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Google had just make backing up and syncing all your files a lot easier and less complicated. They had just declared another new form of Backup and Sync device that can help ordinary clients move their documents and photographs from their PC to a remote access directory.

The newly launched backup and sync are very similar to what Google product that are already in the market such as Google Drive and Google Photos.What make it difference is instead of moving and backing each individual file when using Google Drive, this new backup and sync are able to backup the entire folder just by using this app alone. You can now save a lot of time and effort in order to backup your desktop folder, or any folder works or even photos folder in your computer or laptop.


Backup and Sync

However, this tool are only available after 28 June 2017, Google says that Backup and Sync is basically expected for uses or consumer like you or me. While the G Suite is cater for MAC consumers that had a different type of operating system. Either way, both can enjoy the flexibility and easiness of this new backup and sync.

From my point of view, if you are a frequent traveler, this might just be the great tool that you had been looking for. On the down side, Google only offer 15GB free space for it. The free space will be taken up very quickly if you backup a lot of photos especially in high resolution. But if it’s only for working files and document, then you are good to go with the 15GB available.

Of course you can always pay for their service as what it always do. The extra storage starting from $2/mo for 100GB and all the way up to $100/mo for 10TB.

My suggestion is if you do not intend to pay after using up the available cap, do not start with them. There’s always a better choice and alternative. Save yourselves all the hassle to moving all the files that you’d already backup later on.

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