excellent security features, then you should definitely go with SpiderOak ONE even if you want to use it for personal usage.

There are other options out there that offer similar features such as MEGA and Tresorit.

But again, if you’re looking for a hybrid solution that allows you to manage cloud backup and storage simultaneously, then its time that you consider SpiderOak ONE.

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