The Giant Are Coming – Amazon Cloud Drive

amazon cloud drive

Is this what you guys had been waiting for?

Cloud storage from Amazon?

With the giant player coming into the cloud storage industry, the price and cost have come down significantly over the years.

Now, Amazon cloud drive could be yours for only $60 a year with unlimited storage capacity.

Now, you get 100GB for $11.99

You can get more information and details at the Amazon cloud drive home here.

What’s Killing Other Competitors?

The amazing pricing structure is going to kill off most of the competitors, especially smaller cloud storage providers.

But what surprises here is Amazon is offering a staggering 3 months FREE TRIAL for all the packages.

Basically, there are 2 packages:

  1. Unlimited Photos
  2. Unlimited Everything

The name says it all.

You can get started for free by using this link here.

Those offers above are no longer available as well as Amazon kills off the unlimited photo storage.

You have to check out these 7 criteria why Amazon Cloud Drive might not be suitable for you.

What Make Amazon Cloud Drive Difference Than Others?

Features of amazon cloud drive

Most of the players in the industry offering the same features and data plan.

The differences that make Amazon stand out would be their big name, reliable server, and reputable customer services.

Amazon has been excel in other field and I do not see why it cannot be happening in the cloud storage industry for them as well.

If you are not looking for big names and players in the field, maybe you can search for other cloud storage providers that could actually fit your bill.

Or if you are looking for prominent cloud storage providers, make sure you have a look at Google Drive vs Dropbox vs Onedrive.