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Trusting in the CPU: Getting to the Roots of Security

Security is vital to all the access of our files be it individual level or Enterprise level. It should be given the same priority.

Getting to the roots of security is the best way to ensure how security and safety is playing their parts and making sure all your data is safe in the Cloud or your own computer storage.

By any mean, getting to the root is by implementing security feature into chip level. But how is chip level security is going to impact the cloud based services and that is a different scope of investigation.

But we firmly believe that it will turn out to be beneficial to normal non-savvy users in the end.

Get into details by the Reports Commissioned by Intel on how they implement security function directly into hardware based.

Both of the Engineers had briefly discuss the AMD Platform Security Processor, ARM TrustZOne and Intel Boot Guard.

Security functionality embedded in hardware has not had the greatest reception in the past but given the growing use of Cloud based services and resources, it had become a necessity.

Even Apple had started to implement security enhancement feature directly into their T2 Security Chip.

Root of Trust


Report was released on August 2016. Download them if needed.

As for the most secure cloud storage that we’ve encounter, we are using our own terminology “BADS” to determine the cloud storage provider that fits into our most stringent selection criteria.

The result are out and only 3 outrun the rest.

* All credits goes to Vincent Zimmer & Michael Krau from Intel.