Discover How to Free Up 10GB of Storage on Your Computer Instantly

If you want a computer which runs faster, you should know that discovering how to free up 10GB of storage on your computer will be a smart way to achieve your goal.

Why 10GB and not more?

That’s because one of our highly recommended cloud services can store up to 10GB of data even when you stop paying them!

Drives which are really low on space tend to slow computer systems down in a very noticeable (and annoying!) way.

This happens because typical programs need space to grow dynamically…and to reduce in size! These shifts usually happen via temporary file creation.

If you don’t have enough room on your drive to store the temporary files that are created by your programs, you may find that your system moves at a snail-like pace.

This is the last thing that anyone wants!

To help you speed things up and get the sort of premium PC performance that you deserve, I’m going to share some expert tips.

Use one, a few or all of them in order to free up ten gigabytes of storage.

When this space is freed up, you’ll be able to enjoy a computer which functions like the proverbial “well-oiled machine”!


1. Get Rid of Your Cookies

Did you know that cookie files on your computer eat up tons of space on your drive?

While a typical cookie-type file will be only one kilobyte in size, it will utilize a single “cluster” on your hard disk. If your computer’s default size for each cluster is four gigabytes, the cookie will actually take up four kilobytes of space.

It’s possible for cookies to take up 10MB of hard disk space after just a few months of regular computer usage. Imagine how much space cookies take up on computers which have been used frequently for years!

Cookies are located in the C drive (documents and settings/useraccountname/cookies. Delete them to open up more space and speed up your computer system.

Once you delete them, you’ll need to log into websites in order to store brand-new cookies on your computer.


2. Access Some Free Cloud Storage

You don’t need to be a computer tech in order to grab 10GB of computer storage immediately, which I mentioned above.

All that you really need to do is choose a cloud storage provider which grants you access to 10GB of cloud-based storage…for free!

Lots of popular cloud storage services offer this perk to those who want it. Some of these services actually offer more than 10GB of storage to their customers.

Services to consider include pCloud, MEGA, and Degoo.

I highly recommend pCloud as I’ve tried them in person myself. Check out my details review about them here!

When you move 10GB worth of files into the cloud, you may notice improved computer performance right away.

Sign-up for these free services takes mere minutes and uploading files to the cloud is typically a very fast process. When comparing providers, put a premium on data security. It’s important to choose a provider that goes out of its way to protect the digital files of its members from hackers.

You can check out my recommended best free cloud storage services here.


3. Get Rid of Games and Programs You Don’t Need

Video games and programs tend to require quite a bit of disk space. For example, newer video games tend to be GB-sized!

If you want to free up 10GB of storage on your computer in no time flat, you should seriously consider removing programs and games that you don’t really need or want.

It’s simple to do this by utilizing the native tools in Windows. Windows will run an uninstaller. However, it won’t do a cleanup process after uninstalling.

To use the native tools in Windows, just go into the Control Panel, then click on Programs, then hit “Programs and Features”.

You’ll be able to click on any programs that you want to uninstall. Windows will walk you through the process.


Try Out My Practical Tips Today

You deserve superior computer speed.

The best way to get it is by freeing up 10GB of storage on your computer instantly.

Now that you know these three tips that really work, you’ll be ready to lighten your computer’s load.

What’s more, we have a load of free cloud storage here too if you like.

So, why not try my practical tips today?

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