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    Reviewed by Joe in reference: Last updated: 03/12/2018

    Sugarsync review

    Plan Reviewed: 250GB
    Pricing: $9.99/mo
    Overall: There are better options!
    Features: Full star
    Support: Full star
    Pricing4.5 star
    ReliabilityFull star
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    Are SugarSync The #1 Business Cloud Storage?

    It had been over a year since I last updated this review here. Nevertheless, SugarSync is still a superb option when it comes to cloud storage.

    But if you want an online-backup service that’s fully-functional, yet inexpensive for essential company papers and records or even for personal usage. Then, you have to check out the best 7 cloud storage here.

    Over the past year, competition had been fierce on cloud storage industry yet Sugarsync had not make up much on the differences and advantages over others.

    Read on to find out my thought and review about Sugarsync which is written a year ago then you will see the differences compare to my other cloud storage provider.

    Why do I think it’s important to keep note on the old thought? It makes you realized how much things had been moving forward.

    Read on…

    The requirements of the business proprietor will vary than those of the individual person. Regardless of how big the company, all its papers and files are essential and important records.

    Therefore, not just any type of online-backup services is going to work; you’ll need a secure method that works effectively to keep all your data safe – especially if a number of that data includes sensitive private information on clients. And that’s why SugarSync may be the selection of many business people.


    Who Is SugarSync? Why Should I Pick Them?

    sugarsync logo

    Using its legendary hummingbird brand you may think SugarSync is saturated in more fluff than substance.

    However, this may be the opposite case as SugarSync are contending fiercely with a few of the greatest brands in cloud storage industry.

    By March, 2013, the company has assign a new boss, Mr Mike Grossman. His background and profile are in operating application, economic and company merchandise organizations such as for instance Attributor (e-book piracy reduction), Speed Funds (bank cards), Intuit/Mint, Accelerate and LiveCapital (SaaS industry credit administration).

    This has further proven that SugarSync is taking the business seriously.

    The organization has just starting to gain reputation because of its feature rich online storage service. SugarSync has been features in plenty of blogger website.

    Lifehacker has made SugarSync their selected top 5 cloud storage companies. also recognize Sugarsync’s cellular application among the top cloud applications for Android products.
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    Know More About SugarSync

    Official business site @

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    Pricing And Plans For SugarSync

    They offer plenty of selections and plans for consumer and business entities. Pricing starts at $7.49/mo for 100GB of storage capacity.

    In this review, I’m checking the 250GB plan, which they are charging of $9.99/mo.

    Decent pricing I should say.

    Sugarsync Pricing

    You can in fact stay with a free account but you get 5GB of space for storage, which isn’t near enough if you have got plenty of pictures, movies and other forms of files to back-up.
    Free Trial

    30 Days Free Trial

    Although there's a 30 days free trial, you must provide charge card or PayPal information. No charges will incur though!

    Free Trial

    How’s SugarSync Performing?

    SugarSync Performance

    SugarSync offers all the options and features you’ll likely ever need to copy and backup all your files and recover them with ease as well.

    There are no-limits to the kinds of files that you can add to your backup services. Be it an audio, movie, execution file or any others. You can even backup your computer system files or the whole Drive directory from your PC or desktop.

    Your files are located on a cloud host but SugarSync additionally puts a link on your pc to quickly drag and drop files or add them. The drive is known as your “Magic Briefcase”, that will be immediately included as a file under “Documents” or “My Documents”, similar to Dropbox. Discovering them again is really as simple as pressing the “Start” button from your Windows software.


    You are able to decide to copy individual files, folders or your entire program. This all begin by installing the program and establishing the guidelines and the program starts to function in the back ground.

    With sugarSync, you actually won’t ever need to be worried about deleting file again. There’s a Deleted Document Folder in SugarSync which you can retrieve and restore any of your deleted files, be it accidental or intentionally.
    All Features

    Discover All The Features Here

    Over 20 features covering security and usability available!

    All Features

    SugarSync On Mobile

    sugarsync on mobile

    I’ve discovered that installation are both quick and simple for an Android and Apple mobile phone. Soon after the installation, the application may ask if you would like to sync your pictures.

    It would begin the syncing procedure if you agree the option. While on the other hand, moving files on the screen is just a simple procedure via swipe and drag  functionality.

    So you could possibly get your work done even if you’re on the move.
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    Why SugarSync Is Ideal For Business Minded People?

    Here’s why. Take a look below:


    Live Support

    Live support available 24/7 which you cannot find in most of the other cloud storage provider.

    File Sharing

    File sharing has been made easy with online tools at Sugarsync.

    File Protection

    You can protect your documents and file by this features. There’s “read-only” entry as well.

    Online Edit

    There’s no need to download again to edit. You can get everything done online.

    Easy Admin

    Admin dash board that is easy to use and understand.

    Multi Devices

    Able to sync with multiple devices across all the different platforms.


    Conclusion: Is SugarSync The Right Business Cloud Storage For You?

    There are tonnes of great deals about SugarSync that I personally like. If you are like me doing business online and would like to backup your files securely and safely, I would recommend SugarSync.

    Here’s a summary of the features highlight that I like:

    • Online Editing With Ease
    • Generous Storage Capacity ( Company account get unlimited space)
    • Good Pricing For Performance & Features
    • User Friendly Dashboard
    • 256 bit Encryption For Security
    • Support Multiple Devices & Platform


    However, SugarSync isn’t ideal.

    They are unable to setup a schedule backup, they run the backup on background whenever you start the application.

    There’s a file size limit to 250GB per day for the public links.

    Other than the 2 drawback points that I mention above, SugarSync supplies a great cloud storage support for small or large business customers, especially by having an endless quantity of online storage spacel. You will find plenty of useful features, capabilities and cross platform compatibility.
    Free Trial

    30 Days Free Trial

    No commitment and it takes only 5 minutes to complete!

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