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Protect Yourself While Using Cloud Storage Services


by Joe

Cloud storage services are easy to access these days…but are they secure?

Today, we’re going to explore this important topic in depth.

My goal is to help you enjoy premium data security as you take advantage of all of the benefits of utilizing cloud storage services.

Once you’ve read my guide here, you’ll feel more confident as you use this ultra-modern and cost-effective form of digital data storage!

Before you do so, make sure you go through these 7 Key Factors Before Moving to Cloud Storage.

How Secure is the Cloud?

Some popular cloud storage solutions, including Google Drive and Dropbox, are simple to use.

However, they aren’t very secure. For example, when you upload files, they won’t be encrypted by these services.

As well, there’s no protection during the data transfer process.

Another negative of choosing cloud storage is that it’s possible that companies will be able to access your files, even though the companies promise that they will not do this.

If these companies are forced to access your data by law, they may have to!

I’m sure you all had heard how Google is breaching privacy but please be reminded that it’s all stated in the TOS and you are the one who gives consent.

Check out their TOS and read carefully in the section [2. Your use of Google Drive – Your Content].

“If they can’t read your content, how are they going to improve the services?” – that’s what I thought.

These security drawbacks must be recognized.

However, they shouldn’t deter you from enjoying the ease, convenience, and efficiency of the cloud!

The key to enjoying safer cloud storage is knowing how to beef up data security on your own.

There are two main options here:

  1. You may pay for a cloud storage service that does offer cutting-edge data protection or
  2. You may utilize free cloud storage services, such as Google Drive.

Now, let’s look at both options in greater detail.

How to Improve Cloud Security From Your End

The second option is adding an extra layer of security yourself, or more than one layer of security.

In other words, you’ll use a less secure service, such as Dropbox, but beef up security on your end in order to improve data security in the cloud.

One simple fix is to enable two-factor authentication if it’s available at your preferred cloud storage service.

Also, make sure that your password for cloud storage is very strong and unique.

Never use a password that you use for other online accounts.

Also, consider setting up a password manager service. While it may make you nervous to have all of your passwords in one place, the best password managers are very secure.

Adding nonsensical answers to security questions will also be really smart.

* Keep written records of your passwords and security questions and answers.

Next, look at what you’ve stored in the cloud.

Does the service encrypt it?

Would your life be adversely affected if someone accessed the data?

I highly encourage you to go through the uploaded files and consider the level of risk for each file.

Also, think about whether the data in question is backed up anywhere else.

As I always said, “Do not back up everything, Backup What’s Important!”

Encrypting your sensitive files, which are “high-risk” in terms of what would happen to you if someone read them, is definitely smart.

Also, consider password-protecting them. For Windows, a program like 7-Zip will allow you to make these important changes.

Mac users may try Keka.

If you’re really worried about someone accessing certain files in the cloud, you should probably store them locally instead of in the cloud.

The use of our Synology DS220j as our solution for the family cloud storage for all the members in one place.

Avoid these worst cloud storage in every possible way!

It’s important to recognize the limitations of data security.

As people take steps to make things safer, in the cloud and elsewhere, people who want to access information that they aren’t authorized to see also up their game.

So, it’s a constant battle, whereby both sides keep improving the way that they do things.

Conclusion – Invest in a Secure Cloud Service

The easiest strategy is to pay for a very secure cloud storage system that is known for its encryption and other safety features.

Get a head start with our best cloud storage services here.

It’s easier than risking your data security via a free cloud storage service.

If you must use a free storage service with poor data security, always be aware of the risks and use our tips in order to protect yourself.

You cannot be too careful!

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