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pCloud Review – Safest Place to Keep Your Files on the Cloud

last updated: 10 Feb 2020

pCloud review - Most Secure cloud storage



Plan : Premium
Pricing : $3.99/mo
Overall : Recommended!
It is a pleasant to use pCloud because the interface is so clean and logical. Client-side-encryption which is truly the hidden gem and game changer in this pCloud review. Verdict
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pCloud Review – is pCloud Safe?

If you’re interested in getting cloud storage from an established provider, make sure you read till the very end of this pCloud review.

For a starter, you should know that pCloud offers all of the right features at the right price point.

I’d like to share my find out about this young impressive company and its cloud-based storage services.

Discover the pros and drawbacks that I dug out during my pCloud review.

I’ve tested pCloud using my Chromebook [Acer Chromebook 14]!

Once you’ve gone through the pCloud review here, you will be ready to make a wise and informed decision about whether pCloud’s service suits your needs.

Better yet, you can compare them with the most prominent cloud storage brand in the market right now – (pCloud vs Dropbox).

You can even host a website using pCloud storage.

Speaking of website hosting, check out these 14 checklists to best web hosting guidelines.

I had to warn you that this is a very long and detail review!

Who is pCloud – Can You Put Trust on Thm?

Trusted by people working in these companies:

pCloud is a Swiss-based company set up in September 2013. The company’s forward-thinking team members are committed to providing cloud storage solutions that are supposed to be simple and secure at the same time.

Part of the secret of this company’s continued success is its intuitive interface.

pCloud is very simple to use and straight forward. Clean and easy navigation for better user experience.

They put a lot of effort into designing a cloud storage environment that just about anyone can get it straight for the first time.

When it comes to cloud storage services, what important is data security!

One of pCloud’s chief business rivals, DropBox, was hacked during 2014, giving out millions if not thousands of user information.

pCloud understand the importance of security and privacy.

They aim to make pCloud as safe and secure as possible and to avoid a Dropbox-like disaster.

For that, pCloud had organized a Crypto hacking challenge.

They are looking for the hacker who can breach their client-side encryption security feature.

Any hacker who could get into pCloud would be rewarded with a prize of $100,000 dollars.

pCloud Crypto Hacking Challenge

Crypto Challenge

2860 hackers tried their best

Yet, no one could get into the system’s server or penetrate the “user side” encryption. The hackers tried for half a year with zero success.

Did you know that 15% of business people who use cloud services have been hacked before?

Another competitor of pCloud, Google Drive, offers good service too.

But, these services are only as secure as the Google accounts of their users.

We are all aware of how these techs-giant are spying on us.

To make it worse, in May of 2017, Google accounts were put at risk due to a phishing scheme. The scheme tricked some users into clicking on links that appeared to lead to Google Docs.

The emails with the links included seemed to come from known and trusted contacts!

If you don’t want your private or company information hacked, they might be the wisest choice as it sounds in this pCloud review.

It’s not only me saying, but it’s also backed up by facts and tests!

pCloud offers unbeatable data security with the easiest to use interface.

This is why I recommend them over Dropbox or Google Drive which now being called Google One.

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pCloud Crypto – State of the art cloud encryption protection

pCloud Crypto - enhance security feature

pCloud store all your files in the cloud, avoiding any waste on your PC storage space.

As a bonus, you receive 10GB of free storage and another 10GB for free with conditions.

All your files are protected from hackers as that’s what the Crypto does.

This is due to its client-side encryption (TLS/SSL).

Hackers from all over the world failed in what they do best as there has been no successful hack so far.

Their data servers are located in Dallas, Texas, USA with cache and proxy servers in the EU.

Files are divided and stored in 15 different racks with servers – and the system manages to stay alive even if 5 racks are offline!

Impressive, right?

pCloud Crypto is an Unique Client-Side Encryption

This military level of protection is very attractive to end users.

Especially to non-technical users like us.

Isn’t it a relief to know that whatever is that you downloaded on that cloud is safe and sound.

In fact, so safe that no one will ever be in a position to breach it.

And this is exactly what pCloud offers you with its pCloud Crypto.

Making your sensitive files invisible to others – except for those you do want to share the files with.

Not even pCloud’s admins will have access to it – the key of protection is in your hands, and it’s called Crypto Pass.

Exclusive Deal:

We are the first site that is giving this MONSTER COMBO to you. You are looking at a limited time deal. We are using their 2TB storage plan and bundle with their Crypto feature. Making it an unbreakable encryption cloud storage at a sweet price (-50%). Check out Premium Bundle here.


No doubt pCloud is one of the most secure cloud storage available in the market right now.

It’s not an easy task to hold off hackers and breachers since 2013.

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7 Pros We Discover from pCloud Testing

good and bad for pCloud

Data security is important. So is a user friendly interface.

pCloud has both!

Quick Fact:

Do you know that pCloud is the first and only cloud provider that offer encrypted and non-encrypted folder all under the same account! Security and convenience all in one place.

