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Everything Users Need to Know About the Nikon Image Space Service


by Joe

We know how important it is for every photography enthusiast to have a good photo-sharing platform that would make their photos even more breathtaking.

That is why we decided to explore all the options and features that the Nikon Image Space app offers. There’s no need to search up and down for the best cloud storage for photos.

So, we’re providing users with everything they need to know about this popular app!

What is Nikon Image Space

As its name implies, the main purpose of the Nikon Image Space app is to share photos.

The goal of this service is to make the whole process of taking and sharing images more enjoyable.

Therefore, its layout and tools are designed to be as user-friendly and convenient as possible.

Nikon Image Space is a new and improved version of a previous Nikon image-sharing platform called ‘my Picturetown‘.

The company kept the best features of my Picturetown, improved some of them, and added new ones for a much better user experience.

Those who used the previous platform will notice the simplicity and a much more sleek interface of this new version. This is the free cloud storage designed for photos, and videos; nothing less nothing more.

What’s more, Nikon Image Space now features a better connection to social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

That makes it so much easier for users to share their photos as well as for photographers to get noticed.

There are only 2 Storage plans (non-Nikon & Nikon users) which both are free

– Basic plan (for non-Nikon)

2GB, a small starter plan of photo storage space, and it’s free.

The only thing users will have to do is create a Nikon Image Space account, and the free storage space will be available immediately.

The downside is the limited storage and before you know it, you might be running out of space to keep any more of your high-resolution image.

– Nikon owners plan (for Nikon users)

20GB of huge storage is reserved for Nikon product owners only.

Those that have an imaging device made by Nikon will be able to sign up for an account and get 20 GB for free!

I am one of them and it’s certainly a great complement if you need cloud storage for photos.

How to Sign Up for Nikon Image Space

Step 1 – There can’t be any other easier way

The free sign-up button is everywhere on the website, you really can’t miss it.

There are 2 ways to sign up, either with external services like Twitter, Facebook, and Google or with email.

Proceed with agreeing to the TOS and select your region.

Step 2 – Email Opt-in & Privacy Notice

You will be prompted to accept or decline the email opt-in option such as newsletter, special offers, or news from Nikon.

And of course an early notification about Privacy and how they deal with your data.

I would highly suggest that you all accept the email opt-in as this would let you know firsthand what’s going on within the company or services.

You will get to know firsthand if an incident like the loss of images and account data is happening.

A plus point to that is I have never received any marketing email from them so far.

Step 3 – Account Verification

Verify by clicking the link that is sent to your registered email. Or with your external services login.

As you can see from the message above, please do so within 30 days, or else the authenticated link will get expired.

Step 4 – Upgrade Your Account (for Nikon Users)

Nothing gets more exciting when you know you are getting an upgrade for FREE.

The same goes for this Nikon Image Space service where you get a bump from 2GB to 20GB of free photo storage.

Sign in to your new Nikon Image Space account and click on the upper right-hand side account tab.

Click on the blue text link to create a Nikon ID which is required for the upgrade process.

Step 5 – Prompt you to a new registration link

It will prompt you to another website for registration once you click the upgrade link in Step 4.

Enter the exact email that you sign up with for the Nikon Image Space account.

Make sure you have your product with you or the Serial number ready.

Step 6 – Create a Nikon ID

Enter the very same password of your Nikon Image Space account to confirm the creation of the Nikon ID.

Both of them are using the same password because the Nikon ID is associated with your Space account.

Don’t forget your password. Write them down if needed or use any of these 28 free password managers.

Step 7 – Search for your Nikon Product

You can either search or directly key in the product name that you wish to register with.

If it’s legit and available, the ‘OK’ button next to the product name will be prompted and you can proceed.

Step 8 – Key in the Serial Number

I’m sure you had your Nikon product next to you by now.

Enter the serial number that usually can be found on the product itself.

Add in additional info such as the date of purchase if you want. But this has nothing to do with the warranty.

Step 9 – Final Check on Details

This would be the final step before you get your 20GB of free storage.

You have come such a long way, make sure all the details are correctly registered.

Step 10 – Done

You are all set to go. 20GB should be in your pocket by now.

Check again by logging in to your Nikon Image Space account and to the user info tab.

Getting around with the main features of Nikon Image Space

Besides having a good design and being easy to use, another important thing Nikon Image Space has is a wide variety of features.

These features will be useful for both professionals and beginners.

They will help any photographer take their photos as well as their whole layout to the next level.

1. Sharing options

Nikon Image Space offers a variety of sharing options.

As we previously mentioned, users can connect their accounts with other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, and share their photos there.

Besides, users can share their photos permanently, or they can limit their duration on the app to a week or a month.

Furthermore, users can hide the data from their photos and protect the images they already shared with passwords.

These options are great, especially since similar features available on other photo-sharing services aren’t free of charge.

2. Keeping photos at the original resolution

What’s great about this sharing service is that users can keep their larger photos in their original resolutions.

Thus, viewers will be able to see images of the highest quality and enjoy every detail.

3. Adding titles and comments

Users can also add interesting titles and comments to their photos.

This feature is useful because it can help viewers understand those images better and also attract an even wider audience.

4. Saving location information

There is an option to save location data for every image.

With the help of this feature, photographers can keep track of the best shooting spots as well as great trips. The location can be placed automatically if the camera saves the location, or users can input it on their own.

5. Designing the gallery

Nikon Image Space gives users the ability to customize their gallery however they want. They can quickly and easily design the gallery by simply dragging and dropping images.

Those that don’t want to design their space on their own can choose to group photos by date, tag, or rating. So, Nikon made sure that everyone can have the layout that they desire!

6. Collecting data

The app lets users obtain detailed Exif data from every photo that they share.

It will help them see in which direction they should take their photos and which method gives the best results.

7. Comparing the style and equipment with others

Those that keep wondering how a certain photographer manages to have the most beautiful images would benefit from this feature.

It lets users compare their equipment and photos with others.

That way, all the tips, and tricks, as well as the best imaging tools, will be available to anyone that’s just entering the world of photography.

8. Exploring the engagement of viewers

Every photographer will be able to check how many views every photo gained, which can help them see what they should focus on.

Furthermore, the app gives viewers the option to react to shared photos with wows.

That will additionally help photographers learn what their audience wants to see and how good their photos are.

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