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Koofr Review – A moderate cloud storage with a couple of surprisingly cool features

Last Updated: 24 Jan 2022

3 out of 5 stars

Koofr is a fast service that not only offers a free plan but also able to connect multiple cloud service accounts.
Why Choose Koofr
They connect all the 3 prominent cloud storage, Dropbox, Google Drive and Onedrive together into One.
Best Cloud Storage For
Flexible Plans
Sharing Ability
Great Sharing Features
8 Flexible Pricing Plans
AES-256 Encryption
Servers Hosted in Germany
No File Size Limit
Not the Best Value for Money
No Block Level Sync
No Zero Knowledge Encryption
Cannot Edit File

Originated from Slovenia, Koofr is a cloud storage solution that offers privacy and the ability to connect existing cloud accounts such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and One Drive to access all files in one location.

If you are interested to know the differences between Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, read our review.

Besides their selling point in managing multiple cloud storage providers and their privacy features, Koofr is also known for its sharing capabilities, fast upload speed, and exceptional user experience.

What is Koofr?


According to their website, Koofr is a made-up word, but it originates “from the German word Koffer (suitcase), French coffee (chest), and English coffer (small money box).”

They decided to name it as Koofr to symbolize their platform as a safe place for files and a style of convenience to use it anywhere at any time.

As stated by Koofr, the platform is safe, secure, and easy to use for storage and file-sharing, such as documents, photos, videos, and many more.

Similar to other popular cloud storage services, Koofr offers 2GB free plan of storage space for life, which isn’t much.

Nevertheless, Koofr has found a spot in our recommended free cloud storage solution.

In case you need more space, Koofr offers low-cost storage upgrades with other 7 different plans. The pricing plans will be discussed further below.

Furthermore, all files are stored in secured data centers in European union, which means Koofr is GDPR compliant. All of the data are securely transferred using TSL and SSL encryption.

Koofr is accessible anytime from anywhere using Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and WebDAV desktop as well as on Android, Windows phone, and iOS mobile devices.

Koofr has come a long way, and it certainly doesn’t fail to deliver its promises.

However, if you are not bothered with secure encryption or other security features, feel free to give Koofr a try.

Otherwise, look for a more reliable substitute. You should take a look at our intake on the 4 most secured cloud storage solutions in the market.

Overall Features

Koofr Chrome Extension

Besides storing files, Koofr offers a Chrome extension that directly saves content such as links, webpages, images, and texts to Koofr with one click.

Google Drive

With a single interface, you can integrate existing cloud storage accounts such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive.

The only critique we have is that these are the only 3 options available in Koofr.

It’s definitely not the best cloud storage for Mac, nor it can connect to them as well.

Therefore, it would be great to see other popular cloud storage services in the future.

You can preview images, videos, and Microsoft Office documents such as documents, excels, and presentations as well as PDF files.

However, Koofr doesn’t have the option to edit documents because it doesn’t integrate with Microsoft Office or Google Suite. Even photo editing is not an option as well.

Create New File in Koofr

With that said, you can create a plain text file which is like Evernote but in a more straightforward design.

Ease of Use

It was easy to get started.

You can log in with your Google, which is a quicker option.

Once you entered the web interface, it was all familiar with some other platforms.

The navigation menu is easily recognized in an instant, which presents an added-excellence to the user experience.

With that being said, we decided to give a try to see if this storage functions in the same vein as its promises.

Koofr Connecting Google Drive

First, we tested by integrating Google Drive with Koofr. The integration process was swift and smooth as consent was only required for this part.

Once it was integrated, the files immediately showed in the interface from Google Drive. It was swift, and we were impressed.

However, it’s good to know that the files are not copied to Koofr.

Through this integration, you only have access and the option to search through files stored in your Google Drive.

Account Overview

In the future, if you want to remove Google Drive from Koofr, you have the option to do it.

All you have to do is click on the icon that has your first letter name and select ‘Places.’

From there, you can remove any of the storage services.

Besides that, you can switch between a ‘tile view’ or ‘list view’ according to your preference.

There is also a bookmark button that allows you to tag folders for quicker access and a share button to share the folder with others.

Anything you put in the cloud appeared very quickly.

When you copy a file or folder into Koofr, it automatically synced to the cloud, which is a thumbs up compared to other mediocre cloud storage services.

File Sync & Sharing

Next, we tested on file sharing and syncing capabilities with a couple of files and folders.

We tried to ‘drag and drop’ files and folders from the desktop into the web interface. For some reason, you cannot drag and drop folders, but it worked with the files.

Folder Was Empty even we drag and drop file in it

Once the folder was synced in, the content in the folder was empty – which was very odd and confusing.

However, you can upload a file or folder or create a new folder. This automatically syncs them to the cloud.

Having said that, Koofr doesn’t offer selective sync on the free plan.

If you want selective sync on specific files and folders, you’ll need to get one of Koofr’s paid plans.

Koofr is also available as a desktop client on iOS, Windows, and Linux. The application enables you to synchronize all files you have in the cloud directly to your devices.

Once you have created a folder with files on your computer, they will be automatically synchronized to the cloud.

On the desktop client, you can enable the sync icons to notify you about the status of all folders and files in the Sync folder.

All your files that are automatically synced can be found on all devices.

Despite that, there’s no block-level sync that usually gives you a better speed.

Koofr is all about simplifying the file sharing process.

Koofr Share link

You can either share the link via download link or share the link through Email, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Tumblr.

To get access to the download link, a user doesn’t need a Koofr account.

Customise sharing link url

Koofr also allows you to customize the URL of the link, set a password, and expiration date on the download link on files and folders.

