Firefox Send – Sending large file in one step

Firefox, an open source web browser service by Mozilla had just released Firefox Send.

Many of you will be asking, what is Firefox Send and why does it matter to me?

Well, Firefox Send is a free service that allow you to send large file up to 2.5GB securely using their end-to-end encryption technology.

FireFox Send

Like Tresorit Send that had just been released not too long ago, Mozilla is offering the same service to web users.

The difference is, Tresorit is a cloud storage company that offer web based storage as their primary business and Tresorit Send is just a complimentary service add-on for all other users.

Know more about them in Tresorit review here.

All your data will not linger in the cloud if you’re using Firefox Send according to them as they will not stored your data permanently online.

All your sharing link has to have an expiry, be it number of downloads or days.

The last time I check, you either have 100 downloads or 7 days expiration before your link is being removed.

End-to-end encryption file transfer

As we’ve mentioned many times, end-to-end encryption is the most all rounded security you can have in todays’ cybersecurity feature.

Our most secure cloud storage list out the most unbreakable cloud storage available today.

But one thing for sure is that, Firefox is a reliable and trusted source comparing to some shaddy service who offer free services as well.

As we’ve told, if you aren’t paying, most probably you are paying with your privacy.

This is one way of showing how Firefox is protecting your privacy.

Quick Fact: 

In order to send file up to 2.5GB, you have to sign into your Firefox account. Otherwise, you will get 1GB maximum. Create a Firefox account here.


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