pCloud Review – Cloud Storage Should be Simple & Secure

Reviewed by Joe in reference: pcloud.com Last updated: 22/9/2018 – Added support for Two-Factor Authentication


pCloud review - Most Secure cloud storage

Website: https://pcloud.com
Plan Reviewed: Premium
Pricing: $3.99/mo
Overall: Highly Recommended!
Features: Full star
Support: Full star
Pricing: Full star
Reliability: Full star
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pCloud Review – is pCloud Safe?

If you’re interested in getting cloud storage from an established provider.

You should know that pCloud offers all of the right cloud storage solutions.

Choose a Premium, Premium Plus or lifetime package to access the level of service which suits your requirements and budget.

I’d like to share my find out about this young impressive company and their cloud based storage services.

Discover the 7 pros and 1 con that I figure out during my testing.

I’ve tested pCloud using my Chromebook [Acer Chromebook 14] recently!

Once you’ve go thru the pCloud review here.

You’ll be ready to make a wise and informed decision whether pCloud’s service suits your needs.

Better yet, you will know if you still want to go for AWS, Google Drive (had been re-brand to Google One) or even Dropbox instead of pCloud.

I had to warn you that this is a very long and detail review!

Before we start, let’s have a quick look at what is cover in this pcloud review.


pCloud Has a Great Business Reputation – Who Are They?

pCloud founded in Switzerland in 2003. The company’s forward-thinking team members are committed to provide cloud storage solution that are suppose to be simple and secure at the same time.

Part of the secret of this company’s continued success is its intuitive interface.

pCloud is very simple to use and straight forward. Clean and easy navigation for a better user experience.

They put a lot of effort in designing a cloud storage environment that just about anyone can get it straight at the first time.

When it comes to cloud storage services, what important is data security.

One of pCloud’s chief business rivals, DropBox, was hacked during 2014, giving out millions if not thousands of user information.

pCloud understand the importance of security and privacy.

They aim to make pCloud as safe and secure as possible, and to avoid a Dropbox-like disaster.

For that, pCloud had organized a Crypto hacking challenge.

They are looking for hacker who can breach their client-side encryption security feature.

Any hacker who could get into pCloud would be rewarded with a prize of $100,000 dollars.

pCloud Crypto Hacking Challenge

2860 hackers tried their best

Yet, no one could get into the system’s server or penetrate “user side” encryption. The hackers tried for half a year with zero success.

Did you know that 15% of business people who use cloud services have been hacked before?

Another competitor of pCloud, the Google One, who offers good service too. But, these services are only as secure as the Google accounts of their users.

Unfortunately, in May of 2017, Google accounts were put at risk due to a phishing scheme. The scheme tricked some users into clicking on links which appeared to lead to Google Docs.

The emails with the links included seemed to come from known and trusted contacts!

If you don’t want your private or company information hacked, pCloud is the wisest choice.

It’s not only me saying, it’s backed up by facts and test!

pCloud offers data security which is incredible.

This is why I recommend them over DropBox or Google Drive which now being called as Google One.

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pCloud Crypto – State of the art cloud encryption protection

pcloud crypto protection

pCloud can store all your files in the cloud, avoiding any waste on your PC storage space.

As a bonus, you receive 20GB of free storage.

All your files are protected from hackers as that’s what the Crypto does.

This is due to its client-side encryption (TLS/SSL).

Hackers from all over the world failed in what they do best as there has been no successful hack so far.

Their servers located in the US, with cache and proxy servers in the EU. Files are divided and stored in 15 different racks with servers – and the system manages to stay live even if 5 racks are offline!

Impressive, right?


pCloud Crypto is an Unique Client-Side Encryption

This military level of protection is very attractive to end users.

Especially to non-technical users like us.

Isn’t it a relief to know that whatever is that you downloaded on that cloud is safe and sound.

In fact, so safe that no one will ever be in position to breach it.

And this is exactly what pCloud offers you with its pCloud Crypto.

Making your sensitive files invisible to others – except to those you do want to share the files with.

Not even pCloud’s admins will have access to it – the key of protection is in your hands, and it’s called Crypto Pass.

Exclusive Deal: 

We are the first site that is giving this MONSTER COMBO to you. You are looking at a limited time deal. We are using their 2TB storage plan and bundle with their Crypto feature. Making it an unbreakable encryption cloud storage at a sweet price (-50%). Check out Premium Bundle here.


