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Why Cloud Storage Solutions Are The Best For Students

It’s been universally acknowledged that a USB flash drive is risky and isn’t convenient anymore in comparison with cloud storage these days.

Students use files such as word documents, spreadsheets, notes, etc. on computers to take class notes, do their homework and study, which is then either saved on a USB flash drive or an external hard disk.

These portable storage devices travel with the students. But what if one day, the device is lost or someone stole it?

Furthermore, these devices can be broken easily, or sometimes the files do not load properly, which results in losing saved information.

Not to mention, it can be time-consuming as students load and unload files for the update. These unexpected incidents can happen at any time, anywhere.

It’s tedious and annoying when facing such problems.

Tedious Problems face by Students

Besides that, students spend a lot of time printing and buying papers. These can cost a lot of money in terms of buying or renting printers, ink cartridges, and papers.

Thus, cloud storage shouldn’t be used for businesses and personal only, but also for school purposes as well.

So, is local storage all bads? Not entirely correct as well, find out the pros and cons of Local Storage vs Cloud Storage in depth.

With that being said, here’s a list of top recommended cloud storage platforms that are not economically cheap but also great for students.

At a glance: Top 5 Best Cloud Storage for Students

  1. Google Drive
  2. pCloud
  3. Dropbox
  4. Sync.com
  5. MEGA

Current problems faced by students

Cloud Storage for Students - Problems

Managing projects and school work is hard.

There are a lot of project management challenges that students commonly face in today’s world.

Managing projects are no-easy-task. You and your project mates have to handle resources, deadlines, ensure proper communication, and foreseen risks.

Common challenges such as keeping everyone on the same page, miscommunication in the project details, finding the right tool to store your files such as documents, images, PDFs, presentations, and other important information collectively to save your team from the hassle of scattered information.

Taking care of so many things at the same time can be nerve-racking, and sometimes, something will slip out of your mind.

All it takes is devising the right mix of guiding, monitoring, and planning that can lead to such difference to complete the project on time and deliver a high-quality presentation that gives you and your team top deserving results.

And have you ever wondered how others manage to deliver projects successfully?

Well, the answer is simple – it’s using a cloud storage service to plan, manage, and edit resources to meet deadlines and foresee challenges that may hamper the progress of the overall project.

Let not forget that taking notes and organizing them in lectures and classes can be painstaking as you need to manually update and organize in your external hard drives, which can be annoying.

With a cloud storage platform that offers web-based software office suite, you can take notes offline and online, upload an audio recording of the classes and even share your notes with other students to see if you missed anything or help each other out.

5 Obvious Benefits of using Cloud Storage for Students

For students, it’s always about finding the best deals in the least amount of cost.

That means suggesting the cheapest services with the most storage.

Not to mention, some services offer free plans, so that might do the trick when it comes to saving money.

But besides the costing, let’s take a look at these benefits that students will notice when they adopt the cloud.

1. Collaboration Features

Let’s be real here — in school and universities, students tend to work a lot together on different projects.

These projects can be challenging to work because of circumstances such as different schedules, classes, and other factors.

Cloud storage allows students to share files and folders with their project mates instantly.

Most cloud storage services such as Google Drive or Dropbox offer the best collaboration tools that will enable you to backup files, edit files on-the-go, and access all of your files online and offline.

This means that your project report, presentations, data, etc., will be safe and secured, instantly update by everyone in the group projects.

It’s a real advantage for students as it’s easier to finish group projects faster, collaborate better, and be more productive in terms of time and communications.

Above all else, these cloud services are inexpensive and pretty easy to use — you don’t even need a manual or guide to use it.

Working as a team

Additionally, these collaboration features are available so you can work on files with your project mates.

For example, Google Drive offers a free web-based software office suite similar to Microsoft Office that allows students to create, edit, and format all sorts of files in-present.

Google also provides other communication tools such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Hangout to interact and plan your projects.

Not to mention, Google Drive extends third-party productivity tools such as Trello, Slack, and Asana to do a group project, which is pretty helpful.

Other cloud services offer content control features such as password protection, permissions, expiry dates to protect your files.

There’s also a tab or a page depending on each cloud service that tells you what you’ve shared and with whom. You can view what was changed in the file and receive other files created by your project mates on the same platform simultaneously.

