File Size Limit For JustCloud

JustCloud file size limit


There has been a lot of confusion regarding the Just Cloud file size limit, their sync folder and etc. As usual, I’ll give my best and simplest explanation to you and I certainly hope you can benefit from my writing and research here.

First off, there are two very different features in JustCloud plan. This applies to all JustCloud plan, whether you are getting a basic, premium or unlimited plan.

  1. File Syncing
  2. Computer Backup

This is important that you understand and not getting confuse by this.

File Syncing

This feature enables you to access your files between multiple computers. The functionality will be more or less like the Dropbox if you had used them before. There will be a dedicated folder installed on your desktop once you have install the JustCloud software. That folder will be your Sync folder. Whenever you drop any files into the folder or edit the files in the folder, the changes will reflect automatically. If you have multiple computers, you can install the JustCloud software and have the Sync folder access from there.

Computer Backup

This is the core feature for JustCloud. You upload and safe keep any files and folder onto JustCloud server. You can get back your files and folder by downloading them back to your computer.


What’s The Limit For File Syncing?

Justcloud sync folder

Now, if you are on a free trial. You will be getting a 15MB sync space. I know is a little too less but the purpose here is to let you get the experience and functionality of JustCloud sync function.

If you become their paying customer as I am. You’ll be getting a 1GB sync space to your account. If you think is not enough, you can always upgrade the sync capacity by paying extra. The maximum sync space that you can purchase is 20GB up-to-date. I’m pretty sure they will upgrade this facility in the future for heavier user. Until then, you’ll have to stick with the maximum sync space of 20GB.

For your information, I did not upgrade this feature. 1GB is enough for me and in fact I did not fully utilize this as well. If I really do need any sync function, I’ll use my Dropbox free account which has 2GB sync space.

Nonetheless, this is a great additional feature from JustCloud besides online backup function.


What’s The Limit For Computer Backup?

Justcloud computer backup


For this, the limitations will be listed as below for easier understanding:

  1. You can backup basically any type of files. But limited to installed software and application data. You are not able to backup those 2 types of files.
  2. In manual backup, you can backup single file up to 10GB.
  3. In automated backup, you can backup single file up to 1GB as standard.
  4. The automated backup 1GB maximum file size can be upgraded to 5GB. Cost is $19.95 per year for the upgrade.

The automated backup is the feature from JustCloud to backup your files automatically at the background. The files that being automated backup is set by you during the installation. You select which files and folder that will be backup automatically at that stage. By default, the maximum single file that will be backup automatically is 1GB; if you need to increase the capacities then you have to purchase an add-on.


Any Bandwidth Limit?

Good news is JustCloud never impose any bandwidth limit to their customer.


Conclusion: Will You Still Go Despite The Limits?

Before making any assumption, I would highly recommend you to read my full review on JustCloud to find out if they are suitable for you.

If you already did, you would know that I will recommend JustCloud as your online backup service.

In my case, those limits do not bother me at all because I simply want a cloud storage that works. I’m not getting any extra features as well. What JustCloud offer work just fine for me. Furthermore, they offer big discount that I cannot resist. I want to keep my cost running low but in the same time by having what a good and reliable online backup and cloud storage service.