ExpressVPN Testing Report

Here’s the checklist sheet for ExpressVPN’s score.

Numbers don’t lie. We had gone through 28 inspect elements.

And the score is out, 92 over 100!

ExpressVPN Score Card

Inspect ElementsCheckedPoint Weight
Kill Switch4/4
Outside 14 Eyes4/4
No Logs4/4
OpenVPN Protocol4/4
Double VPN Servers Routing4/4
Private DNS4/4
No Bandwidth Limit3/3
P2P Function3/3
Public Wifi Protection4/4
Own Server Farm4/4
Google Play Review276,2855/5
App Store Review203,9225/5
Download Speed Reduction4/4
Upload Speed Reduction4/4
Unlimited Devices0/2
Obfuscation/Camouflage Mode3/3
DNS Leak Test4/4
WebRTC Leak Test4/4
IPV6 Leak Test4/4
Auto Connect4/4
GPS Spoofing4/4
Secure Hotspot3/3
Auto Cookies Deletion0/2
Ddos Protection2/2
Scan Downloaded File0/2

Ranked 1st from all the best VPN tested.

  1. Beta Distribution for Google Play and App Store Review

Playstore review of 4.4 stars rating from 182,850 individuals score is 0.88

Appstore review of 4.6 stars rating from 113,037 individuals score is 0.92

Calculation closer to 1 is better.
1.00 < x < 0.8 – earn 5 points
0.79 < x < 0.6 – earn 4 points
0.59 < x < 0.4 – earn 3 points
0.39 < x < 0.2 – earn 2 points
0.19 < x < 0.0 – earn 1 point

  1. Speed Test
TypeWithout ExpressVPNWith ExpressVPNDifference in %
speed test without expressvpn
Without ExpressVPN
speed test with expressvpn
With ExpressVPN

We are using to run the speed test for download and upload speed.
x < 5% – earn 4 points
x < 10% – earn 3 points
x < 15% – earn 2 points
x < 20% – earn 1 point

  1. Latency / Ping Test
LocationsWithout ExpressVPNWith ExpressVPNDifference
Washington327 ms312 ms-15 ms
San Francisco395 ms211 ms-184 ms
Sao Paulo581 ms422 ms-159 ms
Hong Kong75 ms68 ms-7 ms
Amsterdam201 ms256 ms+55 ms
Moscow307 ms246 ms-61 ms
Average314 ms253 ms-61 ms
ping test without expressvpn
Without ExpressVPN
ping test with expressvpn
With ExpressVPN

Greater the measure distance, higher the ping time will be .
x < 60 ms – earn 4 points
x < 100 ms – earn 3 points
x < 150 ms – earn 2 points
x < 200 ms – earn 1 point

  1. DNS Leak Test
dns leak test with expressvpn

I’m not from Singapore. DNS leak test passed as they are showing the server that I am connected to instead of my real IP.

  1. WebRTC Test
webrtc leak test with expressvpn

Both the local and public IP addresses are from the ExpressVPN server instead of mine. Test passed!

  1. IPV6 Leak Test
ipv6 leak test with expressvpn


  1. Misc

I actually went over to email and ask ExpressVPN about their server. They actually owned all of their servers themselves!

Here’s their full answer.

Email replied

Thank you for contacting ExpressVPN Support.
I understand that you are inquiring about our servers. Please allow me to assist you.
I wish to inform you that all our servers our owned and being managed by ExpressVPN.
Running a secure and ultra-fast network on the scale that ExpressVPN does is expensive. As compared to budget VPN providers, ExpressVPN invests in a better and more reliable platform to provide you with a superior and secure experience.
Our encryption technology is the strongest in the industry and we invest more in our platform and provide a superior experience for our customers.
At ExpressVPN, we know users count on us to protect their privacy and security, and we take that responsibility seriously. With our industry-first TrustedServer technology, our VPN servers run entirely on RAM and not the hard drive, to ensure that absolutely nothing—neither information nor intruders—can remain on a server when it is rebooted.
Hope this helps and please do get back to us if you have other questions.
If you still need further assistance, you can reach Live Chat Support by clicking this link: Please quote ticket number 12762096 when you start your chat session with us so that we can assist you better. Our chat support is available from 1:30 AM to 12:00 PM GMT daily.
ExpressVPN Support

Final Word

There goes my comprehensive ExpressVPN test report.

I hope you enjoy and actually gain some insight from our research here.

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… or read my ExpressVPN review here.