But, the advantages in choosing this trusted cloud storage service do not stop here!

Let’s talk about the 7 pros that I’ve discovered in pCloud review why they always a step ahead of other cloud storage providers.


1. Unlimited Capabilities – Transfer Rate and File Size

You can share and store as much content as you wish to, at the highest speed that your Web service provider allows. There is no upload or download speed limit cap. The only restriction is your own ISP service regardless of whether you are a free or premium user.

No file size restriction too. Stored all your HD video and not worry about the file size.

Quick Findout:

Find out how long it takes for you to transfer ‘x‘GB of file size from your upload speed. File Transfer Calculator Tool.

If you want to share digital files in a quick and simple way, this is the right cloud-based storage solution!


2. Real-Time Synchronization

Some may refer to this as a real-time modification of the file. What is great about this feature is, they happen in both ways. This instant synchronization is able to update your computer files when you make changes using their pCloud Drive.

Upload them to the pCloud web portal and at the same time download the file to your computer as well.

Awesome feature.

Also, I love the fact that it’s possible to upload massive amounts of files by drag & drop via pCloud Drive.


3. Generate Reliable Upload Link

As well, this feature is renowned for offering link uploading which is reliable, quick and simple to perform. This option enables you to share the upload link with a friend or colleague.

Which they can upload data directly to your folder without hassle.

Share even the bulkiest documents with a single location link. You won’t need to divide documents into an array of emails.


4. 20GB of Free Cloud Storage

pCloud is a great choice for sharing and receiving files. You share digital data and control which files other people can view, change or delete. This service is an excellent choice if you’re afraid of running out of space too.

pCloud offers 10GB of free space. The extra 10GB free space gain by referring or invite other users to register.

Each successful registration earns you an extra 1GB.

You’ll be able to move things from your computer into the cloud and this means more space on your PC!


5. Offline Access

This wonderful cloud storage service gives users the power to access their data even when they are offline. Right-click on the folder that you need offline access in your pCloud Drive.

You will be able to access the folder on your computer even when you are offline next time.

Right now, more than eight million people who are using pCloud. Since the service does have so many “pros”, it’s not hard to understand why it’s so popular!

Furthermore, if you stop paying after using it. They will still keep your files up to 10GB. That’s one of the ways they make it to our recommended personal cloud storage here!


6. Convenient File Management

You are in total control of your own files. Easier file management is what draws us to the pCloud review. You are able to search and filter any type of file for your easier reference. There’s no need to worry for any file lost or accidentally deleted file as the trash will be kept up to 180 days.

Furthermore, you can access your file with different devices at no extra cost.


7. Top-Notch Security and Encryption

pCloud offers encrypted and non-encrypted folders in the same account. You might argue that why not encrypted everything and secure your privacy and data at most. But this would kill off the user-friendly feature which makes them stand out among the rest.

You can select and encrypt your sensitive data to the highest level of protection.

At the same time enjoy the easiness to access your video, photo or other files that need the transcoding of media files so they are playable in the cloud.

pCloud makes the best of both (security with user-friendliness).

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Let’s Look At The 1 Drawback – Some May Not Think So

During the review, I tested out the Windows version for my desktop and also the Android app version for my phone.

With the highest security feature which is the Crypto and they cost $4.99 per month alone and a 500GB storage for another $3.99.

You had to fork out $9 to $10 per month, depending on your paying term whether you are paying yearly or monthly.

Well, the good side is they do offer 14 days free trial to let you try and see it for yourself.

The price for Crypto might be on the high side for most of us, but that may be a small price to pay for your privacy and security as per said.

You can always opt for Sync.com which I believe offer great cloud storage with security feature at no extra cost as a great alternative.

Exclusive Deal:

We are the first site that is giving this MONSTER COMBO to you. You are looking at a limited time deal. We are using their 2TB storage plan and bundle with their Crypto feature. Making it an unbreakable encryption cloud storage at a sweet price (-50%). Check out Premium Bundle here.

I unearthed only one flaw in the pCloud review. That was the inability to password-protect folders and files which are shared.

*Correction: With the latest software, you can now set a password and expiration date to all your download links. Please be reminded that these functions are only available through the web version only. Currently only for Premium and above users.

Here’s a short clip on how the password is being set up for folders.

Setting Password for pCloud Folder – Video open in Youtube [new tab]

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Using pCloud Drive on Windows

In order to be able to use pCloud Drive and maximize the usability of pCloud, you first need to download and installed the driver.

You can find all the driver versions for Windows or Mac here.

Once you had to download the respective version that is compatible with your desktop operating system, you can start the installation at once.

I’ve prepared some slides on how the installation works on my Windows 7 version. Check them out below:

  • Installation
    1. Click on the execution file that you've downloaded and start the installation for pCloud Drive.

Virtual Drive – P:

You will be able to see an additional drive on your computer once the installation is complete.

It would be like a new hard drive and an extra amount of storage for your computer. The only difference is that you never actually added any new hard disk.

