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My Top 5 Best Business Cloud Storage

Top 5 Business Cloud StorageWhether you are running a multi-million dollar enterprise or just a mom and pop store, you can’t run away from storing information and data. Especially dealing with businesses details.

From storing invoices and purchase order, to customer information, details and email. You’ll need a reliable storing devices.

Everything is turning paperless, so we would need something very secure to have our business running smoothly as well.

For that very reason, I’ve come across these five business cloud storage. I’ve used and tested them for business purposes and intention.

The testing and conclusions are based on these 4 major factors which I would put in hand first if I’m going to get any cloud storage for my business usage:

1) Security & privacy; 2) Features & functions available; 3) Ease of use, user-friendly; 4) Cost  

These criteria are differ from my best personal cloud storage because the priorities are different.


Providers Price Highlight Features Smart Rating Info
1 carbonite


OS Backup
Live chat support
Ease of use60



2 sugarsync


High end security
Multiple platform
Ease of use75



3 livedrive


Live streaming
2TB storage
Ease of use



4 justcloud


Drag & Drop
∞ Comp sync
Ease of use



5 mypcbackup


Drag & Drop
Easy installation
Ease of use



Table prepared by Joe


Webmaster’s Choice – Carbonite

CarboniteCarbonite had a tremendous profile when it comes to business online storage. Up-to-date, there’s more than 50,000 small businesses trusted them with 200 billions file backed up. That’s a lot of files that you and I can’t ignore.

You can learn more about them in my review here.

Based in US, they are definitely the top choice when comes to business cloud storage.

It’s not hard to see why I’m picking them as my best business cloud storage either judging from their impressive customer based.

What Make Carbonite Special?

They promise to get your business backing up in 15 minutes or less. I haven’t seen any service provider that can make those claim.

Their server backup are 2x faster than any competitors. Carbonite support HIPAA compliance and most importantly, they did not break your business bank account. It cost only fraction for your business.


That’s A Pretty Bold Claim!

Well, I’m certainly not making all these up by myself. All these claims are from Carbonite and they are certainly capable of delivering those promises to you.

Carbonite is offering a 30 days free trial for any businesses cloud storage plan with no commitment. Make sure you enjoy the free data protection from Carbonite before you sign up with them. I always recommend you to try out before you commit yourself.