No doubt pCloud is the most secure cloud storage available in the market right now.

It’s so easier not to, otherwise, all your files will disintegrate in the cloud. As a result, you will have to reset your password and start encrypting again.

What I appreciate here is the possibility to ‘favorite’ files and store them for offline usage.

There’s no need to be online all the time.

You might be stuck all alone in a metal elevator for hours, without electricity and no signal.

pCloud offline feature enable you to access your file even when there’s no internet connection. So, why not listen to your favorite album while waiting for someone to come and rescue you.

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7 Pros of pCloud

good and bad for pCloud

Data security is important. So is a user friendly interface.

pCloud has both!

But, the advantages of choosing this trusted cloud storage service do not stop there!

Let’s talk about the 7 pros that I’ve discovered why pCloud is a step ahead than other cloud storage providers.


1. Unlimited Capabilities – Transfer Rate and File Size

You can share and store as much content as you wish to, at the highest speed that your Web service provider allows.There are no upload or download speed limit cap. The only restriction is your own ISP service regardless of whether your are free or premium user.

No file size restriction too. Stored all your HD video and not worry about the file size.

If you want to share digital files in a quick and simple way, this is the right cloud-based storage solution!


2. Real Time Synchronization

Some may refer this as real time modification of file. What is great about this feature is, they happen in both way.This instant synchronization is able to update your computer files when you make changes using their pCloud Drive.

Upload them to pcloud web portal and in the same time download the file to your computer as well.

Awesome feature.

Also, I love the fact that it’s possible to upload massive amounts of digital information via pCloud.


3. Generate Reliable Upload Link

As well, this feature is renowned for offering link uploading which is reliable, quick and simple to perform.This option enable you to share the upload link with friend or colleague.

Which they can upload data directly to your folder without hassle.

Share even the bulkiest documents with a single location link. You won’t need to divide documents into an array of emails.


4. 20GB of Free Cloud Storage

pCloud is a great choice for sharing and receiving files. You share digital data and control which files other people can view, change or delete.This service is an excellent choice if you’re afraid of running out of space too.

pCloud offers 10GB of free space. The extra 10GB free space gain by refering or invite other users to register.

Each successful registration earn you an extra 1GB.

You’ll be able to move things from your computer into the cloud and this means more space on your PC!


5. Offline Access

This wonderful cloud storage service gives users the power to access their data even when they are offline.Right click on the folder that you need offline access in your pCloud Drive.

You will be able to access the folder on your computer even when you are offline next time.

Right now, more than eight million people who are using pCloud. Since the service does have so many “pros”, it’s not hard to understand why it’s so popular!

Furthermore, if you stop paying after using. They will still keep your files up to 10GB. That’s one of the way they make it to our recommended personal cloud storage here!


6. Convenient File Management

You are in total control of your own files. Easier file management is what draw us to pCloud.You are able to search and filter any type of file for your easier reference. There’s no need to worry for any file lost or accidentally deleted file as trash will be keep up to 180 days.

Furthermore, you can access your file with different devices at no extra cost.


7. Top-Notch Security and Encryption

pCloud is the first cloud storage provider that offer encrypted and non encrypted folders in the same account.You might argue that why not encrypted everything and secure your privacy at most. But this would kill off the user friendly feature which make them stand out among the rest.

You can select and encrypt your sensitive data to the highest level of protection.

At the same time enjoy the easiness to access your video, photo or other files that need the trans-coding of media files so they are playable in the cloud.

pCloud makes the best of both world (security with user friendliness).

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Let’s Look At The Bad Drawbacks – Some May Not Think So

During the review, I tested out the Windows version for my desktop and also the Android app version for my phone.

With the highest security feature which is the Crypto and they cost $4.99 per month. Well, the good side is they do offer 14 days free trial to let you try and see it for yourself.

Exclusive Deal: 

We are the first site that is giving this MONSTER COMBO to you. You are looking at a limited time deal. We are using their 2TB storage plan and bundle with their Crypto feature. Making it an unbreakable encryption cloud storage at a sweet price (-50%). Check out Premium Bundle here.

I unearthed only one flaw in the pCloud system. That was the inability to password-protect folders and files which are shared.

