6 Google Photos Alternatives

6 Google Photos Alternatives

Google Photos is an app that helps you organize, backup, and share your memories.

Whether it’s a photo from your childhood, a great vacation photo that you want to remember forever, or even your pets or favorite flowers – Google Photos makes it easy to save and store all of those special moments.

What so special about google photos is that it automatically organizes your photos by place, time, and people – so you can quickly find exactly what you’re looking for.

It also adds fun effects to your photos and videos – like filters or movies.

And if you decide one day that one of your pets has better style than you do, just snap a photo and tag them in it – the app will create a scrapbook with all of the photos of them!

Wait for the surprise when they went down the memory lane with their highlights and short clips.

Most importantly they are free and unlimited for both how many photos you can store and how much space you use.

You don’t have to worry about losing your memories because Google Photos will keep them safe – forever!

We love them and had included them as one of our favorite best cloud storage for photos.

Why The Need of Google Photos Alternatives

The biggest advantage of Google Photos is their free unlimited photo backup and the ability to share photos on the cloud with ease.

But the fairy tales end on the first of June 2021 as Google will not provide unlimited Google Photos anymore and will instead count the photos that you backup using Google Photos to their 15GB free Google Drive account.

This means that starting from June 2021 onwards, Google Photos will no longer be unlimited.

It will still be free until all of the 15GB of storage had been utilized. You’ll need to purchase additional storage if you wish to store more.

So let’s do our research and find the best alternative to it.

Before we do, let’s see how we pick these Google Photos alternatives.

How We Pick These Google Photos Alternatives

It’s important to note that we do not want to beat Google Photos.

We want to find a product that will give the same experience as Google Photos but with more additional features which can’t be found on Google Photos if possible.

Things to consider:

  • (1) The ability to organize photos
  • (2) auto-tagging
  • (3) auto enhancing your photos and videos
  • (4) pricing, best if free
  • (5) ability to work with any devices
We should also take into consideration the requirements to be a google photos alternative.

This means that the alternative should have the following features of the ability to backup and store photos.

Import photos from camera roll and other cloud services. Offer paid subscription with additional features (or ads-free experience).

Be available on Android & iOS.

Below are the 6 best alternatives or replacements for Google Photos based on our requirements.

1. 500px


Android & ios App
Unlimited Uploads on Paid Plan
Offline Viewing
Best for “Photographers”
Free Version Allow 7 uploads/week
Free Version Not Ad-Free

500px is an online photo storage platform. This means that users are able to upload their photos into the website and store them there for as long as they want. The website also has many editing tools (for example, filters and movies) that help change photos to look how the user wants.

Plus, users can tag their friends in photos and create scrapbooks with all of their friends’ photos!


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2. Amazon Photos


Unlimited Photo Storage for Prime Member
Stream on Fire TV
“This Day” Feature
Best for “Amazon Prime Member”
Not Clear on Security & Privacy
Limited to Certain Countries

Just like their e-commerce business, Amazon has also a photo storage platform for individuals to store their photos. It’s called Amazon Photos.

The website and app allow users to easily upload their photos online. It also has a very simple interface for users to edit their pictures, and there are many tools that help edit the photos.


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3. Flickr


Online Photo Editing
Image Recognition Sorting
Photo Sharing Community
Best for “Professional”
Free Version Not Ad-free
Limited Control over Layout & Account

Flickr is a photo and video hosting service that allows users to store all of their memories online. Flickr allows users to upload many different types of images, such as photos or videos, and then share them with others on the internet.

The best thing about Flickr is that it’s all about sharing memories!

When other people see your photos and videos, they can react by commenting on them. You can also organize your photos into different collections so you know where everything is!

It really helps keep everything organized – just how you want it!


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4. Synology Moments


Auto Upload
Places & People Recognition
Its Very Easy to Use
Best for “Synology NAS User”
Backup is Kinda Slow
Only for Synology User

Synology Moments is a free photo and video management app based on the Synology DSM operating system. It can be installed on all of the following devices: Synology NAS, Apple iPhone, Android smartphone, or as a standalone server.

With Synology Moments, you’re able to create albums for your photos and videos which are automatically synced across all of your devices. That way you always have your memories nearby! You can also use various fun tools such as filters and movies to change how your memories look!

We had reviewed the DS220j in detail and thought you might want to take a look.


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5. iCloud Photo


Work Seamlessly with Apple Products
Sync Across Apple Devices
Secure Backup
Best for “Apple Users”
Only 5GB Free Storage
Not So Compatible with Windows or Android

iCloud Photo is a photo storage app by Apple Inc. that allows users to store and manage their photos on their iCloud accounts. Users can automatically upload all of their photos taken from different devices (Mac, iOS – iPhone, iPad, etc) onto the iCloud Photo app and edit them according to their preferences.

The best thing about iCloud is the ability to easily share one’s memories with others by sharing them through social networks like Facebook or Instagram! Plus for those who are concerned about security, you can rest assured that Apple will ensure your privacy and security above all.

Here’s our iCloud review if you need to find out more about Apple’s cloud storage service.


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6. Photobucket


Ads-Free on Paid Plan
Photo Editor
Album Sharing with Password
Best for “People on the go”
Poor User Review & Rating
Free Plan Can Store 250 Photos

Photobucket is a visual social media platform that allows users to store and share their favorite images with others.

Photobucket is based on the idea of giving everyone a fair chance to collect and share their memories without any limitations!

At least they are giving 250 free photos storage caps for free.


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Conclusion – We Are Not Against Google Photos

The advantage of using Google Photos is impeccable.

We still love them though they are cutting loose on their unlimited free storage.

However, an alternative can prove helpful if you are going to switch for good.

Honestly, you can’t keep up with all of the functions Google Photos has, but alternatives like 500px, Flickr, and Synology Moments are able to give you an easy experience with hassle-free uploads and organization.

Well, comparing them is quite hard since they all have different facets, advantages, and disadvantages. We won’t pick a winner but instead, you should try them out on your own and see what best fits you.

But, if you are looking to get one. Make sure you pick the best time to get your favorite cloud storage.