These cloud storage services — which will be mentioned below — provide a straightforward, clean, and attractive user experience.

It’s pretty easy to use these services that work perfectly on the web, desktop, and mobile.

If you want to know what’s the top three cloud storage services that offer the best collaboration tools, you should definitely check out: Google Drive vs Dropbox vs OneDrive for further information.

2. Security Features

Besides the collaboration tools, security should be considered when it comes to keeping files safe when you transfer them to the cloud.

The security strength depends on the encryption these services use. If you want to know more about which cloud storage services offer the best security, then you should definitely check out the most secure cloud storage on earth.

Keep in mind that these cloud storage services in the article offer the best security and does not factor the low price in choosing the services.

3. Easy Access

Having easy access to your stored files from any device is a significant advantage that every student can benefit from.

You can access all of your notes and other files for your project, report, and study for exams, which is another excellent reason to use cloud storage.

Students, such as yourself, can always access your stored files and folders from any device so long as there is an internet connection in the classrooms.

You can take notes during lectures, and it simultaneously backup and store in the platform.

You can also obtain those files from smartphones or tablets if you don’t have a laptop at that moment.

4. Better Organization

Besides its collaboration tools offered in cloud storage services, they also provide an exceptional organization system for your files and folders.

This comes in handy when you’re using more than one device.

For example, you’re taking notes of your class on your iPad, but you want to go through the notes later or continue adding more notes for tomorrow’s class by using your laptop instead.

How do you ensure that you can continue using the same file in different devices and not manually transferring from one device to another?

The answer is simple; the cloud will automatically update the file source.

In other words, whatever changes you make in the file will appear automatically regardless of where the file is accessed. Instead of going through various versions of the same data in different devices, with cloud storage — all the changes you made will be centralized in one file.

Speaking of centralization, the cloud service provides exceptional transparency of all your files. You’ll know exactly where all your files are if you save your notes, documents, and other files in the cloud.

5. Backup Files

Let’s imagine a scenario that you’re staying up all night to finish your paper or project, and it’s nearly done.

You save it on your laptop, and all of a sudden, your laptop crashes, and you didn’t back up on your USB.

Now, every student has gone through this predicament due to an unexpected problem such as this.

But there is a solution to this.

Using a cloud service, you can instantly backup files of your work. In other words, your files will be safe regardless of what happened.

Students such as yourself can benefit from using a cloud storage service. Not only can you quickly access and save your files, but also the platform makes it easier for you to finish your projects and recover any files or content that was lost.

Top of everything else, cloud storage services are low-priced in some of their plans.

Top Recommended Cloud Storage for Students

Students need to store a lot of documents, notes, presentations, and files concerning their studies as well as their personal documents.

Considering these vast amounts of files, it makes sense cloud storage services are suitable for this kind of situation.

On top of that, no other storage services other than cloud storage provide the ability to edit, share, and store files so quickly.

Google Drive logo
Excellent collaboration features
15GB free storage
It’s Cheap
Docs, Slides, Calendar, Keep, Task all in one place
Constraint to Google Eco-System

If you haven’t heard by now, Google Drive is one of the most famous players in the cloud storage industry, and there’s a reason for it.

Their excellent collaboration and sharing features are suitable for students to use.

It’s definitely a safe platform for all of your essential materials.

Upload documents, audio, photos, video, and other files that are important to you, and you can access them at any time, on any device, wherever you are.

Google Drive has a free plan offering 15GB of storage, which is a pretty good deal.

If you want to learn more about Google Drive, it’s features, its storage advantages, and its pricing plans, — which is exceptionally affordable.

Chromebook, another popular productive tool for students especially is a great companion to Google Drive. Check out how we expand our pathetic Chromebook storage with cloud storage.

2. pCloud

pCloud Logo for Students
Excellent & robust security features
10GB free storage
Audio Video Player
Client-side encryption
Multi-layer protection
No Live Editing

pCloud is famous for its generous free plans, cheap, high-quality plans, robust security features, and premium sharing options.

The only downside is that pCloud offers file previews in their paid plan, but overall, it doesn’t allow you to edit files, and it doesn’t integrate with Google web-based software office suite and Microsoft Office online.