The amount of storage depending on the pCloud plan that you’ve purchased.

You should see a 10GB free storage if you are using the free version.

pCloud Drive in computer

The advantage of installing pCloud Drive is the usability and flexibility in handling all your files and folder.

You’ll be able to drag and drop any files or folders directly into your pCloud Drive and it will automatically sync to your account seamlessly.

It works just like Dropbox if you had experience with it before.

Drag and Drop feature

Another nice feature that I had discovered when using pCloud Drive is the ability to automatically store all your Screen Shot photo.

This is a great added feature for users that captures a lot of screenshots, whether it’s for work or leisure such as game playing.

It works instantly and without the need to lifting your finger for extra steps.

ScreenShot Saving feature

Using the pCloud Mobile app on My Ipad Air

The pCloud mobile app is a more direct and easier application when it comes to installation from my pCloud review here.

I’ve tried the mobile app using my Ipad air and here are the slides from my encounter.

  • pCloud for Ipad
    1. Open your Iphone or Ipad App Store and search for pCloud.

You can have all your different devices installed with pCloud app or Drive and all link to the same account.

It will upload all your files from different devices and into the very same pCloud account.

Have a glimpse on how the mobile apps work in my Ipad and some of their features here.

  • Home Screen

There you have it, my very hands-on on pCloud Drive and mobile app.

I believe these are a better option for cloud storage that takes security and privacy seriously.

Alternatives for pCloud – Considering Others?

For some reason, you might want to look at some other available options.

Here are some that we thought might be a viable replacement if you are not considering pCloud.

Check out some of our Dropbox alternatives too.

Pricing Top Features More
1. pCloud logo $3.99/mo 500GB
End-end Encryption
2. Sync logo $4.08/mo 500GB
Sync Vault
3. Google One logo $1.99/mo 100GB
Easy Collaboration
4. Tresorit logo $10.42/mo 200GB
Swiss Privacy
5. Backblaze logo $1.10/mo 100GB
Customization Storage
6. Icedrive $4.99/mo 1TB
2TB Monthly Bandwidth
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pCloud Review Features Analysis

pcloud full features

You should check out all the features that pCloud has to offer.

We had compiled all the information in an easy table, so you can consume in one glance.

Check out all their available features below. Click the + to reveal the details.

File Management
File Sharing
Security & Encryption
File Versioning
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How Much Does pCloud Cost?

  • Premium
  • $499monthly
  • 500GB Storage
  • Unlimited Upload
  • 90 days trash history
  • Unlimited file size
  • TLS/SSL encryption
  • HD video streaming
  • Premium Plus
  • $999monthly
  • 2TB Storage
  • Unlimited Upload
  • 180 days trash history
  • Unlimited file size
  • TLS/SSL encryption
  • HD video streaming

The Premium package is available for just $4.99 per month (or $47.88 per year). It offers a whopping 500GB of storage and five hundred gigabytes of download link traffic.

The monthly price goes down to $3.99 if you opt to pay in yearly of $47.88. Saving you a whopping 20% per year.

As well, it provides remote upload traffic which is unlimited. I do recommend the Premium package if you want to share big files on a consistent basis.

The Premium Plus package retails for $9.99 per month (or $95.88 per year).

pCloud claimed this is their best-selling package, but I personally recommend the lifetime subscription which you only need to pay once.

  • Premium Lifetime
  • $480
  • $175once
  • 500GB Storage
  • Unlimited Upload
  • 90 days trash history
  • Unlimited file size
  • TLS/SSL encryption
  • HD video streaming
  • Premium Plus Lifetime
  • $980
  • $350once
  • 2TB Storage
  • Unlimited Upload
  • 180 days trash history
  • Unlimited file size
  • TLS/SSL encryption
  • HD video streaming

  • Monster Combo
  • $144
  • $72yearly
  • 2TB Storage + Crypto
  • Exclusive Offer Only
  • 180 days trash history
  • Unlimited file size
  • Crypto encryption
  • Save up to 50%

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Final Thoughts – pCloud is a Blue-chip Storage Solution

After trying and researching every facet of pCloud’s innovative cloud storage solutions.

I am truly impressed.

It’s a fine choice for personal or even for business usage and its advantages outweigh its one drawback.

Make sure you get a glimpse of our worst cloud storage ever here.

If you want blue-chip services and the ultimate in data security, you’ll be seriously considering after checking the pCloud review here.

It is pleasant to use pCloud because the interface is so clean and logical.

With the latest addition of pCloud Family Plan that can be shared up to 5 users, you’ll know pCloud always stay one step ahead and keep on improving their services.

I can easily give them 5 stars rating in this pCloud review here if not because of the extra cost for Crypto.

Quick Recommendation:

If you are looking for the best deal. Do not miss out their lifetime subscription from $480 $175. Paid once and you’ll get lifetime Premium service from pCloud without the hassle of monthly recurring payment. Check out Premium Lifetime here.

Find out how much you are actually saving from pCloud Lifetime here.

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