Another Great Way to Free Up Space on Your Smartphone
free-up-space on phone

This happens to me a lot.

The smartphone running out of space and the phone start to react slowly.

I had to clear out videos, photos, and downloaded files to make up the extra bit of space so my phone will run smoothly for another month.

Well, despite the 6 best cloud storage for Windows user that I wrote not too long ago, I am still researching and finding the best way to free up spaces on my android phone particularly.

The solution had comes it way and it’s called “Files Go“.


Files Go by Google

With the majority of smartphone users are having 16GB or 32GB storage on their phone, it’s not easy to see why this app will be popular among them. Especially for the mid to lower range of smartphones that tend to provide a low storage capacity of smartphones.

The app runs on Android 5.0 and above, so you better check out the version of your Android before downloading it found out it can’t be used.

I have not tested them out myself here as Google just released it yesterday by the time of my writing here.

I will certainly check them out at a later time but my only concern with Google is the privacy and security issue which I highlighted them in my pCloud review here.

The Files Go app itself takes up 6MB of space on your phone but I guess is OK by saving GBs of files later on.

You can download the app here.

Let me know how’s the app goes if you had to try them yourselves by leaving the comment below 🙂


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