Although, pCloud expand their service with note-taking apps such as OneNote or Evernote, which is incredibly useful for students.

If you are considering using cloud storage that offers better collaboration and productivity tools, then Google Drive is a better option.

However, if you’re looking for robust security, then pCloud is a better choice.

With that being said, pCloud presents a 10GB free storage plan. If you refer to every friend, you can get 1GB of additional space up to 20GB.

If you want to know more about how pCloud can help you secure your schoolwork thoroughly, catch a read at: https://www.goodcloudstorage.net/pcloud-review/

3. Dropbox

Dropbox logo for Students
Excellent Collaboration
Easy to use
Fast Upload
Desktop and Mobile app application
Multi-layer protection
Lack of support on Android app

One of the most popular cloud storage services to date, Dropbox offers excellent collaboration and integrates with Google web-based software office suite and Microsoft Office online, which is excellent for students.

The only downside of using Dropbox is that they only provide free 2GB data storage space, which is not much.

Dropbox allows you to upload all of your documents, photos, audio, and videos that can be shared and accessed easily.

You can use it to store, share, and sync files automatically with anyone. Their prices are inexpensive, but one of the things that make their plans unattractive is they don’t offer a lot of varieties in their plans.

Despite Dropbox being rigid in its plans, its features are first-rate when it comes to files synchronization and collaboration features.

I suggest that you read our in-depth Dropbox review to know more about how Dropbox can benefit students and why some would prefer Dropbox alternatives instead.

Sync logo for Students
No file size cap
Extra security at no cost
Easy Sharing feature
Annual Payment Cycle only
Not Linux friendly

Sync.com is known for its zero-knowledge encryption features.

Now, what is zero-knowledge encryption?

It provides private encryption means nobody, but you can read your files in the cloud storage.

If you’re interested to know how zero-knowledge encryption can work in your favor, I suggest that you read our article: https://www.goodcloudstorage.net/security/zero-knowledge-encryption-cloud-security/ to understand better on how it works, which cloud storage services offer this type of security and how it can secure your files as a student especially if you’re a Ph.D. student and you don’t want anyone to steal your ‘secret’ research findings.

Back to Sync.com, if you ever want to test it out, they do offer a 5GB free cloud storage which again, isn’t much, but hey — you have to start somewhere if you want to test out and see which cloud storages are the best for you.

Similar to pCloud, it doesn’t offer any productivity features, nor does it integrate with third-party tools.

Nonetheless, Sync.com is outstanding when it comes to security at no extra cost. Find out more perks from Sync.com review.


MEGA logo for Students
50GB free storage as a starter
Link expiration
Secure Collaboration
Saved for Offline feature
File Transfer Cap

Mega is one of the top cloud storage, standing side by side with pCloud and Sync.com when it comes to the top security features in the cloud storage market.

With that being said, they offer a couple of plans that could benefit students.

Their free plan offers 50GB of free storage, but after one month of using it, 35GB will be gone.

So, that leaves you with 15GB of storage, which is alright for a free plan.

So if you’re looking for an excellent option to secure your files, MEGA is definitely a great choice as they offer free 50GB for you to start something off.

If you prefer collaboration utilities, then Google Drive and Dropbox are definitely recommended, although MEGA plays a better hand when it comes to security features.

With that said, do check our article about our MEGA review on which features stand out, its security, and sharing features as well as how to earn extra storage if you’re using the free plan.

Conclusion – We Loves School

We get it — School is tough!

Countless projects, tests, and study materials make the whole night yard school life a little complicated.

Luckily, an excellent and cheap cloud storage service can help you with that.

Students can really benefit from using cloud storage. There are a lot of perks to enjoy as a student.

I still remember how I like songs during my school days and can’t have enough space for it. Not anymore with music cloud storage.

For instance, you can enjoy the Student Web Hosting Program from our Siteground review. Make sure you check those out!

While it’s not always rainbows and butterflies, try to avoid these worst cloud storage at all costs.

Not only can you quickly access and save all of your files on the go, running in between classes and project whenever you need them but the cloud also organizes all of your study materials and group projects and recover any work that was lost.

Best of all, these plans offered by cloud storage are inexpensive and easy to use.

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