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Reviewed by Joe in reference: pcloud.com Last updated: 19/9/2017

pCloud review - the good and bad

Website: https://www.pcloud.com
Plan Reviewed: Premium
Pricing: $3.99/mo
Overall: Highly Recommended!
Features: Full star
Support: Full star
Pricing: Full star
Reliability: Full star
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pCloud Review – Transparent Review of The Good & The Bad

If you’re interested in accessing cloud-based storage from an established, respected and highly-rated provider company, you should know that pCloud offers all of the right storage solutions.

Choose a Premium, Premium Plus or Custom package in order to access the level of service which suits your requirements and budget.

Today, I’d like to share information about this impressive company and its cloud-based storage services.

I’ll review the main features of the three available packages and then discuss the pros and cons of pCloud.

Once you’ve read my pCloud review, you’ll be ready to make a wise and informed decision about whether or not this service suits your needs.

Before we start here, let’s check out their 1 mins video tour here.


pCloud Has a Great Business Reputation – Who Are They ?

Reputable pCloud

pCloud was formed in Switzerland in 2003. The company’s tech-savvy team members are committed to offering cloud-based storage solutions which make it easier for their customers to store and access digital information.

Part of the secret of this company’s continued success is its intuitive interface.

pCloud is very simple to understand and use.

Another advantage of choosing pCloud is that its services are quite comprehensive.

When it comes to cloud-based storage, we all want data security.

One of pCloud’s chief business rivals, DropBox, was hacked during 2014, which meant that hackers accessed tons of user information.

To ensure that pCloud is as safe and secure as possible, with a mind to avoiding a Dropbox-like disaster, the team at pCloud decided to invite hackers to participate in a contest.

Any hacker who could get into pCloud would be rewarded with a prize of $100,000 dollars.

2860 hackers tried their best

However, no one could get into the system’s server or penetrate “user side” encryptions. The hackers tried for half a year with zero success.

Did you know that 15% of business people who utilize cloud services have been hacked before?

Another competitor of pCloud, Google Drive, offers good services. However, these services are only as secure as the Google accounts of their users.

Unfortunately, in May of 2017, Google accounts were put at risk due to a phishing scheme. The scheme tricked some users into clicking on links which appeared to lead to Google Docs.

The emails with the links included seemed to come from known and trusted contacts!

If you don’t want your private information and/or company information hacked, pCloud is the wisest choice.

It’s not just me saying, it’s being backed by facts and test!

pCloud offers data security which is truly incredible and this is why I highly recommend them over DropBox and Google Drive.


Discover the Good Side of pCloud

good and bad for pCloud

Data security is important. So is a user-friendly interface.


pCloud has both!


However, the advantages of choosing this trusted cloud storage service do not stop there!

So, let’s talk about more reasons to choose pCloud over others here.

This service does not have a speed limit cap.

When you create your account, you’ll be primed to share as much content as you wish to, at the highest speed that your Web service provider allows. If you want to share digital files simply and quickly, this is the right cloud-based storage solution!


Also, when you choose pCloud, you’ll be able to make real-time changes to files via any type of hardware.

In addition, I love the fact that it’s possible to upload massive amounts of digital information via pCloud.


As well, this service is renowned for offering link uploading which is reliable, quick and simple to perform.

Share even the bulkiest documents with a single location link. You won’t need to divide documents into an array of emails.


pCloud is also a great choice for sharing and receiving files. You may share digital data instantly and control which files other people can view, change or delete.

This service is an excellent choice if you’re afraid of running out of space. pCloud offers an extra ten gigabytes of free space. This extra free space will give you access to unlimited storage. You’ll be able to move things from your computer into the cloud and this means more space on your PC!


Lastly, this wonderful cloud storage service gives users the power to access their data even when they are offline.

Right now, more than six million people are using pCloud. Since the service does have so many “pros”, it’s not hard to understand why it’s so popular!

Furthermore, if you stop paying after using. They will still keep your files up to 10GB. That’s one of the way we free up our computer spaces here!


Let’s Look At The Bad Drawbacks – Some May Not Think So

After careful research, I really does heavily tested out the Windows version for my desktop and also the Android app version for my phone here.

I unearthed only one flaw in the pCloud system. That was the inability to password-protect folders and files which are shared.


Which Package is Right for You?

PremiumPremium PlusCustom
$ 3.99/mo$ 7.99/mofrom $15.98/mo
500GB Storage2TB StorageUnlimited Storage
500GB Download Traffic2TB Download TrafficUnlimited Download Traffic
Unlimited Upload TrafficUnlimited Upload TrafficUnlimited Upload Traffic
Secure 256-bit TLS/SSL connectionSecure 256-bit TLS/SSL connectionSecure 256-bit TLS/SSL connection
Selective offline accessSelective offline accessSelective offline access
Client-side encryption through pCloud CryptoClient-side encryption through pCloud CryptoClient-side encryption through pCloud Crypto
Unlimited file size and speedUnlimited file size and speedUnlimited file size and speed

The Premium package is available for just $3.99 per month (or $47.88 per year). It offers a whopping five hundred gigabytes of storage and five hundred gigabytes of download link traffic.

As well, it provides remote upload traffic which is unlimited. I do recommend the Premium package if you want to share big files on a consistent basis.

The Premium Plus package retails for $7.99 per month (or $95.88 per year). It’s the best-selling package because it really has it all!

When you opt for this higher tier of service, you’ll access two terabytes of storage and two terabytes of download link traffic. As well, it will provide you with remote upload traffic which is unlimited.

Well, the custom package suits users who know how much and what they actually need. I’m kind of the lazy people and would opt for what is already dished out for me.


Final Thoughts – pCloud is a Blue-chip Storage Solution

After trying this system and researching every facet of pCloud’s innovative cloud storage solutions, I am truly impressed. So will you after trying out for sure.

It’s a fine choice for personal usage or business usage and its advantages dramatically outweigh its one drawback. If you want blue-chip services and the ultimate in data security, you’ll be smart to choose pCloud here.

To sign up for the package of your choice, drop by the official pCloud website. Registration is a quick and simple process.

I truly believe in this service. It is pleasant to use because the interface is so clean and logical.

As well, when I’m logged in, I feel completely safe sharing files, changing files and deleting files.

In fact, this is the only service that have all the 5 stars in all my reviews here.

FAQ about pCloud

Do you have a mobile app storage
Yes, of course pCloud has the mobile app. All new pCloud account will be given 10GB free storage and most of the features.
Can I pay with Bitcoins
What happen when I stop paying
What is pCloud Crypto
How long if my account stay active if I do not perform any activities
Can I add expiration period to the link I create for sharing


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Yep. I wrote the article below here. But that still not enough to show how much I love this new pCloud. Remember to check out the reasons why they are strongly recommended by me. I seriously want you all to test them out yourselves before jumping into conclusions. I currently are using their premium plan too together with free google photos. I'm putting my sensitive and important files into pCloud while all my photos utilised the free service from google photos. Both are very convenient to use! It does not cost much and it's the easiest to use cloud storage including Dropbox in my opinion.