*Correction: With the latest software, you can now set password and expiration date to all your download links. Please be reminded that these function are only available through web version only. Currently only for Premium and above users.

Here’s a short clip on how password are being setup for folders.


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pCloud vs Dropbox – The Clash of Titans

Dropbox vs pCloud

Imagine that everywhere you go, you have an “inner pocket” for all your photos, music and documents.

To me, it sounds great!

But then again, which inner pocket that is better in all terms?

pCloud or Dropbox?

Well now, that’s a tough one.

Should I opt for Dropbox which already has millions of satisfied users?

Which is one of the oldest files hosting service in the cloud industry.

Or, should I go for its newer version that is about to become a market leader in the foreseeable future?

Strangely enough, the later (pCloud) one even now has the strength needed to backup Dropbox itself! And other storage too, including social media accounts. Facebook, Instagram, Picasa – you name it.


Lack of Collaboration from pCloud compare to Dropbox

On the downside, pCloud does not allow you to form teams and groups in the sharing option.

This feature only becomes available in the business plan.

Though the deleted files are being kept for 30 days, free users have only 15 days to recover them from the trash.

Or else, you’ll need to upgrade your account to recover the deleted files after 15 days.

Let’s go back to Dropbox.

They are very similar when speaking of the interface – both are user friendly and eye catchy.

For example, to start an upload, you just need to click on the upload button, or drag the file will do.

Much appreciated is the ease of file sharing in both cloud services.

Now, let’s check out these 3 fields that I compare side to side for Dropbox and pCloud.

1. Free Storage Option


The main difference is in their free storage capacity.pCloud is an appropriate cloud storage option for both individual and business users with up to 20GB of free storage.

Dropbox focus on business users as it allows free users only 2GB. The most is up to 5GB with incentive of referrals too.

Verdict: pCloud wins with 20GB free storage vs 2GB free storage from Dropbox.


2. Real Time File Modification


Dropbox is also way behind when it comes to file use.pCloud allows you to make changes directly in the cloud and then simply save them.

Whereas Dropbox prompts you to download the files first, make changes to it, and then upload it again.

Verdict: pCloud wins with live modification and editing features.

The process of downloading and uploading is time consuming if we need to edit some minor changes.

Why Dropbox hasn’t added this simple feature yet is beyond my imagination nor control.

It’s clear that pCloud focuses more on the modern user.

Simplifying his or her process of editing and sharing files.

Dropbox had launched a similar feature called “Dropbox Smart Sync” after trailing behind their competitor.

As an underdog to the gigantic Dropbox.

pCloud know how they can improve itself and offer a better and more complete solution than Dropbox.


3. Upload Speed


Last but not least, the average upload and download speed is also faster with pCloud.This depends, of course, on your internet connection speed.

With the same internet connection, pCloud’s upload transfer rate is almost 10 times faster than Dropbox!

A huge difference if you ask me. You can follow the test pCloud did here: https://blog.pcloud.com/speed-test-pcloud-vs-dropbox/

Check out this 3min video to find out how they conduct the test:

Verdict: pCloud wins again with 10x faster upload speed.

Myself did a real upload test too to test thing up on my own. Yet the result are a bit different from what pCloud claim but I suppose that rely on other factors too.

Find out my fastest cloud storage experiment here with upload result.

This goes to show that pCloud is worth giving a try when you look at all these helpful factors over Dropbox.

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Which pCloud Pricing Plan is Right for You?

  • Premium
  • $499monthly
  • 500GB Storage
  • Unlimited Upload
  • 90 days trash history
  • Unlimited file size
  • TLS/SSL encryption
  • HD video streaming
  • Premium Plus
  • $999monthly
  • 2TB Storage
  • Unlimited Upload
  • 180 days trash history
  • Unlimited file size
  • TLS/SSL encryption
  • HD video streaming

The Premium package is available for just $4.99 per month (or $47.88 per year). It offers a whopping 500GB of storage and five hundred gigabytes of download link traffic.

The monthly price goes down to $3.99 if you opt to pay in yearly of $47.88. Saving you a whopping 20% per year.

As well, it provides remote upload traffic which is unlimited. I do recommend the Premium package if you want to share big files on a consistent basis.

