How to Share Photos Effortlessly

I am always hearing from friends and family that as soon as they have the chance, they will get the pictures I have been asking after (for months) off of their smartphone and into my email box.

By the time they really did send them to me, I would have lost my interest and eagerness to enjoy the moment.


Yes, you can irresponsibly send those photos using Whatsapp or any other text messaging services. I’m sure they have the feature; those are convenient to the sender, but definitely not for the receiver.

It’s messy and it’s a pain for them to arrange and actually keep a copy or download them to another location, as you are just sending them over to their phone. Especially if we are talking over 20 or even more photos.

Not to mention, the space taken over by all those photos!

I have a couple of tips to help you get your pictures where they need to be much organized and more efficient.

Google Photos!

We have always had two pretty standard options when it comes to transferring your photo out from the device.

1. Connecting the USB cord from the phone to the computer and transferring the file via Bluetooth. I feel that there are some small problems with these options. With the first, you need to take the time to sit down, and physically connect the devices, providing you can find that elusive USB cord.

2. Bluetooth is even trickier, in my opinion. While most smartphones include Bluetooth as a standard option, the numbers of computers that include it are rather small. So unless you want to purchase hardware, most of us don’t even have this option.

Now, we have a new alternative, which is the cloud storage systems.

To be precise is a Google Photos app. While they do not offer any unlimited backup and storage for photos starting June 2021.


Of course, there are other options and choices, but I will just stick to what I use best at the moment.

Best of all, it’s free and unlimited storage if you are willing to limit your photos to 16 megapixels of quality and video resolution to 1080p.

Cloud storage is a term used for web-based file storage and backup systems.

Some of the services require space to be purchased though quite a few offer a generous amount of storage space at no charge.

And Google Photos are one of them but more are going for a Google Photos alternatives instead.


Still Carrying a Bulky Camera Around?


The files are uploaded to the “cloud” on a manual or automatic schedule. A small free program is installed on your computer and another is installed on your smartphone.

Or you can just install the app on your smartphone, which that’s exactly my practice.

I usually log in to their web browser from my computer and not through the software.

However, the Google Photos app in your smartphone makes things easier and it can seamlessly upload and backup all the photos taken from your phone which is a norm nowadays and everyone just takes the photo from their phone.

You still carry a bulky digital camera around or worse a DSLR camera?

You then use the options given on your cell, which may be different from service to service, to upload, or “share” your photos to the cloud service.

The next time you are sitting down at your computer, retrieve your pictures or browse them through the web portal!

Simple as that!


How to Share using Google Photos Sharing Option

If you want to share photos with friends and relatives without the need of waiting months, follow these 4 simple steps below.

1. Open the Google Photos app on your Smartphone



2. Navigate to “Sharing” and click on the ‘+’ sign to add in photos



3. Select the photos from your album



4. Send them to the respective recipients


The recipients can be in either email, phone number or from your contact list. It’s very convenient.


You’re all done!

There you have it. An easy way to get those pictures or videos of your dog dancing the locomotion to mom while on the go.

No more wasting time pulling out cables, no more forgetting which pictures you needed to share. They will be on your computer ready and waiting for you.

Quick Recommendation: 

Another quick recommendation would be pCloud. But they are not unlimited and they are way better just to store photos. Read our full review on pCloud here.


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