Password protected

Besides, Koofr provides a password-protection link on shared files and folders, but it only works when you copy and paste the link or share it through an Email.

It doesn’t work when the files are shared to social media platforms. Nonetheless, Koofr offers this added-benefit for free users, unlike other cloud storage services that only provide in their paid plans.

The second option is by adding a person by entering their email address.

Once you entered their email addresses, non-members are automatically invited to join Koofr.

This second option is slightly different compared to sharing a URL link because when a non-user downloads the URL link, they don’t need to create a Koofr account.

So once the user has created a Koofr account, the user has access to the files and folders.

Files’ permission settings are again, different from the folders’ permission settings. When you add the user’s email address to share the file, the user has the permission to read the file.

When it comes to adding a user on a shared folder, you are allowed to give them one or more permissions such as, “can comment (and see comments),” “can modify,” “can create download links,” “can create upload links” or “can manage shares.”

Granted Permission for Share File

The third option is receiving files from other users to upload into the folder.

Similarly, this option can only be shared via email as the link is automatically protected with a password. All contents of the email and any attachments will be saved to the selected folder.

More importantly, Koofr has a page that shows which files and folder you have shared and with whom, which is a surprisingly excellent way of keeping track.

Integration with other cloud storage services

Besides testing the integration with Google Drive, we also tested using Dropbox and One Drive.

To be honest, it’s a pretty impressive feature that not a lot of cloud storage services have in the market.

Koofr does not only backup but also allows you to manage files from these cloud storage services. Which is quite different from the CloudAlly.

In other words, you can preview, share, and delete all in one place. It’s a two-way street feature that is pretty convenient and neat.

Retrieving Deleted Files

Another great feature about Koofr is that you can recover your deleted files for up to 7 days from the “Deleted Files” page.

The files in this section will not take any space, which is a blessing in disguise.

Koofr also has a file versioning format that allows you to keep up to 5 earlier versions of the files.

Mobile Apps

Koofr is available on mobile apps: iOS, Android, and Windows phones.

Similarly to the web interface, it’s pretty straightforward to use. The interface is neat and attractive.

Once you log in, you’ll see the very-same menu with the same options similar to the web interface.

It provides an additional opportunity to use files offline. You can set Koofr to upload photos and videos automatically.

Security & Privacy

Koofr’s servers are hosted in Germany in certified ISO 27001 data centers, which means the company complies with security and protection grounds – even though the company operates in Slovakia.

In short, they are GDPR compliant, no GA tracking, will not sell your data to any paying company.

All of this information can be found Koofr Privacy policy. The policy is pretty easy to read and understand.

Every data transfer is secured using SSL and TSL encryption from the moment your files begin to transfer.

Once the data arrive on their servers on rest, they are again encrypted using server-side encryption, with the AES 256-bit algorithm, which is one of the most effective security encryption.

It is essential to know that migrating your files online is a considerable risk without appropriate security measures. You can be a target for hackers and ransomware.

2FA from Koofr

For added protection, you can switch on the 2-Step Verification, also known as two-factor authentication, to make your account more secure and protect your credentials in the account settings.

Now, most cloud storage such as pCloud or Sync.com not only offer two-factor authentication, but they also employ TLS protocol, end-to-end encryption to keep anyone but you from reading your data, use at-rest and in-transit encryptions.

If you’re into the best security features in cloud storage, we recommend you to read our GCS’s Best Cloud Storage Picks.

Back to Koofr, every file in their server ends up on at least 3 separate physical locations as part of their disaster recovery plan.

The content and metadata are kept either on different layers or in entirely separate servers.

With this setup, nobody can use your data to figure out the location of your content on its servers.

On-site technicians work around the clock to keep these servers operating at full capacity.

Pricing Plans

Koofr Price Plans

Surprisingly, Koofr has excellent, 8 flexible plans, including the free plan. Unlike some services, such as Dropbox, only offers two plans.

The first plan, Starter, is free and offers 2GB of storage space. It’s a tiny amount but enough to test this platform.

The paid plans are funnily named after shirt sizes.

The first paid plan, S, you can get €6 / year* for 10GB of storage space. M costs €12 / year* for 25GB whereas L costs €24 / year* for 100GB. XL provides 250GB of storage for €48 / year* while XXL provides 1TB of storage for €120 / year*.

Wait, there’s more – XXXL gives you 2.5TB for the price of €240 / year* while 10XL gives you 10TB for the price of €720 / year*.

These plans are very reasonable, but they are a far cry from the best value deals in the cloud storage market.

You can get more space and better security for less by using Sync.com. The same goes if you choose to opt for Google Drive for its premium collaboration features.

Or you prefer better bargain on a lifetime plan, make sure you check out the Bonus Round of pCloud vs Icedrive here.


Amazing range of plans, while it certainly not the most affordable.

Still, it’s a decent service with no complaints, unlike the worst cloud storage services that we had encountered. The file-sharing capabilities, on the other hand, is on another level, and they meet the needs when it comes to sharing the files.

In a nutshell, Koofr offers users to protect their data with content control options, integrate with other cloud storage services, and manage all of them in one platform.

On top of that, the upload speed is fast, and security is all right. We didn’t include them in the fastest cloud storage though.

It does the job by safeguarding files using TLS and SSL encryption, placing them in secured data centers in Europe, and Koofr complies with GDPR to protect your privacy.

All that is wrapped in a tie-bow for enjoyable and convenient user experience.

But we encourage you to check our top cloud storage list before leaping or at least dapple in one of our free cloud storage list.