The Premium Plus package retails for $9.99 per month (or $95.88 per year).

pCloud claimed this is their best selling package, but I personally recommend the lifetime subscription which you only paid once.

While the custom package which offer unlimited storage are not available now.

  • Premium Lifetime
  • $480
  • $175once
  • 500GB Storage
  • Unlimited Upload
  • 90 days trash history
  • Unlimited file size
  • TLS/SSL encryption
  • HD video streaming
  • Premium Plus Lifetime
  • $980
  • $350once
  • 2TB Storage
  • Unlimited Upload
  • 180 days trash history
  • Unlimited file size
  • TLS/SSL encryption
  • HD video streaming

  • Monster Combo
  • $144
  • $72yearly
  • 2TB Storage + Crypto
  • Exclusive Offer Only
  • 180 days trash history
  • Unlimited file size
  • Crypto encryption
  • Save up to 50%

  • Monthly Crypto
  • $499monthly
  • Client Side Encryption
  • 0 Knowledge Privacy
  • Multi Layer Protection
  • Ease of Use
  • Accessibility on Any Device
  • Annual Crypto
  • $4788yearly
  • Client Side Encryption
  • 0 Knowledge Privacy
  • Multi Layer Protection
  • Ease of Use
  • Accessibility on Any Device
  • Lifetime Crypto
  • $125once
  • Client Side Encryption
  • 0 Knowledge Privacy
  • Multi Layer Protection
  • Ease of Use
  • Accessibility on Any Device

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Final Thoughts – pCloud is a Blue-chip Storage Solution

After trying and researching every facet of pCloud’s innovative cloud storage solutions.

I am truly impressed.

It’s a fine choice for personal or business usage and its advantages outweigh its one drawback. If you want blue-chip services and the ultimate in data security, you’ll be smart to choose pCloud here.

In case you have not know yet, pCloud have the 7 hidden features that you’ll certainly love.

It is pleasant to use pCloud because the interface is so clean and logical.

As well, when I’m logged in, I feel completely safe sharing files, changing files and deleting files.

In fact, this is the only service that have all the 5 stars in all my reviews here.

Quick Recommendation: 

If you are looking for the best deal. Do not miss out their lifetime subscription from $480 $175. Paid once and you’ll get lifetime Premium service from pCloud without the hassle of monthly recurring payment. Check out Premium Lifetime here.


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FAQ about pCloud

Do you have a mobile app storage
Yes. pCloud has the mobile app. All new pCloud account will be given 10GB free storage and most of the features.
Can I pay with Bitcoins
What happen when I stop paying
What is pCloud Crypto
How long if my account stay active if I do not perform any activities
Can I add expiration period to the link I create for sharing


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Average rating:  
 12 reviews
by Andrew lee on pCloud
Lovely Sunday to recover file

What a lovely Sunday from Singapore here. I just did a restore of some of my files after I accidentally drop my portable hard disk the other day. The process was quick and easy. I just need to get another hard disk and transfer all my backup file from pCloud to my new hard disk. I could have just save on my second hard disk but I need my stuff to be portable and I do not have internet access all the time.

by Mac user on pCloud
Almost Perfect

NEAR FLAWLESS, no where near as clunky or unintuitive as the other cloud services I've tried. I hope that as they grow they maintain the simplicity and easy of use. My only gripe is that I wish desktop upload speeds were faster...looking forward to future updates hopefully correcting this (I hear dropbox and onedrive are just as bad in this respect so I don't really know if any cloud service has this down packed yet).

HOWEVER uploading through the website and not the desktop application is much faster, yet isn't a full proof solution because it's inconvenient for files with a lot of subfolders....Overall I'm very satisfied and looking forward to any little features they choose to add in the future.

by Abby on pCloud
Won’t say they are the best

After a few months with them, I wouldn’t say they are the best cloud storage but they are indeed a decent provider that are easy to use and very affordable. Works well with windows for the installed app. As for Mac, I would suggest to utilise their web portal instead of the software.

by Sulaiman on pCloud
Good Upload from Indonesia

I give high mark to pcloud. I upload my files from Jakarta with no problem Very fast and easy to use. I like the web portal version, I just need to bookmark the website and I can login from everywhere using my laptop! Pepatah kata: Bagai inai dengan kuku. I cannot detached with pcloud already. Haha...

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